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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARING

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Autobiography, 56:pure selfishness and self-centeredness; I was caring too much what people thought of me. My earlyAutobiography, 82:meticulous care, travelling everywhere with me, caring for my room and bringing me my breakfastAutobiography, 136:fifteen years old. The child did her best but caring for four other children is no joke. We all hadBethlehem, 245:is a futile process of aimless wanderings; of caring for a body and educating a mind which have noDiscipleship1, 59:is a different thing to the indifference of not caring, or the indifference of a psychologicallyDiscipleship1, 510:life; may you realize the uses of joy and of caring nothing about the separated self and may theDiscipleship1, 572:During this world crisis the Tibetan has been caring for the disciples in the groups of severalDiscipleship1, 616:You will learn most now by handling life, by caring for those for whom you are responsible, and byDiscipleship2, 622:personality weak; if you learn to love by not caring whether you evoke love or not. Such are theExternalisation, 551:of its presentation of a wrathful Jehovah, caring only for his chosen people. This is a basic evil.Hercules, 35:the woman enthroned and dominant, then the woman caring for the infant, Christ, and then the woman,Problems, 80:materialistic in their mode of work and - after caring for the organizational aspect of their work
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