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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRIED

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Astrology, 7:suggest some lines of approach, and these, if carried in the consciousness of the illuminedAstrology, 43:is the nursery for the incarnating Jivas; and it carried in it the germs of the Lives whichAstrology, 55:directed and adjusted. The analogy can also be carried forward onto the mental plane and when theAstrology, 87:The Science of Esoteric Interpretation which is carried out through The Science of Triangles. TheAstrology, 104:in the Bible) [104] which leads to the conflict carried on in the individual life, in the life ofAstrology, 121:revelation of the Christ consciousness is [121] carried intelligently forward and the selfishAstrology, 139:of heart and mind is the result of the work carried forward in the fourth Creative Hierarchy underAstrology, 151:mode of considering the three Crosses can be carried out with Gemini, Taurus, Aries or the reverse:Astrology, 156:Great is the hidden key." If the symbolism is carried a little further, it might be stated that:Astrology, 183:have to deal with hundreds of cases and be carried forward over a long period of time in order toAstrology, 204:faced and handled there, the life of the man is carried up into heaven, and the problem which theAstrology, 210:In Scorpio, the result of all the struggles carried forward during the seemingly endless pilgrimageAstrology, 213:sadistic (as witness the murders and tortures carried out in the name of Christ, who was theAstrology, 224:with humanity and with world processes. Carried forward to its logical conclusion, the influence ofAstrology, 230:upon the Path of Outgoing and which is carried forward upon the Path of Ingoing, or the Path ofAstrology, 232:not just an individual. This group experience, carried out upon the mental plane, will only happenAstrology, 240:The unfoldment of the plan is thus carried forward through a progressed series of beginnings, ofAstrology, 256:of involution, and also that of evolution, carried to the point of balance, expressed for us in theAstrology, 278:of the personality will be scientifically carried forward; full use will be made of the planetaryAstrology, 278:the same relation. Pisces consummates the work carried forward in this major world cycle. Some ideaAstrology, 307:through the Sun, Uranus and Neptune, have been carried adequately forward in the life of theAstrology, 310:to change or to take action, and when this is carried too far it leads to an unexpectedly futileAstrology, 311:and Mars. Self-rule through initial conflict, carried to a successful issue and blessed by theAstrology, 323:[323] the Waters. When the "waters break and are carried away," the Mother gives birth to the SonAstrology, 342:its environment - consciously or unconsciously carried on - which leads to the penalties ofAstrology, 353:This process of the higher relationship is carried forward with rapidity upon the Path ofAstrology, 378:of the Plan or the fulfilment of desire must be carried out upon the outer plane of living. ThisAstrology, 385:has hitherto been a purely physical function, carried on sometimes under the impulse of love) isAstrology, 385:into its rightful plane as the divine marriage, carried out and consummated upon the levels of soulAstrology, 398:work of materializing the vision must be carried to the point of effectual demonstration in ScorpioAstrology, 425:of the perceiving, observing consciousness - carried on through the medium of the mechanism ofAstrology, 445:organizing energy of the seventh ray and then carried to humanity along the stream of love whichAstrology, 495:experience. These processes, when successfully carried forward, evoke the intuition and this bringsAstrology, 506:initiation. The Logos of a sacred planet has carried the divine work further along and is occupiedAstrology, 506:purpose, impulsed by will, motivated by love and carried forward with intelligence. AstrologersAstrology, 524:the great Life which works through Shamballa is carried out and is in process of expression, aAstrology, 587:to the relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, carried forward as the Masters attempt to work outAstrology, 599:That is the reason why human perfection is carried forward consciously upon the mental plane, theAstrology, 614:the third stage of the evolutionary process, carried forward upon the Path of Initiation andAstrology, 617:plan. This, the Life of our, planet, carried forward in three major stages, particularly from theAstrology, 617:in time and space of the Many into the One are carried forward from a point of [618] focused,Astrology, 618:to see developed the needed transformation carried forward in their lives; then - equally expectantAstrology, 629:of Itself in that which it is not." This is carried forward in three stages - all of them theAstrology, 630:of external synthesis in successive stages, carried forward from temporary syntheses until there isAstrology, 633:securely anchored. The will of God could now be carried to fruition." Under the same symbolicAtom, 43:the atom of chemistry. This thought can again be carried still further, till it includes the atomAtom, 62:attains self-knowledge and self-control. All is carried forward under this basic law. In every formAtom, 131:might call the motivation of everything that is carried on in the world. That force, as some of usAtom, 134:the Lemurian, the physical aspect of man was carried to a high stage of perfection. Later in theAtom, 147:out His purposes by means of it. Finally we carried forward the same idea in connection with theAutobiography, 21:not succeed. Bridget, the cook, picked me up and carried me (battered and bruised) upstairs where IAutobiography, 38:train. Another happening about the same time carried conviction to me of another world of events.Autobiography, 84:I emphasized the dire need of my audience. I was carried away with my subject; I forgot myAutobiography, 92:the plains. I had to go by carriage; I had to be carried on a man's back across a raging torrent; IAutobiography, 92:man's back across a raging torrent; I had to be carried on a dandy for many miles and I had againAutobiography, 98:to marry a clergyman. I went back to Umballa and carried through the work there all through thatAutobiography, 144:go on record of the lasting impression which I carried away when I left the town, of the soundness,Autobiography, 181:afternoon's work and from that moment we have carried on for 26 years. Autobiography, 225:in life. For the first two years he and I carried the bulk of the lecture work though there wereAutobiography, 230:of their own Masters. All these projects if carried forward under Hierarchical inspiration and in aAutobiography, 256:service work which I suggested, and which F.B. carried out voluntarily, has reached literallyAutobiography, 257:she has done nor has her work been started or carried forward on the basis of "The Master orderedAutobiography, 283:discipline - through whom that work can be carried forward. Intentionally, therefore, we make theAutobiography, 287:sifting work of the previous degrees has been carried forward and those who remain fall into twoAutobiography, 294:makes no charge for its services; the work is carried forward on a voluntary basis. A yearlyAutobiography, 300:and the amount of spiritual force therefore carried. It is the privilege, and the inevitableAutobiography, 300:has been given to us by A.A.B. and has been carried forward by those of us who have been soBethlehem, 43:are given us in the Gospel story, the work is carried on which makes the later achievementsBethlehem, 79:two things: First, that meditation is a process carried on secretly, silently and regularly in theBethlehem, 106:for the birth of that which the material nature carried and veiled for so long. The Old TestamentBethlehem, 127:have been known to Him, and this realization carried in itself the seeds of the final temptation.Bethlehem, 127:Christ was next tried. A character that has been carried to a high degree of perfection and whichBethlehem, 147:then the speed with which the work is carried forward is greatly accentuated. This produces aBethlehem, 148:on Cosmic Fire, p. 478.) It was these processes, carried on in the form nature, which ledBethlehem, 158:"all of the finest human thought and feeling is carried for generations, probably for ages, inBethlehem, 163:next great crisis, showed us love and sacrifice carried to their extreme expression; but ChristBethlehem, 168:in the world and that the illumination He carried should "lighten our darkness." Christ soundedBethlehem, 170:vision of what Christ meant by service. He "carried this actuating motive of service to the extentBethlehem, 170:which Christ so perfectly portrayed and which carried Him in triumph from the Mount ofBethlehem, 186:we arrive at the culminating Son of God Who carried the symbolism down on to the physical plane, inBethlehem, 203:motive, be actuated by unselfish purpose, and be carried forward in the strength of the innerBethlehem, 219:time each of the three aspects of His nature was carried to the highest point of its capacity forBethlehem, 219:person of St. John - the symbol of a personality carried to a very high state of perfection andBethlehem, 236:Egypt) with the utmost display. His image was carried with great solemnity to a tomb, which servedBethlehem, 253:forms of consciousness, the life of God has carried the forms of life through sentientBethlehem, 259:the rules which His great Brother laid down. He carried the teaching forward the next step, andBethlehem, 259:man - physical, emotional and mental - had been carried forward to a definite point of integrationBethlehem, 264:it should be succeeded. Destruction which is carried on with a view to eventual construction isBethlehem, 270:The wonder of the process is that it can be carried forward here and now, in the situation in whichBethlehem, 276:self-perpetuation. Perhaps these two are simply carried forward in an idealistic sense as man facesBethlehem, 279:inner structure which is the spiritual body is carried on by means of purification, perfecting,Destiny, 51:same divine apportioning, is the three feathers, carried as the arms of the Prince of Wales. TheDestiny, 98:the great Life which works through Shamballa is carried out and is in process of expression, aDestiny, 107:two differing ideals and objectives, are next carried down on to the astral plane, and thus intoDestiny, 115:of the world disciples, this process has been carried forward into the next stage of unfoldment toDestiny, 119:visible sign of an inner and spiritual reality, carried out into expression upon the physical planeDestiny, 127:The unintelligent work upon the physical plane, carried forward by those influenced by the sixthDestiny, 131:ray disciples. As was inevitable, they have carried the idea to a fanatical extent, and haveDestiny, 136:at the orientation which has been or will be carried out in connection with the three major worldDestiny, 150:speaking, be absorbed into the water-pot carried on the shoulder of Aquarius in the symbol which is
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