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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRIED

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Fire, 971:must remember that this entire process is being carried on now during this stage which we areFire, 972:drawing near. This vitalization is consciously carried out by the man who - according to theFire, 974:the thought form is vitalized, and its work carried on. When the work has been accomplished, andFire, 980:shall [980] see that the process of creation was carried on by the means of sound or speech or theFire, 987:and why, also, most of his effects are carried out on the physical plane. He works, therefore,Fire, 1021:In the magical work of form creation, we have carried the thought form down from the mental planeFire, 1021:Here the work of producing objectivity is carried forward, and here the worker in magic is inFire, 1047:sun (objective). and the same thought can be carried through the monadic manifestation. The threeFire, 1054:the five planes of evolution. Thus the plan is carried forward until the Army of the Voice becomeFire, 1057:thus all that is included within the sphere is carried in a circular manner through the Heavens.Fire, 1088:of the divine Life of the solar Logos, are carried to the point of perfection in an individualizedFire, 1117:As the system, or the body of the Logos, is carried forward through the energy in all its parts, soFire, 1117:the cosmic interplay which is likewise being carried forward. We can picture the cosmic stimulationFire, 1119:and the intricacy of the divine process as it is carried on in the microcosm, and in the macrocosm.Fire, 1201:the incarnating Jivas; (S. D., I, 238.) and it carried in it the germs of the Lives which achievedFire, 1218:the methods whereby the work of liberation is carried forward. Sacrifice, Service, Magnetism ("I,Glamour, 6:of symbols tends to bring this about and, when carried out with faithfulness and diligence, willGlamour, 67:is contemplation, - a contemplation necessarily carried on by the soul. Perhaps some grasp of theGlamour, 104:problem that such an experiment as that being carried on in these groups has been undertaken andGlamour, 167:illusion. Their work must now be intelligently carried forward by a humanity wise enough toGlamour, 169:to Their blended influence. This test had to be carried out in the midst of the terrific onslaughtGlamour, 175:mental phase of glamor, though illusion can be carried down into the world of feeling and becomeGlamour, 179:prolonged brooding and intelligent reflection, carried on whilst the daily avocations and dutiesGlamour, 179:and duties are being performed and not carried out at certain set times. The trained intuitive orGlamour, 199:and culture. This dissipation can be carried forward by disciples in all parts of the planet, aidedGlamour, 199:Therefore, the work of dissipating glamor is carried forward by those who come out intoGlamour, 206:these phases of work upon the astral plane are carried forward: first, the individual learns to useGlamour, 209:mind and the negative light of the brain and is carried forward through mental control, developedGlamour, 210:this has to be understandingly and consciously carried forward as a preliminary to the techniqueGlamour, 222:all to go before the work of dissipation can be carried forward successfully. First ray people canGlamour, 225:with fixed intent. Hitherto the work has been carried forward by members of the Hierarchy, and thenGlamour, 225:also been pierced before now by massed effort carried forward for a long time and usually withoutGlamour, 226:planned is dynamic and clear cut, consciously carried forward and specific in its impact. It is aGlamour, 228:center of quiet thought from whence the work is carried on. All that is needed as a preface to thisGlamour, 230:the two lesser lights and of soul light. This is carried forward as a group, each member making hisGlamour, 232:clear understanding as to how the task is to be carried out. At the close of this instruction youGlamour, 233:of God. This is called the Act of Will and is carried on by each member of the group silently andGlamour, 234:knowing that the work has been successfully carried forward. They reorganize themselves as a groupGlamour, 240:of glamor is nearing its close. We have carried a consecutive theme steadily and have traced theGlamour, 253:frequency of this force expression. All this is carried forward as the mental observer. He becomesGlamour, 254:no spiritual intent but simply as a sound which, carried on the breath, produces psychic resultsGlamour, 257:process of inhalation and exhalation is being carried forward, a clear line of active thinking mustGlamour, 258:leads to serious results, for the breath is carried to centers which should be in "process ofGlamour, 262:which handles force, and when this can be carried out with ease and with the mind held at a pointGlamour, 264:Where the initiate is concerned, the process is carried on at first from a point of tension withinHealing, 22:taints which are inherited from parents who have carried in their bodies and transmitted to theirHealing, 40:persisted in over a long period of time, and are carried over from life to life, they cause theHealing, 42:that: [42] Disease is a purificatory process, carried out in order to produce a purer expression,Healing, 84:source of those difficulties which, when carried down into the physical body, produce disease ofHealing, 96:heir to bad health. When the thought can be carried through to the physical brain and there becomesHealing, 100:origins, and with the work of healing, as it is carried on and sanctioned by the Great White Lodge.Healing, 102:together in group formation. This work can be carried forward efficiently and potently, if theHealing, 166:the lower torso again we have this triple system carried out. The sex organs, the creative aspect,Healing, 176:will be controlled and its activities will be carried forward intelligently and as the result ofHealing, 184:of the Father, of the Mother and of the Son is carried on. Life-consciousness-form andHealing, 185:the facts. The kundalini fire will be raised and carried up into heaven when all the centers areHealing, 186:and the development of the spiritual will are carried forward. [187] There are four of these webs.Healing, 197:system, responsive with immediacy to the energy carried by [198] the nadis; the result of this willHealing, 201:energy to the surrounding areas of the body is carried forward by the intelligent, integratedHealing, 214:is a wide generalization, and the process is not carried forward in any sequential fashion orHealing, 217:of Disease This process is wisely and safely carried out over a long period of time and - returningHealing, 220:Through concentration and right meditation, carried on in the head center, and directed towardsHealing, 220:The Psychological Causes of Disease. We have carried the idea down from the inner and more subtleHealing, 237:their fellowmen and nothing that they do will be carried out in secret. Some one or some group willHealing, 263:as nations, and individual man - has instituted, carried forward, endorsed, omitted to do or hasHealing, 275:turn, the result of activities initiated and carried through in previous incarnations, and thusHealing, 276:when more research and investigation have been carried forward, the science of medicine will beHealing, 317:condition. It is syphilitic in origin (often carried over from another life) and is, in thisHealing, 329:produces a synthesis of the personality forces. Carried forward intelligently, this synthesisHealing, 330:Through sanitation and other curative methods, carried out on a large scale, ancient diseasesHealing, 363:of life, and the vast amount of investigation carried forward on every side, is the physical planeHealing, 381:hemispheres) - the widespread research being carried on in our hospitals and centers of learning,Healing, 387:real import, if obligations remain still to be carried out, and if other lessons must still beHealing, 410:soul which effects this; it is not carried forward by the soul in the personality. The human soul,Healing, 413:out of incarnation, and that development can be carried on with even greater ease than when limitedHealing, 417:followed by the inbreathing of all that has been carried forward through evolution, embodies in theHealing, 427:of matter to matter, and soul to soul, are carried forward under the great universal Law ofHealing, 434:The many cyclic integrations which are carried forward in the great life cycle of an incarnatingHealing, 435:death will be seen as an "ordered" process, carried out in full consciousness and withHealing, 445:Through death, a great at-one-ing process is carried [446] forward; in the "fall of a leaf" and itsHealing, 461:prompting cause of the process which is normally carried out in all cases of drowning or ofHealing, 471:Law of Attraction that the Art of Dying is carried forward, and that it is the love aspect, theHealing, 472:as the fear of death is combated. Death is carried forward under this Law of Attraction, andHealing, 498:through attrition and by "dynamic negation" are carried on whilst in physical incarnation. TheHealing, 510:They become wrong when they are perpetuated and carried on when the next stage is clearly seen butHealing, 510:of these varying phases of integration, carried forward - as they are - under evolutionary law. AllHealing, 514:three deaths - physical, astral and mental - are carried out with a steadily awakening state ofHealing, 620:is the immediate goal of directed relationships, carried forward in consciousness by the spiritualHealing, 624:of all previous lives and of all activities carried on during those lives have been registered byHealing, 683:into three stages, broadly speaking; these are carried forward within the consciousness of the manHealing, 702:and reflection, but a period of quiet thought, carried on - when possible - wherein the healerHercules, 2:passed. The great wheel turned and turning, carried all the sons of men, who are the Sons of GodHercules, 5:result of slow and steady evolutionary growth, carried forward under nature's laws, cycle afterHercules, 6:refining, of sublimation and of transmutation, carried steadily forward until at length the MountHercules, 7:and ever the scroll of life unrolls, and we are carried forward on the impetus of a returning forceHercules, 11:and the object of the search that humanity has carried on down the ages. The exponents of the worldHercules, 23:was to overcome illusion. It was consummated and carried to completion in the sign Scorpio. TheHercules, 25:emotional nature, stand for the capacity to be carried away by either a line of thought or anHercules, 60:after the vision and a subjective process carried on, perhaps for a very long time, before the manHercules, 60:must become a man of action: desire has to be carried forward into the world of completion, and
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