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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRIED

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Hercules, 66:stages of his search his education is steadily carried forward. The exoteric ruler of Gemini and ofHercules, 84:his shoulder, "held it close to his heart", and carried it to the sacred temple at Mykenae, whereHercules, 91:which is the significant influence of the work carried forward in the sign Cancer, and in theHercules, 93:hunting. Finally, we read, he captured it and carried it into the temple, where it was claimed byHercules, 102:devotion to a dimly sensed objective that has carried him round and round the zodiac until fullHercules, 125:like unto his Father. "Another labor must be carried out. Balance he needs, and judgment sound, andHercules, 152:in Libra, and in Scorpio the magical work is carried forward". In terms of the aspirant this meansHercules, 178:world. The third head is good intentions, not carried out. So you have desire in the center, on oneHercules, 204:get up feeling better. Meditation when rightly carried forward is hard mental work for it meansHercules, 208:the last two labors how that work of saving was carried out. Three great and dramatic stories haveHercules, 229:Aries to Pisces. It is a work arduous, slow and carried forward under great difficulties, and oftenInitiation, 13:of the races with the golden thread of pedigree carried through the many types; a vision of theInitiation, 74:may not be visioned, and the work of preparation carried on. One of the greatest instruments forInitiation, 76:work, and through the activity of the disciple (carried on almost unconsciously at first) inInitiation, 80:In this fashion is the work of the disciple carried forward, and his testing and training carriedInitiation, 80:carried forward, and his testing and training carried out. Thus is he brought - through rightInitiation, 104:as their places can be taken and their functions carried on by members of our earth evolution, bothInitiation, 151:who has breathed it forth, and thus the work is carried out. The devas on the involutionary arc,Initiation, 205:regulated by purpose and intention, and none is carried away by passion or desire. In the perfectIntellect, 35:which has its roots in a success, which, if carried forward along the same lines, will become aIntellect, 37:life and about the great laws of nature, if carried forward with persistence and steadfastness,Intellect, 41:of Rebirth. Through the evolutionary process (carried forward through many lives in a physicalIntellect, 70:full consciousness that his own effort has now carried him as far as it can go and that it needs toIntellect, 78:part of the natural process which thus far has carried man forward along the path of evolution fromIntellect, 92:a fluid existence which we lead, being sometimes carried by our high desires to a mountain top ofIntellect, 107:must be added definite concentration exercises, carried forward each day, with perseverance. ThisIntellect, 119:of Duality. - Rechung (from the Tibetan) We have carried our meditation work forward along whatIntellect, 121:and at the close of the educational process (carried on in the formative years) a man should be inIntellect, 123:therefore, the objective of the meditation (carried forward into its later stages) is that the mindIntellect, 135:positive, alert and well-controlled, is carried forward on the wings of thought and then heldIntellect, 143:second activity concerns itself with a dual work carried on by the mind. Having been held steady inIntellect, 153:us, and see what has happened to the man who has carried forward his education from the stage ofIntellect, 164:which the soul has transmitted. When this is carried forward automatically and accurately, we haveIntellect, 173:They knew themselves to be Sons of God and they carried that knowledge down into full realizationIntellect, 207:Should the occupation be such that it can be carried forward instinctively and call for no activeIntellect, 210:within the head the great work of at-one-ment is carried forward. It involves a more dynamicIntellect, 231:still, and know that I am God," can be safely carried into the meditation work. The call for tooIntellect, 237:intensive work have no place. They can be wisely carried forward only when the earlier stages haveIntellect, 239:the higher impressions), so that the work may be carried forward rightly. Perhaps it might be saidIntellect, 246:service - a service that is self-initiated, and carried forward because the soul is groupIntellect, 253:the rule of love and of non-self-reference is carried there, and that all contacts made areIntellect, 260:of the sex life, has to be raised and carried to the head and throat, particularly the latter, asMagic, 11:in activity those steps and stages which when carried forward in order will bring the plan toMagic, 24:passage it frequently appears that teaching is carried forward to a certain point and then droppedMagic, 44:the lower torso again we have this triple system carried out: The sex organs, the creative aspect,Magic, 49:to be en rapport with his environment. This is carried forward through the medium of the entireMagic, 50:in nature, can be grasped. The symbolism is also carried forward when one remembers that theMagic, 70:responsibilities shouldered, your group work carried forward, and the way will unfold before you,Magic, 70:responsibilities can be justly shouldered and carried simultaneously with those of the smallerMagic, 88:humanity brought into being. This germ, however, carried within it two other potentialities, thatMagic, 90:growing synthesis of the meditation process carried on by the soul on its own plane and that of theMagic, 102:with zest and understanding, for it is (if truly carried out) the destroyer of all limitation.Magic, 103:of your life. An evening review should be carried forward entirely along this line; divide theMagic, 106:the body which are due to this stimulation are carried through the circulation of the blood. TheMagic, 150:have (through the medium of the breath) been carried upward to the head and concentrated there,Magic, 151:This moment of retention, when [151] properly carried forward, produces an interlude of intenseMagic, 152:stage covers that exhaling breath which, when carried forward with thought and conscious purposeMagic, 152:the kingdom of the soul. Its instructions, if carried out, would lead the soul back again into theMagic, 158:and significance of these rules can be carried forward along several lines. For our purposes, theMagic, 163:clean living. Only thus can the creative work be carried forward with safety, and only thus can theMagic, 166:with souls the true technique of evolution is carried forward, for it is the soul within the formsMagic, 168:of discipleship also. His service to others is carried out with the right motive, and is beginningMagic, 179:as person to person. A conversation is therefore carried on entirely on mental levels with theMagic, 192:energies, latent at the base of the spine, are carried to the head and are brought (via the solarMagic, 192:a finite parallel of an infinite Reality - is "carried up into Heaven" there to sit by the side ofMagic, 192:and interest, are sublimated, reoriented and carried up to the throat center, then the aspirantMagic, 192:equally transmuted and reoriented, then they are carried to the heart center and there is broughtMagic, 213:of the magical work. All white magical work is carried forward with a definitely constructiveMagic, 224:may be a long and protracted emotional strain, carried over many years of living. But in theMagic, 244:spent itself on the physical plane and the ebb carried the life aspect right back to the soulMagic, 248:work must, in relation to the physical plane, be carried out. This ability to project theMagic, 250:emotional. When the life of the personality is carried up into Heaven, and the life of the soulMagic, 250:and all magical work is an intelligent process, carried out in the strength of the soul, and by theMagic, 252:of the magical work. This magical work, carried out under the direction of the soul (inspiring theMagic, 280:lines, a life salvaged, and the outer dharma carried out with precision, whilst the innerMagic, 280:with the blue prints as they have been carried in the minds of the architects (the Elder Brothers)Magic, 283:the isolation and segregation of races to be carried forward under the great evolutionary plan.Magic, 285:when the energy of the material nature is carried by an act of the will up into Heaven, and whenMagic, 298:the basic causes of fear? To that question, if carried far enough back into the esoteric history ofMagic, 303:and full of cataclysmic disaster. Yet if men carried the concept of brotherhood with all itsMagic, 313:as selfishness and in nations as nationalism is carried forward. Through this rapidly integratingMagic, 316:work of drawing downwards towards materiality is carried forward. This we know well, and it isMagic, 336:radiance, wherein the work of the world will be carried forward through the medium of sound, andMagic, 340:[340] establishing his divinity. Evolution has carried forward the perfecting of the mechanism toMagic, 340:the mystics and occult students will be carried forward to the point where soul force will beMagic, 351:by figure, line by line, the working out being carried forward until the answer is achieved. ThisMagic, 374:a paralleling unfoldment of consciousness is carried forward. As that unfoldment produces constantMagic, 382:of Ibez are still persisting and are being carried on by the masters and adepts in physicalMagic, 391:ready. This will be begun in this century, and carried forward actively for the next one thousandMagic, 415:majority of the workers in the many groups have carried forward certain details of the plan, andMagic, 415:and their work, as they see it, is to be carried forward through the medium of this equipment,Magic, 447:is the decision and that the creative work is carried forward. It will here be noted that this workMagic, 458:the effects of the forces with which the work is carried forward, and the energies which must beMagic, 460:hierarchy. The second phase of the work is carried on by those workers, who, cooperatingMagic, 464:hold" of conditions themselves but are being carried forward on the tide of evolution. It is a formMagic, 476:function, even though it is as yet [476] carried forward for the most part unconsciously. The wordsMagic, 479:of the urge to have and to be, was misused and carried its civilizations to disaster, so AUM canMagic, 503:dense physical plane. Now it is being rapidly carried forward between the physical and the astral. Magic, 519:information concerning the minor interludes, carried on in the physical body between breaths and inMagic, 524:also cyclically stream forth have not as yet carried such a strong vibration, and have not
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