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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRIED

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Psychology2, 139:his race and nation. But the work is the better carried forward as the units in the Group meet thePsychology2, 160:through the egoic lotus, is the task to be carried forward during the contemplative stage ofPsychology2, 160:the true line of escape - that is the task to be carried forward upon the Path of Discipleship.Psychology2, 168:where he sits. By the light of a tiny candle, carried upon the summit of his head, he dimly sees.Psychology2, 173:through death, a great at-one-ing process is carried forward. In the "fall of a leaf" and itsPsychology2, 182:souls, and the work done will be motivated and carried forward from the higher mental levels in thePsychology2, 190:of force. Healing must eventually be carried forward by groups which act as the intermediariesPsychology2, 192:money as the means whereby divine purpose can be carried forward. They will handle money as thePsychology2, 253:here is a point of interest - it is an awareness carried forward into a new kingdom in naturePsychology2, 259:perfection. This conditioning process is carried [260] forward through the souls who are returningPsychology2, 260:such a conditioning process. This process is not carried forward by them through any emphasized orPsychology2, 263:bear also the assurance [263] that they have carried forward the task to which they have beenPsychology2, 267:interpret and understand. This process is carried on after the third initiation. A man can bePsychology2, 271:brought about, and is today in process of being carried forward. c. The Approach of EnlightenmentPsychology2, 274:must ever be an analogy or a correspondence carried out in the life of the little self - aPsychology2, 275:the Approach of Appropriation can be consciously carried forward. Next there comes a period in thePsychology2, 278:as found in form, and was the Avatar Who carried in Himself the fully ripened seeds of the pastPsychology2, 278:He was the embodied force of submission, and He carried the divine approach to the astral plane,Psychology2, 282:and the ascent of the sons of God, and we have carried the thought forward to the fact of thePsychology2, 314:in service. This same thought must be carried into our concept of the soul as a center ofPsychology2, 333:conscious appropriation of divinity is the work carried forward and the plan of Deity worked out.Psychology2, 339:of physical urge is in full expression. This was carried to its higher point of development inPsychology2, 348:This process of conscious assimilation is carried forward progressively by the gradual integrationPsychology2, 376:of the pentagram. As he realizes the task to be carried out and the nature of the work to be donePsychology2, 381:the soul. When this has been to a great extent carried forward satisfactorily, then the TechniquePsychology2, 385:matter or the form aspect. Thus the work carried forward upon the paths of evolution, of probation,Psychology2, 385:later techniques of fusion and of duality are carried successfully forward. Certain questionsPsychology2, 408:then we shall see these three integrations carried forward with precision and with rapidity.Psychology2, 414:only when the processes of development have been carried forward to a relatively high point and thePsychology2, 430:applied bridging process, gradually carried forward, once the point of cleavage is determined. ThePsychology2, 432:which evolution eventually effects are carried out through the medium of all these centers. ThroughPsychology2, 457:in the money market which is successfully carried through. The time is coming when the wholePsychology2, 463:also a form of meditation, but it is meditation carried forward entirely within the periphery ofPsychology2, 470:that they end by achieving nothing. One plan carried through, one line of thought developed to itsPsychology2, 503:of the day's activities, as they have been carried forward on the astral plane. They will be simplyPsychology2, 507:night and when absent from the body, and it is carried on In the borderland between the astralPsychology2, 507:(for many aspirants are selfish) or unselfishly carried forward, constitutes much of the materialPsychology2, 507:current activities and events of daily life as carried on in waking consciousness upon the physicalPsychology2, 509:The group work involved is not this time carried on in the three worlds of human expression but inPsychology2, 516:become aware of these two great movements being carried forward in the three worlds of humanPsychology2, 521:center of force for energies which must be carried from below the diaphragm to above the diaphragm.Psychology2, 523:usually done in two stages. This transference, carried on within the personality, is paralleled byPsychology2, 523:organ of the personal will) must be raised and carried up the spinal column to the head center, viaPsychology2, 525:transference is continued. The sacral forces are carried to the throat and the solar plexus forcesPsychology2, 525:to the throat and the solar plexus forces are carried to the heart. The latter transference is asPsychology2, 529:[529] The stage wherein the lower energies are carried to the solar plexus center. The stagePsychology2, 529:through to the heart, are blended with it and carried to the throat. The stage wherein all the fivePsychology2, 529:in the center at the base of the spine which are carried up to the ajna center via the solar plexusPsychology2, 529:directed will which enables achievements to be carried out that are, at other time, well-nighPsychology2, 531:of the solar plexus itself and gradually are carried up to the throat center, but always via thePsychology2, 534:Stimulation of all the centers, major and minor, carried forward according to ray tendencies andPsychology2, 537:turned to its proper uses. The sacral energy is carried prematurely to the throat where it producesPsychology2, 538:with [538] the life principle which is ever "carried upon the waves of desire" (as the ancientPsychology2, 552:the diseases of the respiratory tract. Energy is carried to the throat but is not adequately usedPsychology2, 591:spine and in the head is in order but must be carried forward under careful supervision. I cannotPsychology2, 596:for the more advanced work which must be carried forward under careful personal supervision. ForPsychology2, 605:the Atlantean stage, provided it is not carried to the point of insanity, hallucination, furiousPsychology2, 619:important in so far that it is a group activity, carried forward as a whole and is not the act ofPsychology2, 621:These practices can be beneficial if carefully carried out, but often induce their own peculiarPsychology2, 646:and without the churches, Educational activity, carried forward along lines of non-separativenessPsychology2, 662:will be better understood and the work must be carried forward with as much rapidity as possible,Psychology2, 667:the ideals become practical and the work be carried intelligently forward. The various plans underPsychology2, 674:rapidly as possible. The work must, however, be carried on with no infringement of harmony. TherePsychology2, 674:they may be. No political activity should be carried on in the name of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 675:affairs. In a few years' time, if the work is carried forward along these lines, public opinionPsychology2, 678:their right and intelligent application must be carried forward. Through this form of massPsychology2, 679:relation to an eternal future, there are [679] carried to our minds implications of profoundPsychology2, 679:to an intensive training. This should be carried forward through printed pamphlets, personalPsychology2, 680:The education of these thinkers should be carried on by the World Servers in conformity with thePsychology2, 683:and the finding of the men of good will is carried forward, much can be accomplished. Thousands canPsychology2, 683:any living being. The initial concepts must be carried forward in their essential purity; thePsychology2, 687:speech and spoken interest), a day of service carried forward entirely on esoteric levels, and ofPsychology2, 699:in, or out of, the New Group of World Servers. Carried forward successfully and intelligently, itPsychology2, 699:of a new type of mediator work, - a work carried forward this time by a salvaging group of Servers,Psychology2, 710:the phenomena which they experienced, has been carried forward. Little, however, has been done inPsychology2, 717:their sensitivity to the Plan will be carried forward. They will then be not only consciously inPsychology2, 718:epoch-making effects for two reasons. The work carried forward during the previous five years alongPsychology2, 724:for the creative work must be inaugurated and carried forward by disciples, working in the outerPsychology2, 725:of the intended ameliorative measures must be carried out by the New Group of World Servers, and byPsychology2, 727:and who can vision an ideal of group unity, carried forward without any attempt to disturb thePsychology2, 733:us and a united spiritual effort, prayerfully carried forward, wisely adjusted to environing need,Psychology2, 738:has been eminently successful and has been carried through to the desired consummation and now thePsychology2, 750:my suggestions are followed, and if the work is carried forward diligently, there is everyRays, 5:group realization or consciousness, and when carried out successfully produces in time theRays, 51:of tension after another, and the work thus carried forward into the realm of the dynamic steadfastRays, 64:of identification, and all that he now does is carried forward from the levels attained at anyRays, 76:Humanity was, however, swept by forces that carried in themselves the seeds of destruction, andRays, 90:The work of the Christ as God-Savior can be carried forward by Him alone and unaided. The work ofRays, 92:whereby, upon that turning wheel, souls are carried down into incarnation and then up and out ofRays, 132:push towards the higher states of Being is carried out in conformity with the life urge of the OneRays, 143:yearnings of the human spirit. We have not yet carried the concept up to the Center of Life whereRays, 146:the processes and methods of hierarchical work, carried on in conjunction with the Great Council ofRays, 170:and the Hierarchy was perfected by Him and carried to a conclusion when He was last on Earth, andRays, 180:the Christ evolution. This latter evolution is carried on within the created sphere of influence ofRays, 182:or field of maya. His activity must therefore be carried forward from the very heart of the mysteryRays, 184:supervisory, directive work of the Hierarchy, carried forward by the Masters and Their groups andRays, 202:activities upon the star Sirius perfected and carried to a consummation. This has oft been hintedRays, 211:in some definitely planned and united activity, carried forward in the outer world but enrichingRays, 213:or belittlement thereby; the work is then carried forward on the basis of inspiration, coordinationRays, 218:of tension upon slowly realized higher levels, carried on until the transference is completed. All
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