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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRIED

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Rays, 225:studied, we have seen the initiate or disciple carried from his position as an accepted discipleRays, 229:to humanity and the work of restoration can be carried forward. At this time and in a peculiarRays, 246:Sanat Kumara, implemented by music and sound and carried on the waves of color which break upon theRays, 256:so) and that the Plan is being obeyed and carried out. It signifies also that the three strands ofRays, 256:(higher and lower mind), but that they have been carried also through the three levels of theRays, 278:- the evolutionary process which is carried on upon the Path of Discipleship, in which the discipleRays, 278:whereby the energy of the three lower centers is carried up into the three higher centers (head,Rays, 325:monad, soul, and personality. This teaching has carried all that has hitherto been given, down theRays, 332:media of truth. Those changes have not yet been carried out, for it will take a new vision and aRays, 334:are not something done for humanity or simply carried out because men have earned a closer contact,Rays, 337:but by the action of certain processes, carried out within the etheric body of the disciple; theseRays, 383:spirit in man, plus the initiatory process, carried on in the Ashrams of the great Ashram. WhatRays, 385:realized the complete success of the vast work, carried on in the human center for millions ofRays, 388:Mysteries of Initiation In considering the work carried forward in the Ashram as it affects theRays, 400:by the Hierarchy in those kingdoms is largely carried forward via humanity and modern scientificRays, 445:After the third initiation the "Way" is carried forward with great rapidity, and the "bridge" isRays, 448:case of every earnest student. When the work is carried on intelligently and with full awareness ofRays, 450:thread - the basic two and the human three - is carried to the throat center, and when that occursRays, 451:or is anchored in, the solar plexus, and is carried upwards, by means of the aspiration, till itRays, 451:the knowledge petals of the egoic Lotus, being carried forward by an act of the will. AdvancedRays, 451:through the medium of the blood, life energy is carried to every part of the mechanism. This lifeRays, 458:between soul and personality has been steadily carried forward, primarily by the soul, as itRays, 461:of material and spiritual evolution, as it is carried to its conclusion - for this world cycle -Rays, 462:us not to dwell upon them. As this process is carried forward, three great aspects of divineRays, 469:which is motivated by love and intelligently carried forward. Direction-Will (which are wordsRays, 487:Triad. A mental understanding of the task to be carried out. This involves the use of the mind inRays, 496:your life presentation is neatly balanced and carried forward without much real strain. When thisRays, 500:motivating power must be betterment; it must be carried forward by extreme effort; but - givenRays, 503:speaking, is that the whole process is carried forward upon subjective levels and in the realm ofRays, 504:possible for the preliminary work to be rapidly carried forward. When, however, the distinctiveRays, 505:realization is the result of aeonian work, carried forward by the soul. Paradoxically, we say thatRays, 515:antahkarana is performed, [515] and it is then carried forward on the impetus of a Word of Power.Rays, 516:and the four stages of the Projection have been carried through to their highest point. The vividRays, 517:words or to great mental activity, frequently carried forward under the impulse of glamor. ThisRays, 528:vision or goal. You will note here that I have carried the teaching (earlier given upon theRays, 528:to the disciple invoking his soul; later I carried the concept farther, and we considered theRays, 529:(at the sixth). [529] To sum up. We have carried our study of the esoteric aspects of mentalRays, 529:imposed task. I have in these previous sections carried our theme to the point where it climaxesRays, 543:- in the early stages of human evolution - is carried forward through the medium of the five sensesRays, 546:between the two. At first, the impression is carried forward entirely on the side of the Master,Rays, 548:which is only rightly understood and carried forward when the man is in truth a soul-infusedRays, 553:reorganization and redirection of energies is carried forward in the realm of the divine thirdRays, 574:relationships, and - today - this will be carried forward primarily in connection with the sexRays, 598:work with the personality as a whole is carried forward, making the initiation of theRays, 641:launched and systematically and most carefully carried out. If the subjective relations between theRays, 673:of the Atlantean vibration and quality which has carried over so potently into [674] this AryanRays, 751:nature of that work or state how it should be carried forward. That I have done already many times.Reappearance, 33:propaganda, engineered by disciples and carried forward by esotericists, will mature. This eraReappearance, 33:of the Wisdom was proclaimed. It has been carried forward in spite of misrepresentation, attackReappearance, 42:to prove His world mission successfully carried forward. It all seemed impossible, necessitatingReappearance, 56:days) if the Will of God is to be intelligently carried out on Earth. His major task is surely theReappearance, 105:immortality is part also of this great stream, carried onto intellectual levels, thus salvagingReappearance, 118:upon our planet. It is a process, instituted and carried forward under the Law of Evolution. It isReappearance, 133:illusion. Their work must now be intelligently carried forward by a humanity wise enough toReappearance, 153:relation to each other. This work, when rightly carried forward, will evoke response from theReappearance, 169:of God is known," that will-to-good which has carried all creation on toward a greater glory and aSoul, 34:ceaselessly conveyed to us. Messages are carried along the millions of telegraph lines of ourSoul, 90:included the glands in our speculation and so carried the idea forward. The modern mechanisticSoul, 140:force in the center at the base of the spine is carried to the head via the spinal canal, passingSoul, 140:The soul energy of the sacral center must be carried to the highest creative center, the throat.Soul, 140:The emphasis will then be laid on creative work carried forward for the sake of the group and notSoul, 140:center has, equally, to be transferred and carried to the heart, and the consciousness then is noSoul, 142:on the physical plane. The true process is carried forward within a man's own nature, centered inTelepathy, 20:and many other purely astral reactions). It is carried on instinctively and below the diaphragm.Telepathy, 34:I mean consciously. This bridging work must be carried forward by disciples in three ways: By anTelepathy, 38:oriented and controlled work to be properly carried forward and successfully accomplished. But itTelepathy, 38:disciple. Secondly: Your constant effort - to be carried forward steadily and slowly - must be toTelepathy, 40:the minds of Their disciples, of telepathic work carried on with the Master as broadcaster and theTelepathy, 73:dealing with invocation and evocation as it is carried on between Humanity and the Hierarchy. ITelepathy, 78:that the purpose of the Lord of the World is carried out. Being, Coherence and Activity are thusTelepathy, 79:appearance of mankind. The "impressing process" carried forward by humanity is modified and oftenTelepathy, 110:for the substance in which this science is carried forward is not astral substance but mentalTelepathy, 111:of the solar plexus, and the entire process is carried forward upon the astral plane and withTelepathy, 111:sensitivity possible; then the process is carried forward in buddhic substance. Aspirants are, atTelepathy, 111:two minds or several minds, and the process is carried forward in the substance of the mentalTelepathy, 111:consciousness but which are strictly carried on within mental [112] substance. This necessarilyTelepathy, 125:and the effect of these relationships, carried on through this medium, is the gradual developmentTelepathy, 145:spiritual status, so will be the type of energy carried by the nadis, passing from them to the
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