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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRIER

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Astrology, 86:Lion Sagittarius, the Archer Aquarius, the Water-Carrier Sun Jupiter Uranus Sun Earth Pluto VI.Astrology, 134:the Zodiacal Constellations Aquarius, the Water Carrier This constellation is one of supremeAstrology, 174:Aquarius The Lion The Centaur The Water-Carrier The Man The Archer The Server Self-consciousnessAstrology, 241:Cross - Equilibrium. Aquarius, the Water-Carrier - Fixed Cross - Initiation. These three,Astrology, 241:- Cause of synthesis. Aquarius, the Water-Carrier - Universal Mind - Soul. These three signs areAstrology, 590:Lion Sagittarius, the Archer Aquarius, the Water Carrier The Sun Jupiter Uranus The Sun The EarthAutobiography, 233:into the sign of Aquarius, the sign of the water-carrier, the sign of universality, for water is aAutobiography, 233:Christ sent His disciples out to find the water-carrier who led them to an upper room where theBethlehem, 19:house in the zodiac which is called "the Water-carrier," and wherein also we shall all sit at theBethlehem, 98:are entering into the sign Aquarius, the Water Carrier. This sign stands symbolically for groupDestiny, 146:this happening upon every side today. The water-carrier (another name for the world server) isDestiny, 150:of this sign, for Aquarius is the water-carrier, bringing the water of life to the people - lifeDestiny, 150:Age, the Risen Christ is Himself the Water-Carrier; He will not this time demonstrate the perfectedDiscipleship1, 267:Direct your thought energy (which is the carrier of love [268] energy) to the ajna center of eachDiscipleship2, 170:light is veritably substance, and therefore the carrier of goodwill. That is why, consequently, itGlamour, 256:assembled, sent forth and thus becomes the carrier of power. This has to be done upon the wings ofHealing, 46:system, the brain and the blood stream (as a carrier of the life principle) governs the activitiesHealing, 141:- and likewise to the blood stream, the carrier of the life principle to all parts of the body.Healing, 142:- appearance. 4. The blood stream. This is the carrier of the life principle and of the combinedHealing, 191:three systems to carry in your minds, and one carrier or conveying agent, plus the basic occultHercules, 214:that light I turn my back". Aquarius, the Water Carrier Element: Air sign (as are also Gemini andHercules, 220:we are passing into the sign Aquarius, the water carrier, though we have not yet entered fully intoHercules, 220:discernible how, since then, Aquarius, the water carrier, has begun to make his presence felt inHercules, 223:shall raven as a wolf." Aquarius, the Water Carrier Reuben Means "the pouring out of water". TheHercules, 228:In Aquarius (January 21 - February 19, the Water Carrier), Hercules cleaned the Augean Stables byMagic, 313:the sign Aquarius. This sign, that of the water-carrier, is a living sign and an emotional sign. ItMagic, 455:it in his mind, and visualizes it as the carrier of his intent. The mathematics which underlie thePsychology2, 358:which Light comes; the second ray is the "light-carrier," and supplements the work of the firstRays, 368:- between the Hierarchy and Humanity - is a carrier of the energy which makes the Plan possibleRays, 581:the symbol of water, for Aquarius is the "water-carrier." The sixth ray will bring together allRays, 644:signifies the power to wield light as [644] the carrier of life to all in the three worlds, and toReappearance, 80:our Sun is now entering) is that of the Water-carrier, the man with a pitcher of water. ThisSoul, 39:system. The blood acts mysteriously as the carrier of the peculiar hormones of the different
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