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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRIES

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Fire, 568:each atom of time, and each eternal period, and carries all onward, and upward, and through, withFire, 758:be thus available for His use, as the force He carries requires a peculiarly resilient instrument,Fire, 996:is in the nature of a blind, which ever carries [997] revelation to those who have the clue, butFire, 1057:activity of the planetary atom is that which carries it through space along with the entire solarFire, 1065:or drawn, and thus the process of evolution carries every life invariably through the four stagesFire, 1068:the sun, the mother of it is the moon; the wind carries it in its belly and the Mother of it is theFire, 1126:higher mind and the intuition. The black brother carries the evolution of the senses on to a stageFire, 1175:the field of knowledge." The inner round, which carries with it vast opportunity for those who canFire, 1249:to their efforts is the statement that this Path carries them (through the medium of the logoicFire, 1263:which the adept draws the "water of life" and carries it to the multitude. This force from the PoleGlamour, 12:and life. The study of symbols conceptually carries you inward from the brain to the mind, into theGlamour, 45:The very recognition, in its turn however, carries with it its own problems, so unable is theGlamour, 51:shares with others; a sealed vase, wherein he carries all his aspiration to cast before the feet ofGlamour, 76:discovering that freedom from material things carries with it its own beauty and reward, its ownGlamour, 181:may bring back from his high adventure. He then carries some world problem, some design which hisGlamour, 195:of the life of the Monad - an energy which carries revelation of divine purpose. It is in the worldGlamour, 233:united directed and dynamic will or intent; this carries along the projected beam of light theHealing, 119:through the lower life of the personality and carries away wrong psychological tendencies,Healing, 227:particular urge. Secondly, each physical body carries within itself the seeds of inevitableHealing, 240:is an effect of the centers; the blood stream carries to every part of the body those essentialHealing, 240:The blood stream is also the life, and carries throughout the organism an aspect of the energyHealing, 248:decision of death is concerned, and this idea carries with it many implications which studentsHealing, 427:son comes into being, and during the child stage carries on his life processes within the aura ofHealing, 609:the soul can be of real assistance. This law carries also the implications of that basic relationHealing, 620:through His divine Personality, Sanat Kumara, carries out His purposes upon our planet. Similarly,Healing, 623:head and from thence back into the soul body, it carries with it the life of each center in theHealing, 683:or "buddhic perception" is unfolded. This carries with it the assertion as to the existence of theHercules, 27:of service was begun. The story that they tell carries instruction for the sons of men, who are theHercules, 29:influence of the soul, the indwelling Christ, carries out the purposes of the Spirit, the Father inHercules, 86:handicap. The crab builds its house or shell and carries it upon its back, and people born in thisHercules, 223:dwelling at the haven of the sea". The crab carries its habitation on its back, and dwells on theHercules, 228:able to work in Hell, on Earth, or in Heaven. He carries Cerberus up from Hades, and through theInitiation, 14:that, once entered, sweeps a man onward until it carries him to the feet of the Lord of the World,Initiation, 105:Buddha, sanctioned by the Lord of the World, carries to the assembled humanity a dual stream ofInitiation, 112:that this order is not idly arranged, but carries the initiate on from revelation to revelationInitiation, 125:radiance which pours forth from the ray which carries on its bosom the perfected sons of men of oneInitiation, 142:to the initiate by the Hierophant, an which he carries away within his consciousness in order theInitiation, 188:the World, and working under his direction. It carries a man to every part of the solar system, yetIntellect, 67:Four - The Objectives in Meditation Meditation carries the work forward into the mental realm;Intellect, 70:after true knowledge takes up the task and carries the work forward. Dr. Bennett of Yale says, atIntellect, 84:vehicle through which the soul expresses itself carries latent within itself certain inherentIntellect, 151:an ordered process and method which carries man to the state of identification with the soul. ItIntellect, 167:and of joyous certainty as to felt realities. It carries its possessor forward on the wings ofIntellect, 250:seldom is, or unhappy in nature, and whether it carries a vibration of fear and foreboding, it isMagic, 20:flesh, of muscle, and of bone which the [20] man carries around, correlated by the nervous systemMagic, 30:him into existence, fixes the term of his life, carries him through the years, long or short, andMagic, 81:periphery. Love gathers all to itself, and carries all on with itself, welding separated units intoMagic, 86:vibration, and the study of these relations carries much information to the student, and is part ofMagic, 96:and expresses that personal ambition which carries within it the germ of its own destruction. When,Magic, 97:immovably in the realm of the soul. Also he carries forward (and this is the most difficult stage)Magic, 108:Masters in these words: "Then the Bull of God carries the light in his forehead, and his eyeMagic, 144:message is heard, for it is sounded forth; it carries illumination, for it conveys the Truth andMagic, 159:significance of this expulsive breath as he carries forward his meditation work. This expulsiveMagic, 169:of his life. He works at his own job, and carries forward his contribution to the activity of theMagic, 216:one or other of the centers, that the soul carries on the work in magic. It is through the intenseMagic, 246:apparatus of divine manifestation which carries the love of God to all forms on the physical plane.Magic, 247:with the building energies of the Cosmos. He carries the energy of illumined thought and sanctifiedMagic, 352:by his step forward, for every disciple carries those he instructs along with him in a curiousMagic, 352:to the unit reacts upon the whole. A Master carries His disciples on and up with Him in a similarMagic, 355:that this very freedom to walk in the light carries with it its own problems. You ask how this canMagic, 390:our attainment of the fourth Initiation, for He carries us forward with Him, and, on our particularMagic, 452:him into existence, sets the term of his life, carries him through the years, long or short, andMagic, 556:his purpose steady and to see that each life carries that purpose forward into fuller manifestationMagic, 590:unfoldment involves much loss of time, and carries with it often the seeds of prolonged trouble.Magic, 623:in sensitive response and to work through them, carries with it certain dangers. The ordinaryMagic, 623:forces with which he is in touch, and this carries with it real danger, for he hardly knows as yetMeditation, 14:do more than formulate a plan for practice that carries in it the elements of safety and ofMeditation, 24:the work, and the driving force of evolution carries all on to perfection. The second period coversMeditation, 48:lurks when it exists not, and occult meditation carries a menace. Hence, the man must be an activeMeditation, 85:Word is intoned by the average aspirant, it carries force through all the inner centers to theMeditation, 90:of causal consciousness - a consciousness that carries with it the ability to include within itselfMeditation, 90:of the lower self into the higher. This carries with it the capacity to see on causal levels,Meditation, 101:may now be made public. If pondered on, it carries the student to a high plane and stimulatesMeditation, 112:now are different. The development of [112] mind carries with it the dangers of selfishness, ofMeditation, 119:followed that is not adjusted to a man's need carries with it elements of danger, for theMeditation, 125:and besmirches a fair character with mud. It carries with it its own punishment, for on the innerMeditation, 128:More and more will this be the case, and it carries with it certain risks that will inevitably workMeditation, 272:Master has a peculiar sweetness all its own, and carries with it certain privileges. The discipleMeditation, 273:as some of the earlier imparted data, yet carries with it a vibration that will make this eighthMeditation, 273:seen that that access is a gradual process and carries a man from an occasional outer contact withMeditation, 277:step. Emphasize this point in teaching, for it carries with it an incentive to greater diligenceMeditation, 346:the system, is constructive and stabilizing, and carries all on in line with the law. No fear orPatanjali, 30:of being Master..." [30] The word "traditional" carries the student's thought away from that whichPatanjali, 34:and its display of energy. This realization carries the aspirant onward to a knowledge of that partPatanjali, 87:to the heart. Sutra 39 in its very simplicity carries with it, its own powerful appeal. In it canPatanjali, 110:in which the senses and the mind are superseded, carries us into a state for which we have noPatanjali, 128:first thing which attracts one's attention. It carries one in thought to the root cause of all evilPatanjali, 148:evolution in time and space and the factor which carries all life through all forms to thePatanjali, 171:real and a negation of the unreal and this he carries into all his relationships and into all hisPatanjali, 173:and of the investigations which the soul carries on in its manifold lifecycles is to cause a greatPatanjali, 212:or asleep. He actively undertakes and carries forward this abstracting or withdrawing process.Patanjali, 255:person. The undue forcing of one's development carries with it certain most definite and specificPatanjali, 255:The injunction to grow as the flower grows, carries with it a tremendous occult truth. There is anPatanjali, 255:There is an injunction in Ecc., VII, 16. which carries this thought, "Be not righteous over much...Patanjali, 265:point in evolution are recognized. Every form carries in itself the evidence of the previous cyclesPatanjali, 285:effect desired in accordance with the law but it carries no consequences for himself. When the seerPatanjali, 290:of the great moving force, which once aroused, carries all before it. It is for our fifth rootPatanjali, 296:concentrated meditation in the head. This carries on automatically the increased stimulation andPatanjali, 385:and the urge of the evolutionary process which carries the life of God within all forms onward intoPatanjali, 393:a man upon the great wheel, which ever turning, carries a man down into physical plane existence,
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