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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRY

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Discipleship2, 223:extra-planetary energies which are needed to carry forward the planned work of the planetary Logos.Discipleship2, 228:which it can be. Between Thursdays endeavor to carry out the results of the reflection expressed inDiscipleship2, 230:any other group which you know is attempting to carry out the hierarchical Plan). Then, through theDiscipleship2, 233:to ashramic patterns of thought and unable to carry much weight in the general group meditation?Discipleship2, 271:inner side who thus serve their fellowmen and carry forward, consciously and with intent, the LawDiscipleship2, 274:somewhat apprehended, at least intellectually, carry the disciple to the point where that which isDiscipleship2, 275:which (through its correct apprehension) can carry the initiate-disciple from "the unreal to theDiscipleship2, 282:the time, but the general picture will serve to carry your thoughts away from the "trappings ofDiscipleship2, 289:platitude that "energy follows thought," should carry inspiring implications to the earnestDiscipleship2, 302:if they wanted to know the doctrine they must carry out God's will. Do these words convey any trueDiscipleship2, 358:work for the Plan on the physical plane, they carry with them to the Ashram the registered senseDiscipleship2, 360:The immediate steps to be taken in order to carry the Plan forward, logically, practically and withDiscipleship2, 386:the fourth kingdom in nature came into being, to carry forward the science of redemption. There isDiscipleship2, 392:of the Plan; the third group are the agents who carry this Plan to mankind and seek to make itDiscipleship2, 399:of time) the great aligning procedure which will carry him from the immediate point of revelationDiscipleship2, 405:and consequently hasten the redemptive work and carry the energies from the highest levels of theDiscipleship2, 432:completed and "he returns from whence he came to carry out the Plan," the stage of precipitationDiscipleship2, 434:because he is initiate and must proceed to carry out what has been revealed to him of theDiscipleship2, 457:Thus they will make the word "goodwill" carry power throughout the planet, whilst the disciples andDiscipleship2, 457:through their thought, make the word "unity" carry hidden power. Thus a vast band of men ofDiscipleship2, 474:has been preparatory to this, and - if you will carry this realization in mind for the remainder ofDiscipleship2, 478:next life. A study of these three phrases will carry you into the realm of quality, and not simplyDiscipleship2, 478:of the week. On the other days you will simply carry forward the group reflective assignment withDiscipleship2, 481:of, and within the capacity of, a disciple to carry out a certain piece of work and thus to serveDiscipleship2, 492:- an occult paradox! - and at the same time to carry forward the life of active service upon theDiscipleship2, 501:point of focused intention each then proceeds to carry out the Plan, via their Ashram, and thus theDiscipleship2, 502:the power of the seventh wave which will carry him forward much further upon the beach of lifeDiscipleship2, 502:be enumerated as follows: He must endeavor to carry the rhythm of service and of fruitful livingDiscipleship2, 506:planes in the three worlds, and to each other; carry the same directed thinking on to soul levelsDiscipleship2, 515:imagination the energy of the solar plexus. Then carry it along the spine and upward to the head,Discipleship2, 516:out, you have a profound task of balancing to carry out, owing to the ray [517] energies which atDiscipleship2, 538:of this life, therefore, I would ask you to carry the theme of karmic decision and of preparationDiscipleship2, 539:carefully implemented, these themes should carry you far. You have, however, definitelyDiscipleship2, 545:to mental levels. Think this out and then carry forward right action in two directions: on theDiscipleship2, 548:in their application or that they do not carry a meaning of very real import to the disciple forDiscipleship2, 553:of group usefulness next life. Then you will carry out certain work that you and I together haveDiscipleship2, 556:given you as much teaching as would serve to carry you through this life. I urged on you aDiscipleship2, 584:I gave you last should have done much to carry you steadily forward, for an inner surety everDiscipleship2, 597:of the nineteenth century but left it to [597] carry forward on its own momentum when RussiaDiscipleship2, 601:that a week's perfected discipline would carry you further than a year's aspiration, accompanied asDiscipleship2, 628:the dust of lower life) then can your service carry fresh truth to men. Discipleship2, 639:into the spiritual vision which all disciples carry with them. Orient yourself to your own soul andDiscipleship2, 650:you have endeavored to live selflessly and to carry your load bravely, and because your life andDiscipleship2, 651:you are strong enough and experienced enough to carry through triumphantly. The coming months willDiscipleship2, 651:Remember - you are not alone. I stand by and carry you consciously within my aura. Discipleship2, 656:or considerations to the load which you already carry. You are, likewise, a clear-sighted discipleDiscipleship2, 657:of your exoteric activities, but I urge you to carry them forward in a spiritual silence. PursueDiscipleship2, 660:the centers in the body with the soul. Then carry the line which your imagination has constructed,Discipleship2, 660:it out into the ajna center and from there carry it down to the heart center and hold it there forDiscipleship2, 667:or circumstance - deflect you from your purpose. Carry all forward in silence and with love. TakeDiscipleship2, 679:in materializing the Plan and some project to carry through connected with that Plan. SometimesDiscipleship2, 688:Two there are upon the inward way whom you must carry in your heart and seek to reach. C.D.P. isDiscipleship2, 708:my belief and trust, my confidence that you will carry on - learning and living and loving - andDiscipleship2, 714:brother, if you will accept my suggestions and carry them through. It is the carrying through ofDiscipleship2, 716:I dwell within the Ashram. I issue forth and carry out the Plan as best I can. 5th month - Let loveDiscipleship2, 718:You are making a real effort to cooperate and to carry out my instructions; this has not been easyDiscipleship2, 720:aware of his task and equipment - proceed to carry out the phase of the One Work which is theirs.Discipleship2, 754:ray is the sixth ray of devotion and idealism. Carry the radiation of the sun to the vital body andEducation, 2:propositions which are of interest and which can carry illumination. I. Education, up to theEducation, 68:and some of them were quite simple; they can carry meaning today and will come to have moreEducation, 99:future procedure in the next generation and carry the world through the most difficult transitionalExternalisation, 10:of an informing entity, nor do they know how to carry on this work in such a way that never for aExternalisation, 13:the subject from the angle of service and carry their researches into the realm of energy, andExternalisation, 31:their importance in your minds and enable you to carry forward your work with fresh ardor. I haveExternalisation, 36:their essential Selves and when they so choose, carry on simultaneously two different lines ofExternalisation, 42:of this group is perhaps one of the hardest to carry through, although from another angle it is farExternalisation, 69:and world government. This teaching will carry to the general public some idea of the trend ofExternalisation, 82:midst of a changing world? Will you, therefore, carry with you the following ideas? First, that theExternalisation, 83:of political and sociological aims and to carry forward the projects of many peoples and the manyExternalisation, 139:for material influence and power, must yet carry forward the task of binding men and women of everyExternalisation, 142:of the use of the Great Invocation and help to carry forward the plan for distribution. The GreatExternalisation, 150:to be detached and selfless - can institute and carry forward the task of invoking these higherExternalisation, 159:Great Invocation with greater potency and can carry the relation to a higher state still andExternalisation, 225:the story of Easter and of the living Christ carry no truth, and is it not possible for that RisenExternalisation, 226:and problems. Disciples have to learn to carry forward their work for humanity in spite ofExternalisation, 249:One. The Will to save is here, The Love to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad. The ActiveExternalisation, 270:power expression. Thus They will enable Him to carry out the will of God in such a manner thatExternalisation, 317:disciples in the forefront of the battle have to carry on their work in the midst of chaos,Externalisation, 317:on the inner side, ask of those we choose to carry on our work upon the outer plane. This letterExternalisation, 317:letter deals with the forming of the group to carry out the plans for 1942-1945. It is being formedExternalisation, 323:the Hierarchy could find those who could safely carry spiritual power and be channels of love andExternalisation, 330:organizing of the needed financial equipment to carry forward this work must be the task of anotherExternalisation, 334:to aid in the expansion of the work and to carry it to the four quarters of the earth, then certainExternalisation, 335:will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward the work. You are working with theExternalisation, 335:of the first and second ray workers which can carry the world through the coming crisis ofExternalisation, 344:us, and fulfils itself usually in a desire to carry out our obligations and not to obstruct in anyExternalisation, 386:into the destitute and ruined countries and to carry forward the work whilst there; it will takeExternalisation, 394:Now, seven years later, comes the opportunity to carry forward the work then started and to achieveExternalisation, 399:practical affairs and living - to do two things: Carry forward your due share in this physicalExternalisation, 427:of war; others hate those whose duty it is to carry the war to a successful climax, or see theirExternalisation, 435:to stiffen the purpose of the United Nations to carry the war to a finish of victory and ofExternalisation, 452:it is won), humanity has now earned the right to carry that accomplishment through to psychologicalExternalisation, 458:now arise "with healing in His wings"; Who can carry this life-giving energy which counteractsExternalisation, 465:the time of the Full Moon of May. Those who can carry out this great act of invocation are theExternalisation, 506:Western culture, nor the needs of the people who carry forward the destiny of Christianity. TheExternalisation, 576:a plane will equally well fulfil the purpose and carry the prophecy to completion? A great deal ofExternalisation, 576:disciples and their initiates at this time to carry out this initiatory task. The three majorExternalisation, 593:from death to Immortality; They stand ready to carry out His bidding and to obey the Master of allExternalisation, 606:and made it possible for intelligent humanity to carry it out. Hitherto, that Will had been knownExternalisation, 631:use of money for the spiritual Hierarchy, and carry that need into the realms of invocation.
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