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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRY

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Hercules, 74:of the buddhic plane, and it is only when we carry glamor up into the clear light of the ChristHercules, 79:not to a son of man, e'en though a son of God. Carry the doe to yonder distant shrine, where dwellHercules, 94:of human ideas and research. He must learn to carry that capacity of his into the temple of theHercules, 151:the law work, rest on my oars and evolution will carry me along until at some time I achieve. ItHercules, 163:stage is Sagittarius. It is interesting to carry the sequence of thought or achievement fromInitiation, 6:a certain point it is not safe nor wise to carry the communication of the facts of the solarInitiation, 74:only speaks with altruistic purpose, in order to carry the energy of Love through the medium of theInitiation, 74:be trusted to stand before the Initiator and to carry out from that Presence certain sounds andInitiation, 80:of the Planetary Logos, and thus be enabled to carry forward the plans of that Logos for evolution.Initiation, 102:be able better to work off certain karma and to carry out certain work for the Lodge if he is freeInitiation, 102:it, yet their centers and nervous organization carry proof to those. who have the inner vision. IfInitiation, 142:within his consciousness in order the better to carry out that portion of the plan which concernsInitiation, 156:employs formulas of words only as required to carry out specific purposes along two lines: DefiniteInitiation, 159:to take specific forms. These forms persist and carry out their functions just as long as the soundInitiation, 159:motive or purpose of the man, and will carry out his will as long as its term of being persists. 8.Initiation, 186:and only enough are permitted to do so to carry on planetary evolution satisfactorily. More isInitiation, 209:from Archive XIII of the Masters' Records, that carry with them a message for the struggler on theInitiation, 212:we know. [212] Who aid these mighty Lords? Who carry on their work, linking the lower with theIntellect, 4:of importance. The next developments which will carry the race forward along the path of itsIntellect, 25:whether, having brought them thus far we carry on the good work and teach them the real meaning ofIntellect, 36:calls this to our attention in words that carry the true mystical message. He says: "In the main,Intellect, 37:ready to penetrate beneath the surface and to carry their search within the outer form of nature toIntellect, 92:The life of the senses does not seem to carry us far enough along the path towards our goal. It isIntellect, 107:work. The earnest student, therefore, will carry this close attention into the affairs of everydayIntellect, 126:and on the environment, for what is needed to carry forward the process of living in an exigentIntellect, 130:world. We shall consider the manner how he could carry his focused thought higher and higher (toIntellect, 135:revery, or a negative blankness. Both conditions carry with them their own dangers, and, ifIntellect, 147:breaks down. Education in the Occident fails to carry its exponents on into the realm of theIntellect, 166:communications are mediocre in character, and carry nothing new, or any message which will lead manIntellect, 186:ignorance and its subsequent futility to carry a man on into the world of Light and spiritualIntellect, 194:futility of the mind beyond that point to carry the aspirant to his objective; there is the sameIntellect, 207:enough to make the needed effort and who can carry it forward with perseverance. This is the firstIntellect, 230:the notes upon which you will later speak. Carry your mind on from stage to stage and you will findIntellect, 232:personality must be established before we can carry the power." - Comfort, Will Levington, Letters.Intellect, 233:or meditation work done with regularity, will carry the aspirant much farther than hours of effortIntellect, 245:those around him at present, he prepares to carry out his divine mission. In one year, three "WorldIntellect, 245:This they did, not because they wanted to carry their meditation forward, but because they felt weIntellect, 248:and seldom, if ever, of a happy nature); they carry much [249] comfort to the writer and make himIntellect, 251:barriers; it will convey definite knowledge and carry a note of authority by its appeal to theIntellect, 251:fit into the world picture; above all, it will carry the impress of Divine Wisdom and lead the raceIntellect, 265:executives in our great cities; they will carry forward our political programs; they will lead theMagic, 25:to the average grammar school child, but would carry a clear definition and meaning to experts inMagic, 35:its power to preserve its identity and form, and carry forward its activity along its own lines, orMagic, 49:physical structure and has three purposes: To carry throughout the body the life principle, theMagic, 54:that a steady, regular, persistent endeavor will carry them further in the long run. SpasmodicMagic, 54:by the instructions in this book are prepared to carry out the simple requirements, to read what isMagic, 55:soul steadily dominates and can be trusted to carry forward the training of the man to fruition,Magic, 70:of our shoulders which will enable us to carry those of the larger group. What, then, is theMagic, 100:the esoteric sense. These three aspects of light carry three aspects of soul energy to the soul inMagic, 113:of comprehension. The above two points do not carry us very far, for the capacity to sense a man'sMagic, 120:and the bliss and the joy of this contact can carry with it its abiding joy, but that clearMagic, 126:Brotherhood, but the results are ephemeral; they carry destruction and disaster in their wake, andMagic, 143:we have in our minds. Then too will our words carry no discord, but will add their quota to thatMagic, 144:this to be so) is to create thought-forms to carry revelation to thinking human beings. To do thisMagic, 144:through the truth revealed in form, will he carry light and illumination into the dark places ofMagic, 159:thought-form to be sent upon its mission and to carry out the purpose of its being. As we saw inMagic, 159:comes through the failure of the disciple to carry on these [160] activities simultaneously. TheMagic, 160:motivating power of desire which is necessary to carry it forward to completion on the physicalMagic, 164:his life into the form and sends it forth to carry out his will. Just as long as he can contemplateMagic, 168:a way that he can not only fulfil his karma and carry out his obligations, but has sufficientMagic, 172:servers seek to fulfil their obligations and carry forward their work with as little contact withMagic, 172:from harm. The aim of every high disciple is to carry out his work and be en rapport with theMagic, 216:needed modes of Being. To the disciple this will carry knowledge. To the ignorant no sense is seenMagic, 246:He seeks to reach the hearts of men and to carry to them "inspiration" from the depths of the heartMagic, 261:harmlessness and right speech." Then carry the thought forward from the rapidly forming group ofMagic, 265:let slip all within the three worlds are free to carry the ultimate blessing to strugglingMagic, 273:and set upon the proper path in order to carry out its creator's will and purpose. This takes placeMagic, 278:[278] All new forms, if they are ultimately to carry weight and gather adequate momentum to carryMagic, 278:to carry weight and gather adequate momentum to carry them through their life cycle, must be builtMagic, 295:dealt with, into the etheric body. These centers carry energies from the seven planets and from theMagic, 303:is stabilized in the brain then prevision will carry with it no terror. The picture will then beMagic, 314:racial and national differences and will [314] carry the life of men forward into synthesis andMagic, 315:to respond with adequate sentiency and then to carry forward the good work. The man in the streetMagic, 325:those desiring sunshine. Those who with patience carry on the work, who keep the inner calm andMagic, 328:of truth which will suffice for the next age and carry man to a high pinnacle of the Temple and toMagic, 328:devotion and the fact that evolution itself will carry them forward into the second group. To thisMagic, 336:which will take the undeveloped of the race and carry them forward to a better manifestation, and aMagic, 349:to assume [349] responsibility, and then to carry all through single-handed, and to brave evil forMagic, 362:the three major rays, so the four minor centers carry on the correspondence and pass into pralaya,Magic, 373:dim and distant future. Therefore, he will not carry us with him. He but serves our purpose now,Magic, 376:step towards right vision. The disciple has to carry forward this mental attention, and, throughMagic, 398:and pictures, some mode of activity which would carry on the hierarchical work on earth and thusMagic, 434:as a retrograding or a stimulating force. They carry one type of energy on to a fuller expressionMagic, 447:which will tell them what to do and where to carry that which has been made; and finally, utterMagic, 449:words which will give the form vitality and so carry it forth on to the physical plane. Utter theMagic, 453:the angle of vision of the disciple, these Rules carry certain potent instructions and will leadMagic, 459:physical plane, or the group most eligible to carry into manifestation the desired part of theMagic, 463:which will tell them what to do and where to carry that which has been made. Let us remember inMagic, 469:find your own; walk in the dark and on your head carry a lighted lamp." The cave is dark andMagic, 471:constitute the form "what to do and where to carry that which has been made." Thus we find the ideaMagic, 477:I but seek to make suggestions which will carry to the intelligent reader some idea of the enormousMagic, 478:mission for which it has been constructed, and carry out the purpose for which it was created. AllMagic, 479:to disaster, so AUM can also be misused and can carry its civilizations into the fire. This is theMagic, 480:which I might take up, but two will suffice to carry practical suggestion, and to indicate ideasMagic, 483:the pioneering enterprise he is endeavoring to carry forward, may - and often do - call forth fromMagic, 485:the Buddha have still some consummating work to carry through, though not so much with the formsMagic, 507:and its technique as far as possible and to carry forward occult investigation of this matter. Magic, 518:necessary correlations which will enable him to carry forward the "work of the interludes", inMagic, 519:level out into the manifested world and seeks to carry out the divine plan, whilst the blackMagic, 527:magical and creative work which he is seeking to carry forward. Humanity is intended to be the
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