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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRY

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Magic, 533:the whip that drives the struggling builder to carry to utter perfection the building of theMagic, 551:which he must possess before he is permitted to carry forward the magical work, leads to theMagic, 554:inner development of the aspirant, I shall not carry these ideas further beyond prophesying thatMagic, 555:new thought for the present and can, therefore, carry out His plans and work in collaboration withMagic, 559:that center of peace calmly and powerfully to carry out the work he has set before himself. HeMagic, 574:He will be busy and active and his word will carry [575] truth, and will lead to the helping ofMagic, 608:of spiritual force which is flowing in. They carry the weight of humanity on their shoulders, andMagic, 617:clouds which circle round the ball of earth, and carry light and power. These shall dispel the veilMagic, 622:- how to avert the dreaded suffering and carry man along whilst the tidal wave of the spiritualMagic, 623:faults become strengthened as he seeks to carry his particular form of service to the world. IMagic, 629:period of history, and can be trusted today to carry him forward with increasing rapidity, as heMeditation, 31:into the spiritual consciousness, - will carry with it - using heat as the symbol - an intensity ofMeditation, 36:has been left to the Ego and the life divine to carry out the plan, the attention of the MastersMeditation, 45:hidden in the racial physical body, and he must carry that constitution, and the tendenciesMeditation, 60:points necessary for his own development and to carry out the needed experiments until he finds forMeditation, 110:to you that these different temperaments carry with them their own dangers, and that in the unwiseMeditation, 111:will be felt a steady irradiation. Both methods carry their own dangers. In Atlantean days,Meditation, 118:toward ultimate liberation; besides this he must carry on his group with him to greater heights andMeditation, 155:the wise pupil. The effects then are sure, and carry no karma with them. ...Let us take up each ofMeditation, 179:and only absorbing as much of it as one can carry. The residue will then pass out from one as aMeditation, 181:them to him, he would find that the force they carry would descend on him as a destructive one, andMeditation, 190:to add to that the words "I believe" may carry added assurance, but to sound forth a trumpet noteMeditation, 191:force, and in his capacity to hold and carry it. These points are decided by his place on theMeditation, 211:than do some of the others. Hence - as they carry their corresponding monads with them - you haveMeditation, 259:Needless to say, much that will follow will carry nothing new in import. The things that concern usMeditation, 274:his rate of vibration till he can continuously carry a high one, and then assist him until thatMeditation, 275:work consciously through those centers, and to carry the circulating fire in right geometricalMeditation, 277:then comes the opportunity of the Master to carry out His side of the work. As the pupil meditatesMeditation, 282:this in one way and some in another; some carry the outer appearance of intellectuality and othersMeditation, 287:round of supreme mental development, and will carry its evolving Monads to heights undreamed ofMeditation, 302:has its other representatives elsewhere who all carry out specific work under proper and adequateMeditation, 323:also and each individual shrine curtain will carry the sign of the pupil's nativity - his sign,Meditation, 324:as will the mat within the shrine which will carry the symbol of his ray, egoic and personality. OnPatanjali, 25:clear; in practice, however, it is difficult to carry out. The internal organ is of course thePatanjali, 27:of all that knowledge of the soul entails will carry the aspirant with sufficient steadiness towardPatanjali, 37:dealt with in sutras seventeen and eighteen only carry the aspirant to the edge of the realm of thePatanjali, 43:and a steady, strong, unswerving endurance will carry the aspirant along this path and out into thePatanjali, 46:Aquarius and become bearers of water, having to carry "on their heads the bowl of living water."Patanjali, 143:forward in the liberating process. When he can carry the struggle inward into what Ganganatha JhaPatanjali, 173:soul into the three worlds of illusion, or (to carry the metaphor further back still) it is thisPatanjali, 199:the very words "dissipation" and dissipated men" carry a lesson. The first thing a disciple has toPatanjali, 213:man, and patient endurance in well-doing, will carry a man along this arduous path of discipline,Patanjali, 246:The four types of objects mentioned above carry the aspirant gradually inwards and enable him toPatanjali, 389:though he formulates ideas and though he can carry on powerful meditations and though he can directPatanjali, 393:to the left hand path; if black-white, they will carry him into a form suitable for the working outPatanjali, xi:provided our aspiration and endurance suffice to carry us along the thorny way of the Cross, andProblems, 8:latter group would show themselves as willing to carry forward the needed educational processes andProblems, 9:of danger and certain national aptitudes which carry a menace to the peace of the world. TheseProblems, 14:interior housecleaning to do and this they must carry forward along with their outer efforts toProblems, 16:established, the voices of the conservatives carry weight and because humanity is tired, almost anyProblems, 169:to those in the past, and one in which men will carry the spiritual vision into their nationalProblems, 176:and State are not in sympathy; capital and labor carry on a constant war; the man in the streetProblems, 176:to give the world or any solution which will carry immediate relief. To the spiritual leaders ofPsychology1, xvii:earnest aspirants: What line of instruction will carry forward their training with the most speed?Psychology1, 7:they differentiate into seven streams which "carry into the light," as it is called, the sevenPsychology1, 29:Just as the phrase "group-consciousness" would carry, for early primitive man, no significancePsychology1, 60:all forms which have been created by Them to carry out the plan. It may perhaps be easier toPsychology1, 60:thus producing those qualities which will carry the will of God to completion. They are thereforePsychology1, 62:various organs into activity and enabling him to carry out his intent, to live his life, and toPsychology1, 86:place and descended into the seventh sphere to carry out the work assigned." Take thy tools withPsychology1, 97:of a happy speculation and an idle expectancy carry the seeds of danger, of static inertia, and ofPsychology1, 106:relatively so short in which to accomplish and carry out certain aspects of the Plan as entrustedPsychology1, 184:by the reputability of their position, they will carry their point. Through a discovery also in thePsychology1, 185:understanding of those ideas which are needed to carry the nations the next step forward to mutualPsychology1, 186:the Plan, to wrest it out of the unseen and carry it into the realm of the seen, then we shall seePsychology1, 187:your time and your money and your interest to carry these ideas to those around you in your ownPsychology1, 195:Logos of our Earth. The esoteric sciences carry us within the form or forms, and enable us toPsychology1, 205:he is full of ideas, but is too impractical to carry them out. One type of this ray isPsychology1, 254:of divine energy will he realize his task and carry it to completion. The same divine activity andPsychology1, 298:nature of his problem will be strong enough to carry him forward into the New Age and into thePsychology1, 364:glory. The seventh ray influence will carry forward that infant science to maturity. Belief in thePsychology1, 384:of the things of the spirit, then they will carry revelation to the world. When their egoic rayPsychology2, 29:identification with the Absolute One, let us carry our thoughts forward to that point in time andPsychology2, 33:time can sweep forth into manifested light. They carry then the potencies of spirit to meet thePsychology2, 48:some of the basic emerging truths which will carry meaning to the senior disciples and thePsychology2, 48:of the future achievable glory to aid them to carry on. This treatise is, therefore, somewhatPsychology2, 59:and more adequate equipment through which to carry on the work. Psychology2, 79:known, in seven major aspects or qualities. They carry the sons of men into incarnation andPsychology2, 113:or Group Life What we are seeking to do is to carry forward a group endeavor which is of suchPsychology2, 141:Disciples, for these two types of work carry forward their task as a unit. The idea to be dominantPsychology2, 141:Plan. They can select, and train those who can "carry" the idea deeper into the mass of humanity.Psychology2, 145:really work without each other, and no group can carry on alone. The difference between the methodsPsychology2, 191:of energy communicators and transmitters will carry illumination between groups of thinkers. TheyPsychology2, 192:which the building forces of the universe can carry forward the work needed; and (herein lies thePsychology2, 194:the plans which the Hierarchy are attempting to carry forward and in which all true disciples andPsychology2, 204:exhibit skill in any direction. They can dig and carry, under direction; they eat, sleep andPsychology2, 235:found in the present manifestation of God. They carry with them the seeds of psychical materialPsychology2, 349:selfish and material in objective, can only carry him a certain distance along the path of thePsychology2, 367:of the personality and of the soul. If you will carry this concept of integration (achieved uponPsychology2, 469:occupy him. There is no real effort made to carry these plans and ideas through to completion, forPsychology2, 469:the attention, and there is no energy left to carry even one of them down on to the plane ofPsychology2, 498:if the psychologist does not realize it) can carry over into past lives, and thus open doors whichPsychology2, 576:and adepts, present in incarnation in order to carry forward the externalized work of thePsychology2, 632:of the soul, whose nature is love, and to carry forward the work which Christ inaugurated, - thePsychology2, 638:and to guide the destinies of men. This They carry forward, not through an enforced control whichPsychology2, 662:are themselves too separative and sectarian to carry forward the work constructively. Theirs is notPsychology2, 679:organ of the New Group of World Servers. It will carry information as to the activities whichPsychology2, 691:of the powers of darkness, stand waiting to carry out God's plans, when given the right and thePsychology2, 692:which each one of you, as an individual, will carry on within yourselves. Purification, sacrifice,Psychology2, 698:of World Servers What we are seeking to do is to carry forward a group endeavor which is of such
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