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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARRYING

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Meditation, 284:out here that the true Yogi is he who, after due carrying out of the set forms and times ofMeditation, 345:strength that he is always available for the carrying out of the Master's requests. He does notPatanjali, 201:spiritual being. In these qualities we have the carrying out of the five Commandments. Patanjali, 426:the spiritual unit which has entered into form, carrying with it potential powers and latentProblems, 49:lying behind this mysterious new order of carrying on. The fatigue, inertia and lack of interest,Problems, 141:churches should, in the future, be directed; the carrying forward of this task would truly restorePsychology1, 112:and not from the tiny well of the particular. Carrying their little pitchers, they find their wayPsychology1, 119:thousands to the clinics of the psychologists, carrying with them the burden of their dual natures;Psychology1, 143:Them lies the responsibility in any century of carrying out the next stage of that Plan. [149] Psychology1, 150:sweeps automatically through each of the seven, carrying the qualities of Impulse towards activity.Psychology1, 190:conforming to the initial Plan, and yet carrying forward Their individual efforts withPsychology1, 211:ray man would rely on extreme exactness in carrying out orthodox treatment of disease. On him thePsychology1, 396:brought and entered free, and were accepted, carrying naught. "Because they traveled as a group,Psychology2, 67:this tremendous happening is dependent upon the carrying forward of the inner subjective andPsychology2, 120:The sign for the Aquarian Age is that of a man, carrying on his shoulders a jar of water so fullPsychology2, 136:the ends of those who are responsible for the carrying forward of that Plan. He then becomesPsychology2, 145:idealism and focalizing it into definite form, carrying forward the emergence of the idea withoutPsychology2, 145:or Group Life All these rays work today for the carrying out of a specific group idea of sevenPsychology2, 169:window stood, open unto the blue of heaven, and carrying one clear ray down to the worker in thePsychology2, 255:new history which - as might be expected - is carrying us steadily into the world of meaning andPsychology2, 262:and they return eventually to their own place, carrying with them the spoils of victory in thePsychology2, 439:downflow of the superconscious self, the soul, carrying inspiration, higher knowledges andPsychology2, 469:criticism if this aid is withheld) for the carrying out of the mass of unrelated ideas occupy him.Psychology2, 528:energies into the solar plexus, preparatory to carrying them to the throat and heart centers abovePsychology2, 573:in the one Service, of the many messengers carrying the one message, of the many teachers of thePsychology2, 656:This is not a vague and mystical generalization, carrying with it no practical purpose or plan. ItRays, 67:is increasingly to learn to use the will in carrying out the Plan and to accommodate himself to theRays, 87:went down into hell (figuratively speaking), carrying release for those to be found there. ThereRays, 98:objective for which the group was formed - the carrying out of the Master's plans. It was theRays, 99:aspect fruitful and effective for the carrying out of divine purpose, focused for the discipleRays, 108:the method whereby this is done, that by the carrying out of the plan the disciple learns theRays, 175:is a blinding conviction of an unalterable will, carrying all before it, oblivious of time andRays, 175:space, aware only of intensity of direction, and carrying with it two major qualifications or basicRays, 205:by love and implemented intelligently in carrying forward the plans through which the Purpose seeksRays, 207:cosmic and solar, are made available for the carrying forward of the Plans which implement theRays, 229:by life, and by the energy of Aquarius, carrying a hitherto unknown aspect of the life energy ofRays, 275:of World Servers; these are responsible for carrying forward the work as planned. The two groups ofRays, 282:work which They are doing. In the processes of carrying forward Their work, the consciousness ofRays, 306:activity of the Spiritual Triad; it involves the carrying out of those measures which will hinderRays, 311:department is responsible, and there will be the carrying out of the will of God in the large andRays, 316:to Express the will nature of the monad in carrying out the Purpose of Shamballa, but that (throughRays, 400:kingdom at all, but are fully occupied with carrying out the divine Will in other kingdoms. WithRays, 406:cosmic mental plane. There are "rainbow bridges" carrying the sevenfold energies of the seven raysRays, 448:Many today, speaking in symbolical terms, are carrying that bridge forward and linking the mindRays, 503:as far as the disciple feels he is capable of carrying them, then and only then does he prepareRays, 681:more [681] than academic Zionism is working and carrying out its projects for any humanitarianRays, 727:has been revelation - each revelation "carrying the initiate closer to the Heart of the Sun whereinReappearance, 80:the city and that there they would meet a man, carrying a pitcher of water, that they should followReappearance, 90:and the useless; the directed inflow of life, carrying the capacity to build anew and the energyReappearance, 108:self. Thus the Christ taught, loved, and lived, carrying forward the great continuity of revelationReappearance, 154:upon the minds of men, convincing them and carrying inspiration and revelation. Thus has it everReappearance, 185:religious and organizational differences in the carrying out of those forms of service which willSoul, 22:have found I can get along without them both in carrying out investigation and in presentingSoul, 99:it produces cohesion, animation and sensitivity, carrying out divine purpose. Kundalini, as it isSoul, 149:Among other possible avenues of research is the carrying forward of the work of Dr. Kilner with theTelepathy, 186:form, with the central triangle of energies carrying the qualities of the three major rays, and
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