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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASE

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Astrology, 679:in the particular groups involved. In every case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growthAstrology, 686:difference may be seen in the fact that in our case, one globe alone was affected, whereas theAstrology, 689:(C. F. 681) 2. "Second, just as in the case of man, certain triangles of force are found atAstrology, 690:Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat; [690] so, in the case of a Heavenly Man, or of a solar Logos, aAtom, 6:entered more easily than has hitherto been the case; it may, therefore, perhaps be induced toAtom, 12:in the future. We know so much more than was the case five hundred years ago, save in a few circlesAtom, 40:any or all cells that it approaches; in either case presumably nothing morbid would happen...Atom, 54:evolutionary process, which, in this particular case is the evolution of the form, or the group;Atom, 56:The outstanding passage in which this is the case is the first chapter of St. John's Gospel, whereAtom, 60:the top of the head, and that in one particular case (that of a girl of apparently very advancedAtom, 63:study them very cursorily. We have in the first case the process of involution. This is the periodAtom, 90:now familiar term) radioactive. When this is the case we shall not be circumscribed and limitedAtom, 133:greater spirit of tolerance abroad than was the case fifty years ago; but the time is rapidlyAtom, 135:to think in abstract terms. When this is the case we shall see more of that peculiar, interestingAtom, 139:a particular line of manifestation, but in the case of the sixth dimension, where you took aAtom, 146:then electrons. We found, then, how in your case and mine, as in the case of every self-consciousAtom, 146:then, how in your case and mine, as in the case of every self-conscious unit, the same procedure isAutobiography, XI:little better than would otherwise have been the case. We are all very human and she was very humanAutobiography, 14:on top." That battle is always on and, in the case of a Gemini who is awake and serving, it becomesAutobiography, 20:I used to own a very large miniature case in silver which my father was in the habit of carryingAutobiography, 35:for fear that they would class me as a "mental case" and one who would have to be carefully watchedAutobiography, 42:that He knew what He was doing and - in any case - no real Christian questioned God: he simplyAutobiography, 51:of the presentation. But such is not the case. I remember once when eight or nine people (all ofAutobiography, 62:I can recommend it with full confidence in the case of an affectionate drunk. The morose drinker isAutobiography, 78:against life, and the other was a horrible case of hydrophobia. Death is not so awful when you areAutobiography, 88:had taught me not to talk about myself. In any case, I do not like discussing myself, particularlyAutobiography, 95:to worry. I was too tired to care much in any case and certainly too tired to have any ideas as toAutobiography, 101:present. The result then is always (in my case and in the case of all who endeavor to workAutobiography, 101:The result then is always (in my case and in the case of all who endeavor to work spiritually) aAutobiography, 109:desperate. I had a bad headache; my dressing-case with all its massive silver fittings which hadAutobiography, 118:"incidental cash" in it which he had sent up, in case I was short of ready money, and which he hadAutobiography, 125:lace, but nobody wanted lace and, in any case, I couldn't get the materials for lace making inAutobiography, 131:before and not knowing any of the facts of the case, I did what I could. Curiously enough, a fewAutobiography, 146:deliberate intent, I would make out a good case for myself. I have good points; I cannot be turnedAutobiography, 149:bedroom meant breaking down two doors in each case and the risk of noise was too great. IAutobiography, 149:hammer loudly on my door and call out, in which case I would not have been frightened. For the timeAutobiography, 156:the custody of the children. Good morning - next case." So that cycle ended. I was free and I knewAutobiography, 156:divorce trial testifies to the rightness of my case and the correctness of my evidence. WalterAutobiography, 160:ill when he first saw her. She was running a case of suppressed measles with a temperature of 106Autobiography, 163:(and, unfortunately, most people think their case is the rare exception) is very dangerous. TheAutobiography, 175:before I withdrew the letters. When this is the case and when to this must be added the thousandsAutobiography, 176:things which we undertook. It is an outstanding case of the truth of the proverb that "Ignorance isAutobiography, 208:the most to me. I feel this particularly in this case and, above all, in the case of Foster Bailey,Autobiography, 208:particularly in this case and, above all, in the case of Foster Bailey, my husband. He and I haveAutobiography, 228:a lecture a man came up to me with a small suit case in his hand and said, "I have been ordered byAutobiography, 248:correct. It is not so correct, however, in the case of highly developed people, aspirants,Autobiography, 267:disciple to be in touch with a Master, as is the case in the majority of esoteric schools of theAutobiography, 271:that he is in touch with his soul and - in the case of more advanced disciples - in touch with theAutobiography, 285:not smoke or touch alcohol, as is frequently the case in occult schools. We regard these matters asAutobiography, 288:and mystical as has hitherto been generally the case. [289] Autobiography, 293:activities and not only (as is too often the case) to existing religious groups, to aspiration, toAutobiography, 301:This position is well known to us all and in the case of our own group life, originated in theBethlehem, 10:integration unknown in the past, except in the case of a select few in every nation. He is, as theBethlehem, 26:The reason why this is sadly [26] the case, and why initiation seems so far away from theBethlehem, 52:Christ passed through these crises, in every case a Voice sounded out, and the sound which wentBethlehem, 77:Christ returns to the place of duty. In this case, and after the Birth initiation, for a period ofBethlehem, 101:a man towards the needed purity; Jesus, in this case symbolizing the consecrated, pledged discipleBethlehem, 102:is accorded to him. This was strikingly the case with Jesus Christ. His task emerged in its dreadBethlehem, 112:may raid a chicken coop, but in the one case a moral law is broken, and in the other a naturalBethlehem, 116:of his life. This he handles or not, as the case may be, by the light of conscience. For theBethlehem, 119:regarding it as a unified whole, as is only the case in advanced people, disciples and initiates.Bethlehem, 128:whole, into a unity for purposive use. In the case of Christ in the third temptation, HisBethlehem, 130:or state or kingdom, as is so frequently the case today. Dr. van der Leeuw tells us: "If we wouldBethlehem, 138:the full expression of divinity. Such is not the case with the average man. With him divinity mayBethlehem, 153:his lower nature stand revealed. The same is the case when we study the names of Daniel's threeBethlehem, 169:basis of service. It must be, as it was in the case of Jesus Christ, a spontaneous outcome of [170]Bethlehem, 176:and more general terms than is usually the case. Most of the treatises and writings upon theBethlehem, 180:hero or genius, and to imagine that in each case the myth-making tendency of mankind created aBethlehem, 187:the propitiation for these evil inclinations the case is different. We can no longer accept theBethlehem, 202:as the Ten Commandments might be cited as a case in point. They constitute the boundary whichBethlehem, 214:of the kingdom of God on earth. In every case the seven words have been interpreted as havingBethlehem, 216:Justice can be forgiveness when the facts of the case are rightly understood, and in this demand ofBethlehem, 227:to benefit by his suffering and death. In the case of the Disciples it was merely a question ofBethlehem, 228:a question of [228] unselfish subjection: in the case of Jesus it meant the bitter suffering ofBethlehem, 245:to God or men. This, we know, cannot be the case. Bethlehem, 262:hold sway earlier than would otherwise be the case. No sacrifice on our part would be too great, ifDestiny, 37:not the coherent influence of love, as is the case with the Masters of the Wisdom. Yet in theDestiny, 39:of the sixth ray (working as is ever the case under the influence and potency of the second ray)Destiny, 46:influence and express themselves (as is ever the case) in a dual manner and have always a lower andDestiny, 46:egoic expression of every human being. In the case of the outgoing ray, the higher form (which isDestiny, 54:of the magical seventh ray influence than is the case in other countries; Germany also enforced aDestiny, 88:and the worker in metals whose influence in this case closely associates itself with theDestiny, 90:through Conflict, via the Moon, veiling in this case the planet Vulcan. Vulcan here "forges on hisDestiny, 92:into an homogeneous whole - which is not the case at this time. Thus the influences pouring intoDestiny, 95:the human family. This will be increasingly the case. This process is beginning to demonstrate inDestiny, 115:it into intelligent perception. In the case of the world disciples, this process has been carriedDestiny, 125:bodies will be steadily refined and in the case of humanity consciously refined, and so brought toDestiny, 125:coordination between them and when this is the case some very extraordinary occurrences of animalDestiny, 128:the cause which generated or produced it. In the case of the individual disciple and in theDestiny, 128:his thought that those motives can, in every case, be depended upon to work automatically andDestiny, 131:has been laid upon purity of body in the case of the sixth ray disciples. As was inevitable, theyDestiny, 136:and happenings than would otherwise be the case. This will be particularly so because the sixth rayDestiny, 146:to give you, as has sometimes been the case. Too much of this engrossing and novel information canDiscipleship1, XIII:indicative of the value of this book. In every case, the disciple is told what are the types ofDiscipleship1, 11:rapid adjustments than could otherwise be the case - provided that, untidily and in love, they willDiscipleship1, 17:Whether it does or not, real profit will in any case eventuate.... That you may one and all measureDiscipleship1, 57:the other and usually very thoroughly in either case. This duality must be brought into a closerDiscipleship1, 59:the inner planes. This has not hitherto been the case. It is one of the major reasons for theDiscipleship1, 62:up with the members of their own group. In this case, however, disciples will not concernDiscipleship1, 63:been an established fact or condition in the case of a Master and his disciple and between the
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