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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASE

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Discipleship2, 568:the attention of the Master is needed, in the case of a chela at your point of ashramic contact.Discipleship2, 568:handicap of poor health which is not, in your case, a real handicap but a pronounced and definitelyDiscipleship2, 572:also an ordained integrated expression. In your case, this situation is peculiarly ordained by theDiscipleship2, 573:of soul and personality. The same process in the case of the average citizen produces anDiscipleship2, 573:we might call an integration downwards. In the case of a disciple, such as yourself, it produces anDiscipleship2, 574:itself. This is particularly easy also in your case because the ray of your physical body is alsoDiscipleship2, 575:ray combination and the points of focus in your case explain your great interest in the centers, inDiscipleship2, 577:the form nature in the next incarnation. In your case, for instance, an undue emphasis of yourDiscipleship2, 580:in process of definite construction, as is the case with your work along this line. I find littleDiscipleship2, 582:and a seventh ray physical body, as is the case with you. The other mode is that of the second ray,Discipleship2, 586:source. This, as you well know, is not the case in any true hierarchical training. Obedience, forDiscipleship2, 588:but not for a longer period. I can in this case give you no instructions; you will eventually findDiscipleship2, 599:Often I have told you what they are. In your case, it is not so much a particular glamor but theDiscipleship2, 600:of inherited traits and attitudes is, in your case, essential. You are really cosmopolitan. But inDiscipleship2, 600:the "glamor of continuous frustration." In your case and in the constant failure to achieve theDiscipleship2, 601:year's aspiration, accompanied as it is (in your case) by a constant sense of failure? Go forwardDiscipleship2, 602:place between the mind and the brain as in your case, but brain-responsive habits are apt to remainDiscipleship2, 607:This has been pronouncedly so in your case; this is a fact which you will grasp with greaterDiscipleship2, 607:some one incarnation wherein - again as in your case - there is full and free inner expression andDiscipleship2, 611:goal of your endeavor. This would mean, in your case, that when you have achieved the "freedom ofDiscipleship2, 614:degree of purity and refinement. You are, in any case, sensitive to my impression. Move onward intoDiscipleship2, 644:crisis in the lives of all aspirants, but in the case of those who are pledged disciples there areDiscipleship2, 653:your future, I reverse the injunction in your case and urge you to make the Ashram a reality inDiscipleship2, 656:a most potent effect upon you. When - as in your case - the personality is of a relatively highDiscipleship2, 659:personality ones and when - as in your case - the personality is on the sixth ray, one is apt toDiscipleship2, 673:are balanced and equal. This is not so, in your case as yet, and I would have you bear this pointDiscipleship2, 674:glamored, and when this is coupled (as in your case) with a first ray astral body, the difficultyDiscipleship2, 675:"a life of dual possibilities." When that is the case, a most difficult setting upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 675:attention to their surmounting (which in this case means changing them) and he, therefore, submitsDiscipleship2, 677:I am going to believe that such will not be the case. As you well know, my work in the outer worldDiscipleship2, 680:the closest rapport with each other and (in the case of world goodwill) with the Hierarchy (via myDiscipleship2, 685:my brother. You are not young but that, in your case, need not deter you from further search forDiscipleship2, 696:or sin of the astral body is delusion. In your case, it is the delusion of pride - social pride -Discipleship2, 697:is of no moment and can - as in your case - become of too prominent importance. The time of yourDiscipleship2, 718:dealing with all life circumstances is - in your case - prone to make complicated and intricate theDiscipleship2, 733:you within the Ashram, which is not as yet the case. A move forward can, however, be made this lifeDiscipleship2, 746:stand upon the periphery of an Ashram - in this case mine. I am thus lifting much along this lineDiscipleship2, 751:it can also be soul-produced, and such is the case with you. One of the first things which aDiscipleship2, 752:teaching hard to communicate) this is not the case. Your outgoing energy seems short circuited andDiscipleship2, 759:deep significance. It is particularly so in your case and in reference to your individual relationDiscipleship2, 760:which remains as yet a hoped-for event in your case - the possibility of a realized, easy contactEducation, 17:and manifesting sporadically as is now the case but will become the subject of trained attention,Education, 25:determining energies are controlling in each case. The technique to be later applied will then beEducation, 50:phenomenally high. This will be increasingly the case, until young people of fourteen will have theEducation, 54:- Culture - Illumination and in the second case you will have: Cooperation - Loving Understanding -Education, 56:mentally, and not so definitely (as is the case today) from the angle of religion. Illumination,Education, 68:by the higher light of the soul - in the case of humanity consciously functioning. It is thereforeEducation, 73:and right atmosphere, and their lives (their case histories) must be studied along the linesEducation, 78:steps to the new education: How, in this case, do you make allowance for inherited instinct, normalEducation, 85:child and not primarily - as is now usually the case - with the training of the memory and theEducation, 86:or doctrinal presentation, as is today the case, but as presenting a problem for investigation andEducation, 93:material or aggressive achievement as is now the case. As the past, in the child's mind, isEducation, 95:be integrated personalities. When this is the case, the science of the antahkarana will be aEducation, 110:provide the needed literature and present their case far more successfully than I can. TheEducation, 113:term in a far wider sense than is usually the case, and would have you regard this quality ofEducation, 128:or parents and left to its own resources. In the case of the human family, the physical care of theEducation, 139:the parents. This is not so today, except in the case of very advanced egos, for the light body isEducation, 142:appointed task - a self-appointed task in every case - of living and teaching the truth aboutExternalisation, 11:at the top of his head, and not, as is now the case in the majority of instances, through the solarExternalisation, 17:brought under control and used. When this is the case, the soul and the personality are coordinatedExternalisation, 29:many has been met down the ages. In every case, the origin of the work effected and the mediumExternalisation, 43:not realizing it, and even if (as is usually the case) of good intention. There are three otherExternalisation, 45:sick and the inwardly well, which is the case with a few - a very few - of the advanced people, orExternalisation, 45:and the psychically sick, which is sometimes the case, but of singular rarity. The physically sick,Externalisation, 47:larger group of readers than perhaps will be the case in the instructions of any of the otherExternalisation, 54:group (religion in the new age), as is also the case with the first group (telepathicExternalisation, 59:occult in its significance than will be the case in the others, for it will be based uponExternalisation, 80:your error and is not true to the facts of the case. In every land and among widely differingExternalisation, 85:emotional nature, and a mind which are in each case different from all the others. The use eachExternalisation, 85:head center, though this will not always be the case) , whilst Ottawa is the throat center andExternalisation, 91:the central life of the lotus flows; in the case of the first three energies (of Shamballa, theExternalisation, 91:of life, light and activity in the lotus; in the case of that potent energy connected with theExternalisation, 91:a very temporary inflow of energy, and in the case of the Forces of Materialism, you have aExternalisation, 101:objectively upon the earth. This is not yet the case, because the needed conditions are notExternalisation, 103:lies below the surface. This refers, in the case of aspirants, to the subjective synthesis in theExternalisation, 108:not stepped down, as [108] has hitherto been the case, through transmission via the Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 112:be prolonged until 1942. Such is not the case. The early termination of the conflict or itsExternalisation, 134:for their own ends or - as is more often the case - under the influence of some group ideal orExternalisation, 135:same time myopic reactions, cruel or wise as the case may be - but, in the last analysis, highlyExternalisation, 137:can blind men to the facts of the case today, but there are enough people thinking clearly to makeExternalisation, 152:it does the entire personality. To this, in the case of the disciple in particular, must be addedExternalisation, 177:freedom. If this [177] should prove to be the case, then - without so intending and yet inevitablyExternalisation, 180:but it can be the lesser of two evils, as is the case today. The present war, if carried forward toExternalisation, 190:and middle classes, as has been until lately the case in Great Britain, must disappear. The controlExternalisation, 194:the effort to produce national blocs, as in the case in Germany today when she proclaims Germany asExternalisation, 258:success. (It is interesting that, again in their case, there appears inevitably an initiatory sevenExternalisation, 277:discussed concerns material peace, and in every case is related to the personality, whether it isExternalisation, 293:this analogy a little clearer. Just as in the case of individual man there comes a point in hisExternalisation, 306:some Member of the Hierarchy (as in the case of the Avatar of Synthesis) or some disciple orExternalisation, 306:or aspirant where humanity is concerned (in the case of a lesser Avatar). This is done throughExternalisation, 307:spiritual correspondence to obsession. In the case of obsession, a man is taken possession of andExternalisation, 307:response" - a very different thing. In the one case, the free will and intelligent understanding ofExternalisation, 307:of the Master Jesus with the Christ is a case in point. In connection with the coming Avatar, itExternalisation, 307:producing an incredibly focused potency. In the case of obsession, the evil force enslaves theExternalisation, 307:of cases, is but a shell. Of this, Hitler is a case in point. This produces greater potency [308]Externalisation, 317:human history, at a point of crisis and - in the case of many of you as individuals - at the timeExternalisation, 327:of intense resentment (amounting to hate in the case of some groups and sections of sufferingExternalisation, 330:Units of Service in the occupied countries are a case in point. Therefore keep in touch objectivelyExternalisation, 340:effective unity. This has been lacking in the case of the United Nations, fighting for the ForcesExternalisation, 345:prostitution to selfish ends, as in the case of the sensitive, negative German people and its use
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