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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASE

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Externalisation, 391:point of spiritual receptivity (as was ever the case with Christ) then there can likewise come aExternalisation, 410:He was the Lord of Light. As is always the case, He re-enacted in Himself, for the instruction ofExternalisation, 419:will prove this to be increasingly the case, and when the ritual of the new world religion isExternalisation, 421:to the Full Moon of May, as is at present the case. It is the great Eastern festival. The FestivalExternalisation, 447:extensive effect than would otherwise be the case; it means, however, that the risks involved andExternalisation, 495:for you to realize. It is not so in the case of the Japanese, whose psychological makeup is totallyExternalisation, 508:beings with more power than has lately been the case. The call has gone out for them again toExternalisation, 536:via the Hierarchy, as has been for long the case, and secondly, in a straight line, carrying energyExternalisation, 536:modifying of impact, as has also been the case hitherto. When this direct line of spiritual,Externalisation, 547:leaving men free - as must ever be the case - to work out the details according to theirExternalisation, 547:barriers of separativeness as is today the case. I finally brought to the attention of the publicExternalisation, 552:would be involved, and this has never been the case. You can see therefore how critical,Externalisation, 554:objective; this has never before been the case. It is the result of war and the efforts of theExternalisation, 554:any reactionary structures. This may not be the case next year and therefore it would be wise toExternalisation, 569:the more strictly human method. Except in the case of Masters working on the physical plane and inExternalisation, 575:onto the physical plane. Such is not the case. The whole effort is as yet (and will be for someExternalisation, 576:task of fitting the world (which means, in this case, preparing the human consciousness) for theExternalisation, 583:have been subjectively assigned. In [583] the case of certain disciples who will be of specialExternalisation, 583:to them (though this may not always be the case), but the work to be done will seem to themExternalisation, 584:- a very different thing. In the one case, the consciousness of mission is developed throughExternalisation, 584:Master or His senior workers. In the more usual case, the disciple reacts and works in response toExternalisation, 596:depths of man's consciousness, and such is the case today as a result of the world war (1914-1945);Externalisation, 602:and the unintelligent, as is so frequently the case today, nor will someone appear and say: This isExternalisation, 617:Him to manifest among men. This was not the case two thousand years ago; it is, however, the caseExternalisation, 617:case two thousand years ago; it is, however, the case today, so great is human advancement and theExternalisation, 620:late to do anything. This is particularly the case with people who have reached their fiftieth yearExternalisation, 630:housetops - as the Christ stated would be the case - and as we listen or read of the flood ofExternalisation, 645:for those who are naturally wilful. In the case of certain potent men, this energy reaches themExternalisation, 659:for the future is too uncertain, and in any case, it will only come into activity in the middle ofExternalisation, 661:and suddenly appearing among men; it is not a case of His taking infant form and growing into HisExternalisation, 661:into His work with advancing years; it is not a case of His being instantly recognized andExternalisation, 676:as you understand it is not existent in His case. It is not the soul of the planetary Logos,Externalisation, 679:human freedom. This will not now be the case, and the Hierarchy will come forth into exotericExternalisation, 686:strength than has even before been the case. The majority of the Masters and initiates, in TheirFire, 31:in rapid revolution within the slower outer case, till it weareth out the form. The forty-nineFire, 47:of monadic manifestation - manifestation in this case connotating a purely subjective manifestationFire, 60:acts upon the physical body, though in this case not via the etheric body. It is [61] absorbedFire, 72:atomic) and the personality Ray in the one case, and Fohat in the other, acts as the force whichFire, 85:and its working out can be seen in every case of entified objectivity. When the Thinker on his ownFire, 92:a planet. Planetary emanative prana (as in the case of solar prana) is caught up and transmittedFire, 104:that the ills of the etheric vehicle, in the case of the microcosm, will be found likewise in theFire, 105:[105] (which is fundamentally the body in the case of the sacred planets, of which the Earth is notFire, 105:Spirit. Here I would point out that in the case of the planetary Spirits Who are on the divineFire, 106:in size and its vibration is not correct. In the case of the aboriginal dwellers in such localitiesFire, 108:They are due to solar pranic emanation; in one case the effect of the emanation is to bring aboutFire, 122:through seven main types or "root-races". In the case of the two earliest of these, known as theFire, 133:having served his need. This is not always the case in every human life nor even in each planetaryFire, 147:the tendency to unification; only in this case, it is not the unification of matter and Spirit, butFire, 183:chain are called by planetary names, as is the case here. There are planetary schemes called MarsFire, 208:before the LORD OF THE WORLD. In the latter case, his mental centers or their corresponding forceFire, 228:heat is general and balanced. When this is the case and each Son of God is a perfected Sun,Fire, 235:demonstrate the similarity of the process in the case of a Heavenly Man and a human being. If weFire, 250:globe of any one chain being analogous in His case to the physical body of any man, and to the atomFire, 252:center as it does in man, and as it does in the case of the atomic spirillae. Their aim is toFire, 268:the Logos, the Grand Man of the Heavens. In the case of a Heavenly Man the development proceedsFire, 268:on the seven chains of a scheme. In the case of individual man, the development proceeds throughFire, 281:and may be very circumscribed as in the case of the little evolved, or may be inclusive of aFire, 281:planetary space of great extent, and even in the case of the very highly evolved may begin to touchFire, 283:electrical energy in the universe, which in each case brings the lesser lives or spheres into itsFire, 291:the same way that lack of astral control in the case of a human being, affects his vehicle. ItFire, 292:level that undergone by the Microcosm; in the case of the Microcosm the causal body or the body ofFire, 294:God consciousness, of that consciousness in each case which represents the highest spiritualFire, 339:every type of essential existence. In the second case, the buddhic principle has for itsFire, 339:fundamentals of hierarchical work. In the third case the Spirit employs the will aspect or atma (inFire, 341:The blending of the electric fire in His case brings about escape from the planetary ring-pass-notFire, 347:in the particular groups involved. In every case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growthFire, 349:antahkarana - a channel which exists in the case of the planetary Logos, and which has not to beFire, 349:Logos, and which has not to be built as in the case of man. Along with this juxtaposition came aFire, 349:is not based on latent activity as in the first case, nor in electrical polarity as in the second,Fire, 350:as yet are even dimly comprehensible. In each case this awakening of consciousness is preceded by aFire, 368:the dense planet itself. Second, just as in the case of man, certain triangles of force are foundFire, 368:again, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, so, in the case of a Heavenly Man, or of a solar Logos, aFire, 374:He takes a vehicle of etheric matter as is the case at this time. The Logos of our scheme isFire, 378:difference may be seen in the fact that in our case one globe alone was affected, whereas theFire, 383:capacity all the cells in His body. In the case of a human being the cells in his body (theFire, 383:Logos, cooperating with the second Logos. In the case of a planetary Logos, the cells in His bodyFire, 391:transferred to its synthesizing planet. In the case of Mercury this synthesizing planet is notFire, 410:= 2n - 1. Applying this formula to the present case, the number of entities evolved from differentFire, 412:other planetary Logoi. This is in no way the case. These three, called the "Buddha's of Activity,"Fire, 421:based on intelligent purpose originating in his case on the mental plane - the plane of the manasicFire, 421:considered on a large scale as holding, in the case of a Heavenly Man, a position symbolicallyFire, 429:web will be recognized as a factor in the case. The connection between the different planes will beFire, 435:manipulation of astral matter. When this is the case, the higher psychism will begin to make itselfFire, 437:are the etheric centers. The centers, in the case of all Beings, are ever seven in number, and areFire, 443:expression of the incarnating Logos; in the one case His fohatic energy builds the kingdoms ofFire, 445:its passing out, may involve. In the particular case under discussion, we have the coming in of aFire, 457:of the interest lies in the fact that in the one case we are dealing with the evolution immediatelyFire, 458:Gradual development, Nourishment, until in each case the human child, or the Christ child, isFire, 459:the sixth race of the second round, - in each case this refers to a planetary round through a chainFire, 485:for the unity of effort is universal. In every case, conscious self-induced control, or authority,Fire, 490:same basic rule will be found to apply in the case of a mineral as well as of a man. The process asFire, 490:This hinders the evolutionary plan in the case of the life involved, delays the consummation,Fire, 512:is interpenetrated by His astral body, as is the case with the human manifestation. As the Logos isFire, 514:burning-ground. The analogy holds true in the case of the microcosm viewed from monadic levels inFire, 516:it desirable at this time; the true facts of the case are one of the guarded secrets of initiation,Fire, 517:of any particular atom; when this is the case the atom passes into the stage of obscuration, asFire, 541:which a man is driven by circumstances as is the case in the earlier unfoldment. As this threefoldFire, 546:out that there is a slight difference in the case of the mental unit, for the four spirillae of theFire, 548:all advanced students upon the centers - in this case not the physical centers on etheric levelsFire, 552:in mental matter. We have to note that, in the case of the Logos, all upon which we have to base
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