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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASE

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Healing, 355:by one person in the group, as is apt to be the case. They have to learn, as a group, to hold theHealing, 358:in relation to the patient and the healer. The case cited is a case in point. The healing was moreHealing, 358:the patient and the healer. The case cited is a case in point. The healing was more easily broughtHealing, 366:They are many in number today, and their case is not an easy one. Those disciples and aspirants whoHealing, 367:of new knowledge in the world. Such is not the case. How can I explain to you the true state ofHealing, 373:Meditation, can come into being. When, as is the case today, some healer or school lays the entireHealing, 374:to do some definite healing work, taking some case, for instance, of known physical illness, ofHealing, 386:The objective underlying them in any case is to set up an unbroken rapport between the healer [387]Healing, 396:completely destroy the fear of death. In the case of disciples working in a Master's Ashram, evenHealing, 398:None of these groups has as yet proven their case. The mystery and the foolishness of the averageHealing, 398:worker have scarcely proved even that. For every case of the definitely acceptable appearance of aHealing, 403:plane is prolonged, whereas the reverse is the case. Advanced souls and those whose intellectualHealing, 404:realization of the Eternal Now. In the case of those who have passed through the door of death andHealing, 416:web will be recognized as a factor in the case." - Page 429. A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I:Healing, 422:having served his need. This is not always the case in every human life, nor even in each planetaryHealing, 429:the solar plexus and not via the head. In the case of the developed man, the mental type ofHealing, 430:certain interesting triangles of energy. In the case of the animals and of those human beings whoHealing, 431:of a man or his individual destiny, as in the case of war. Then vast numbers of people are killed.Healing, 437:appear as speculative or hypothetical; in any case it will be a statement of which few of you willHealing, 439:which the group life makes effective in the case of the individual, is one of the strongestHealing, 441:intuitive understanding of all the facts in the case, interpreted intelligently, and applied [442]Healing, 448:of death in war, for instance, it is not then a case of the individual will-to-withdraw, but anHealing, 456:influence of the soul increases. In the case of animals, of infants and of men and women who areHealing, 456:thus permitting the passing out. In the case of mental types, of the more highly evolved humanHealing, 457:the chamber. This is, of course, frequently the case. It must be remembered that the dying personHealing, 461:etheric substance; they are (even in the case of the undeveloped man, and still more in the case ofHealing, 461:of the undeveloped man, and still more in the case of the average man) at least two inches awayHealing, 462:on at a restorative process. In the latter case, the soul is still retaining its hold upon [463]Healing, 463:into what we call the personality. In the case of disciples, the grip of the soul upon the ethericHealing, 464:the life tendencies and choices. In the case of the ordinary man, where death is intended, theHealing, 464:occultly called a "Lemurian departure"; in the case of the average citizen, where the focus of theHealing, 465:few of the major centers dimly indicated in the case of initiates and advanced disciples of thatHealing, 472:has been consciously established, as in the case of the majority of people at this time, deathHealing, 476:plane and more withdrawn within himself. In the case of an advanced person, this process isHealing, 477:over the years. This thought-form exists in the case of every human being, and must be destroyedHealing, 477:earlier said, greatly aided by cremation. In the case of the undeveloped person, the etheric bodyHealing, 483:will be exceptions and not the rule, as is the case today, and wherein death will be regarded as aHealing, 483:a happy and destined release and not, as is the case today, a dreaded enemy. The second question isHealing, 483:(by the orthodox doctor in charge of the case), and it has been ascertained that no spark of lifeHealing, 484:for centuries. This is particularly the case when the mummy or embalmed person was of an evilHealing, 486:his mental vehicle. But this is not actually the case. A body constructed predominantly of astralHealing, 487:will become non-existent. Today this is not the case. The sentient substance which constitutes theHealing, 487:"pull" from the mental plane, as is the case today. Many people are still Atlantean inHealing, 488:them all, but the emphasis differs in each case. I would have you bear in mind that where there isHealing, 491:This is due to the fact that even in the case of the most ignorant and undeveloped man, the momentHealing, 494:forces (mostly somewhat disorganized in the case of the majority of men) are no longer present.Healing, 494:or indicate a repetitive life, except in the case of very advanced people or disciples andHealing, 494:or disciples and initiates. But this is not the case. A man on the inner planes is not only asHealing, 509:is in search of that which is hidden - in their case of that hidden, integrating thread which willHealing, 520:of the Master, as is frequently the case during the earlier stages of discipleship; nothing can nowHealing, 528:"cures." These cures would have recovered in any case in due time, if left to nature or to ordinaryHealing, 539:or initiating karma is being tried out in his case. However, as a general rule apart from these orHealing, 540:I am dealing with the average person. In the case of initiates, it is somewhat different, becauseHealing, 544:of the steps taken to induce health. In the case of the healer, it will lead to a recognition ofHealing, 546:Karma no longer controlled, and this is not the case. The final sentence of this second law gives aHealing, 548:its vehicles of expression (particularly, in the case of healing, to the vital body), and with theHealing, 552:his physical outer form. When this is the case, the healer may not be aware of the intention; heHealing, 552:the emotional nature will be stronger in this case than in the more advanced type and the task ofHealing, 560:not usually be present - unless (as can be the case in a very advanced disciple) he is deliberatelyHealing, 561:do bring about a healing, it is because in any case the patient was predestined to recover, butHealing, 562:which frequently make the subject an operative case. There are other possible developments but uponHealing, 570:soul leads to a concentration of energy (in this case strictly personality energy) in the ethericHealing, 573:altogether, via the head center, for in that case the man would die; but they can be esotericallyHealing, 575:in conjunction with the eye of the soul. In the case of the healing of a very advanced person whoHealing, 580:dependent upon emotional disciplines, but in the case of the true healer in the New Age it isHealing, 587:consciousness is radiantly present (as is the case today, though on a small scale) and the numbersHealing, 597:This planetary ray when very active (as is the case with very advanced persons and those who haveHealing, 597:reasonable. "That which they produce" in this case, and to the healer, means the outer tangibleHealing, 599:connected with form, and in this particular case with the healing devas. These seven Members of theHealing, 601:direction. He heals automatically, as was the case with the initiate, Peter; of him we read thatHealing, 602:of the human vehicle than is now [602] the case. Then the healer's orthodox and occult knowledge,Healing, 605:here which is slower, but in practically every case is more desirable; it is the attainment of thatHealing, 605:or period of psychic shock, which can be the case if sudden stimulation or drastic expulsion isHealing, 606:natural healing can take place. In the first case, the healer deliberately increases the potency ofHealing, 606:of energy in the patient's center; in the second case, the healer sends a powerful ray of his ownHealing, 606:of radiation and is very effective; in the third case, an interplay is set up which preservesHealing, 606:activity. This is more easily achieved in the case of an advanced person than in the case of theHealing, 606:in the case of an advanced person than in the case of the individual in whom the center is normallyHealing, 623:flows unimpeded and under right direction in the case of the highly developed man, or impeded andHealing, 623:man, or impeded and imperfectly directed in the case of the average or undeveloped human being;Healing, 627:of thought or by the potency of love, as is the case presented today by the various healing systemsHealing, 631:would, in all probability, have recovered in any case. The healing may have been hastened by theHealing, 631:to bring about a cure where a cure in any case was inevitable. It has simply been a hasteningHealing, 631:the same thing can be seen taking place in the case of a "conversion," as the Fundamentalist SchoolHealing, 631:usually the only energies employed in every case [632] of healing. Orthodox medicine also worksHealing, 632:having faith in each other; this is not now the case. There is no need to call in divine aid to setHealing, 643:point in evolution of the healer. Again, in one case the patient's physical body is the objectiveHealing, 643:the effect of the healing energy. In the first case the healer works with the prana or vitalHealing, 650:which has responded to the disease. In the first case, through the laying on of hands, of silentHealing, 650:the body of the healer. In the second case, the forces are withdrawn by the action of the energyHealing, 652:the one most responsible because, in the case of radiatory healing, the soul of the patient isHealing, 652:patient's physician or surgeon dealing with the case; he will supply the technical knowledge, andHealing, 652:inevitably comes a point, for instance in the case of malignant disease, where the physician knowsHealing, 654:do so) because the soul body - as is always the case at the fourth initiation - was destroyed;Healing, 654:instruction which differ from that given in the case of magnetic healing: [655] The order of theHealing, 655:triangle and not with an open one, as in the case of magnetic healing. The triangle created is aHealing, 667:and not deflected - as had hitherto been the case - to the Hierarchy and from thence to humanity.Healing, 676:is the will of the personality which, in the case of the initiated disciple, is of a very highHealing, 681:lead to basic changes in technique. In the one case, you are working with those who are definitelyHealing, 682:true freedom can be brief and fleeting as in the case of the undeveloped man, or it can be of long
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