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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASE

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Healing, 690:the light from the Council Chamber. In the first case, it will be the heart center which respondsHealing, 690:and from thence the whole body; in the second case, consciousness has been superseded by a stillHealing, 700:and see what centers would be employed in the case of some disease (each based in a differentHealing, 704:hands above the area of disease, though in no case must the healer touch the patient's body. WhenHercules, 31:with a partial failure, as is so often the case with the inexperienced and impetuous aspirant. SuchHercules, 49:Two points of view are equally wrong: in the one case we have practices taught which leadHercules, 71:emotions temporarily cease to control. In the case of a more advanced disciple who has establishedHercules, 128:experiences of these two men in Libra. In one case the balance will swing wildly up and down; inHercules, 137:has an equal need for camouflage, in his case, for increased adaptability. This immediately raisesHercules, 209:[209] stages of the Path of Initiation. In the case of the Buddha, the story starts later than thatInitiation, 10:viewpoint of an initiate; when this is not the case, anything that is said may be reasonable,Initiation, 10:It posits, in its widest sense, in the case we are studying, an entrance into the spiritual life,Initiation, 29:It must here be borne in mind that in the case of Sanat Kumara there is a tremendous difference inInitiation, 40:and become in turn exoteric or esoteric as the case may be. Only the King persists steadily andInitiation, 52:by the energy of the Lodge are, in every case, founded by a disciple, or several disciples, andInitiation, 83:path to have more powerful effects than is the case with a less advanced man; his retribution andInitiation, 83:the error, a wise acceptance of the facts in the case, a refraining from unbrotherly criticism, andInitiation, 87:These thought-forms will not be (as is the case with those created by the mass of men) disjointed,Initiation, 94:and cover a longer period of time than is the case under our present planetary conditions. ThisInitiation, 95:to ray type - be easily stimulated or not as the case may be, according to astrological conditions,Initiation, 111:adepts or three Kumaras. The sponsors. In the case of the first two initiations, two Masters stand,Initiation, 126:body receiving stimulation. When that is the case, the initiation of his own Planetary Logos takesInitiation, 131:Kumara working through the Bodhisattva. In this case, the electric force in the Rod is wielded inInitiation, 131:levels. The organization of the Freemasons is a case in point. It has two magnetic centers, one ofInitiation, 131:World was the officiating agent, as is ever the case in the founding of great and [132] importantInitiation, 136:higher aspect of existence. Similarly, in the case of the personality, when the life egoicInitiation, 139:before the Lord of the World. In the latter case, his mental centers, or their corresponding forceInitiation, 164:these six differing in one particular in each case according to the primary law manifested. EachInitiation, 165:formulas, not of mantric value, such as in the case of the Sacred Word, but of a mathematicalInitiation, 165:but it will serve to show that, as in the case of the Words, apprehension had to involve twoInitiation, 167:greatly facilitates his apprehension. In the case of human evolution certain types of force areInitiation, 176:crisis which is called Initiation. In the one case, we have initiation into self-consciousInitiation, 177:of the race, the Masters of the Wisdom. In this case the process is quicker, for a man comes underInitiation, 190:can exist without the other. So in this greater case, only the analogy exists on such high levelsInitiation, 199:to those originating impulses which, in every case, initiate action upon the physical plane.Initiation, 200:upon a particular esoteric center (not in any case whatsoever a physical center) will be watched,Intellect, 30:understanding of what the next step in any given case should be. It requires insight, sympathy andIntellect, 55:in connection with this word, "soul:" "In any case what is currently understood by 'theIntellect, 60:becomes permanent, the work of evolution in his case is consummated, the great at-one-ment is made,Intellect, 68:it himself. In meditation, the reverse is the case, and through knowledge and understanding, theIntellect, 100:uses it at will and is not (as is so often the case) the victim of his mind, swayed by thoughts andIntellect, 103:the process at present controlling in the case of the average man is from the outside worldIntellect, 103:That usually closes the incident. But, in the case of the truly thoughtful, there is more thanIntellect, 103:so a return activity is instituted. But, in the case of the mystic and of the man who is beginningIntellect, 121:the Science of Behavior. In the first case, you will have the idiot or the feeble-minded; in theIntellect, 143:his true being as a son of God. When this is the case, the soul utilizes the mind as a transmittingIntellect, 150:in preparation for their final insight. In every case," he adds, "they experienced what, for wantIntellect, 168:the one desire, is so profound - and in the case of the great mystics - so impassioned thatIntellect, 172:the man on the physical plane. When this is the case, we shall have brought our human evolution toIntellect, 204:of desire - high or low - good or bad - as the case may be. Many are now coordinating the mind withIntellect, 211:and the emotional nature dominates (as in the case of the pure mystic) the effect makes itself feltIntellect, 217:in a state of violent vibration; this is not the case if the meditation is performed first thing inIntellect, 255:of the mechanism. In mental types, or in the case of those who have already some facility inIntellect, 256:dark equally as in the light. When this is the case, the meditation period should be reduced fromIntellect, 256:to anxiety and worry; also, particularly in the case of women, there may be found a disposition toMagic, 62:subjected to a cyclic inflow of forces? In this case the worker must seek to aid in the directionMagic, 69:is needed for its recognition. In the first case mistakes may be made, and the man thereby learnsMagic, 69:thereby learns and is enriched; in the second case, mistakes are impossible and only right actionMagic, 89:plane through the brain, and, when this is the case, the lower man has synchronized his meditationMagic, 95:up the spine without hindrance. When this is the case we have perfected soul expression in theMagic, 106:complete accord and alignment. When this is the case, the work of initiation and its interludes ofMagic, 113:apprehend the lesser but the reverse is not the case. Magic, 153:they be left freer than has heretofore been the case. This may mean a slightly slower developmentMagic, 157:world and the disciples of the Masters. In every case, as we have seen, the objective form has beenMagic, 163:of their creator. This may be literal as in the case of murder, which is in many cases the resultMagic, 165:Sometimes he can localize them, and in any case he admits theoretically that there is awakeningMagic, 169:him and starts him to work. Such is not the case. The occult law holds good in discipleship as inMagic, 172:the disciple, and only in emergencies, in the case of a beginner on the Path of Discipleship, doMagic, 180:along various lines and, when this is the case, great accuracy of transmission is found.Magic, 180:is found. Occasionally again, as in the case of H. P. B. you have deep knowledge, ability to beMagic, 180:mental clairaudience combined. When this is the case you have a rare and useful instrument for theMagic, 180:a high order. You will note that in the first case you have wisdom or availability on buddhic orMagic, 180:on buddhic or intuitional levels; in the second case you have transmission from the causal body,Magic, 180:from the higher mental levels; in the third case you have sufficient development to enable theMagic, 180:the aspirant to receive dictation. In the fourth case, you have the ability to read in the astralMagic, 180:limitation and the handicap of words, but in the case of those who write from personal knowledgeMagic, 185:minds and hearts of other men. Until that is the case it is waste of a Master's time to [186]Magic, 190:or in the nature of a blind, and in any case, the esoteric colors are widely different from theMagic, 191:the emphasis upon the form aspect as is the case in many practices used to vitalize the centers.Magic, 193:totally undeveloped and latent. When this is the case then - again speaking mystically - an hiatusMagic, 195:[195] body to the head center. When this is the case the thousand-petalled lotus begins toMagic, 196:the body. In the little evolved man, as in the case of the second aspect and its unfoldment, theMagic, 198:and prior to the first initiation is this the case, for he has no knowledge of the history of theMagic, 220:independently of the soul. When this is the case, the man is a victim of his own form energies andMagic, 220:matter aspect of all manifestation. In the other case, he is the intelligent ruler, controller ofMagic, 239:stand before the portal of the path in the case of the third ray person, and unless broken up andMagic, 251:prototype. If it is not true (as is usually the case in the early stages of the work) then theMagic, 259:that this is but an inadequate statement of the case. The thoughts of men since the middle of theMagic, 295:but is quite in error and at fault in the case of the highly evolved man. Man is, en masse, whatMagic, 303:a passing and fragmentary glimpse as is now the case. So again, the remedy remains the same: theMagic, 304:is identically the same. This is painfully the case now where there are so many thousands ofMagic, 311:in the planetary sentient life, as is the case with the animals. At death, man's astral bodyMagic, 314:with this planet than has heretofore been the case (this not being a sacred planet.) The love andMagic, 340:emerges into the light, just as in a larger case, spirit "mounts on the shoulders of matter" backMagic, 341:flow, under the law. The periods of ebb in the case of those holding prominent position cause atMagic, 341:of the bodily organism. When such is the case, the astral body makes too strong a demand upon theMagic, 370:soul may be known and felt. Such however is the case, and it is for this the student must aim. SomeMagic, 382:theory but in deed and truth. When this is the case, the physical body will have no lure for theMagic, 411:Hierarchy of Knowers. This has [411] been the case even when the individual man has been totallyMagic, 424:the day. As yet this is far from being the [424] case. There is no real awareness of existence
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