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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASE

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Magic, 437:and so. Therefore, thus they are, except in the case of the highly evolved, of the true aspirantMagic, 438:energies of two types of constellations in the case of the man who is neither purely human norMagic, 440:the key word for the soul aspect. In the first case, the word is expressed; in the second it isMagic, 447:building of thought-forms such as is the case with the average human being, many never produce theMagic, 448:moment a man becomes dangerous or useful as the case may be - dangerous not only to himself but toMagic, 448:physical manifestation. Its creator who, in the case of a "white magician" is not an emotionallyMagic, 454:a unity and a structure that is unique in each case and yet which functions under cosmic law. ItMagic, 465:It is the potency of form which in the first case draws the soul into incarnation, for in the firstMagic, 483:man has reached a stage of high initiation, the case is different. The seed ideas he seeks toMagic, 484:find its way to a sensed objective. In the first case, it will form part of a dense wall of suchMagic, 484:and driven by his own creation. In the second case, his thought-form will find its way into theMagic, 485:the creator of the thought-form (in this case an aspirant) remains responsible. The form remainsMagic, 497:is movement but no intelligent direction; in the case of senile decay, when there has been a highMagic, 498:on its own plane with its own affairs. In the case of highly developed human beings we often find aMagic, 498:up to the final moment of withdrawal. In the case of initiates there is much more than this. ThereMagic, 498:emotional upset of those left behind and, in the case of the average human being, the other is theMagic, 501:influence of the soul increases. In the case of animals, of infants and of men and women who areMagic, 501:thus permitting the passing out. In the case of mental types, of the more highly evolved humanMagic, 501:- Salvation from Death In psychics and in the case of mediums and lower seers (clairvoyant andMagic, 501:primarily to animal sentient life. In the case of conscious clairvoyance and in the work of theMagic, 505:the chamber. This is, of course, frequently the case. It must be remembered that the dying personMagic, 507:understanding is far more difficult than was the case in the other rules, in just the same way thatMagic, 522:a [522] wider connotation than is normally the case. They must be extended to include all livesMagic, 537:intuitive understanding of all the facts in the case, interpreted intelligently, and applied in aMagic, 551:of the human mind is greater than is now the case, such questions will inevitably be asked. I can,Magic, 570:emanate: From the planetary aura. In this case it is planetary prana, and so concerns primarily theMagic, 576:be studied in four aspects: In healing. In this case the force which flows through the hands comesMagic, 576:any specific center. The energy employed in this case comes from the base of the spine, and theMagic, 582:sheaths, can serve the world. In the first case, the aspirant is dealing with himself, workingMagic, 582:and to rebuild his form aspect. In the other case, he is learning to be a server of the race, andMagic, 582:be rapidly filled and this is sadly not the case. It is the ability to arrive at an understandingMagic, 593:to them. This happens very frequently in the case of women in connection with the solar plexusMagic, 595:The teaching to be given in any particular case and the methods to be applied are dependent uponMagic, 596:as to their over-development in one case and under development in another and as to whether thereMagic, 638:and repeat him. The law works rapidly in the case of a disciple, and thus adjustments are speedilyMeditation, 6:Temporary moments occur when this is the case and when (in moments of highest aspiration and forMeditation, 16:due to the driving power of will in the first case; by the expansion of the lower auric egg, theMeditation, 16:of the periphery of the causal body in the third case, due to the accumulative faculty andMeditation, 95:general terms earlier in these letters. In each case, the mental body becomes the center ofMeditation, 113:western brother. The reverse would also be the case. But always the goal will be the same. FormsMeditation, 119:Whom he may be working. This is usually only the case when the man is rapidly working out his karmaMeditation, 121:therefore, for force or power. When this is the case, the man proceeds, under occult rule or lawMeditation, 121:and its more careful following; in the third case the remedy must be sought in various ways which IMeditation, 123:world. The thing to be remembered is that in the case of wrong obsession the man is at the mercy ofMeditation, 125:matter) enters the two lower vehicles. In the case of emotional obsession the Thinker is left withMeditation, 125:mental body but with no physical. In this latter case he is left with neither emotional norMeditation, 126:having no use for weak or unrefined bodies. In case three the weakness is entirely relative, due toMeditation, 128:cases of cures will be done, but in the latter case the Thinker has to win back his physical andMeditation, 128:been evidenced. More and more will this be the case, and it carries with it certain risks that willMeditation, 133:still more difficult to penetrate, for in this case the power of the Ego must be called in, whereasMeditation, 133:to dispel the trouble. Here, in this specific case, the disciple will be wise if he not onlyMeditation, 141:expand, experience and find itself. This is the case whether the form is an entire solar system,Meditation, 153:form is apt to be. Later, when the man in either case has reached a point of more rounded outMeditation, 158:side which works under law. You can reverse the case for the man of occult tendency, till the timeMeditation, 175:the devas. In one you dominate, in the other case you endeavor to work with. You control throughMeditation, 178:protective mantrams are not used first as in the case of calling elementals. Principally for theMeditation, 194:of power. If it is so effective in the case of the individual, as has been again and againMeditation, 242:the trouble be entirely physical, such as is the case in an accident of any kind, or in someMeditation, 243:Which center is the major one in any particular case? What is the state of the etheric body? DoesMeditation, 244:although those errors will be obviated in the case of the physical body, yet much time must elapseMeditation, 245:is working out in the physical body, as is the case in the majority of physical ills today, canMeditation, 290:the head that illumination comes. This, - in the case in point, - has been accomplished by theMeditation, 306:exceptions might be considered only one, the case of Australia, for the other two in Atlantean daysMeditation, 343:in the endeavor. Where failure follows in such a case, all that is needed is readjustment. InPatanjali, 28:curiously complete here. This symbol (as is the case with all symbols) has seven meanings; two arePatanjali, 40:in the soul or Christ aspect, only in this case the objective is the realization of that which thePatanjali, 54:Words or sounds in manifestation. This is the case as far as the human kingdom is concerned. TheyPatanjali, 59:the technique of the processes outlined. In the case of the sounding forth of the Word we have thePatanjali, 61:is to be found in the Old Testament, in the case of Joshua before the walls of Jericho. It might bePatanjali, 71:the four bodies [71] of the lower nature. in the case of the man who has not overcome thePatanjali, 92:two are then one and complete realization is the case. This can be cultivated in a most practicalPatanjali, 112:is exists for the sake of the soul. 22. In the case of the man who has achieved yoga (or union) thePatanjali, 126:the mental body. They are of three kinds in each case, making literally nine types or kinds ofPatanjali, 164:- Book 2 - The Steps to Union 22. In the case of the man who has achieved yoga (or union) thePatanjali, 174:increased. This becomes terribly true in the case of an aspirant and of a disciple. His sense ofPatanjali, 205:and not with the lower astral as is now the case. The correct order of this control of the organsPatanjali, 210:nature, proceeds as desired. When this is the case, the response of the soul will be effective andPatanjali, 217:are synonymous terms. This is by no means the case. Vivekananda points this out in his commentaryPatanjali, 220:sources: From the planetary aura. In this case it is planetary prana, and so concerns primarily thePatanjali, 226:response to the inner motivating factor (in this case, the ego or spiritual man on his own plane)Patanjali, 275:himself as the AUM. [275] When this is the case he will then hear the word in other units of thePatanjali, 277:pertains to the one who sees. This is not the case any more than the people and activities seen outPatanjali, 281:he can "shut off the light and when that is the case visibility is negated and (from the standpointPatanjali, 328:Christ Himself may not set the law aside in any case unless there is adequate "weakening" of thePatanjali, 342:every plane, bearing in mind that this is the case as regards the mind apprehension and thePatanjali, 361:spiritual growth and unfoldment. Such is not the case. Those disciples who have overcome all sensePatanjali, 405:substance (viz. Prakriti) could produce in this case all the multifarious differences of ourPatanjali, 405:are enough to account for all that. In the case of Yogins properly enlightened it is but properPatanjali, 413:the mind became coordinated, (as was first the case in Lemurian days) the sense of sight wasPatanjali, 415:whereas one hundred years ago this was not the case. But with it all, much confusion remains as theProblems, 28:is given free expression. This is not yet the case; theological forms still hold the spiritualProblems, 58:child and not primarily - as is now usually the case - with the training of the memory and theProblems, 59:or doctrinal presentation, as is today the case, but as presenting a problem for investigation andProblems, 78:still exist everywhere and it is not in every case the fault of the employer. Power in the futureProblems, 85:are right and sound, particularly in the case of the Negro. These ambitions are often exploited andProblems, 86:and of a certain type of temperament, as is the case with the Negro minority in the United StatesProblems, 86:greater than it is willing to admit, as is the case with the Jewish minority in the world who areProblems, 93:of perfect justice and fairness in any one case would upset major material interests, infringe theProblems, 95:All we can do is to recognize that they have a case to be presented and a problem to be solved, butProblems, 95:much of usefulness may be gained. In the case of the Jews, the sin of separateness is deeply
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