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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASE

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Rays, 400:astral plane Their goal. Such again is not the case. Their response and decision is based on aRays, 412:is not barred to Them, as has hitherto been the case. All these changes have been due to theRays, 414:our Solar Logos. [414] Such, however, is the case. There is a relationship of very ancient dateRays, 431:the three glands - as is increasingly the case where disciples are concerned - a triangle ofRays, 433:therefore use a physical brain. In every single case the test (in order to be passed correctly)Rays, 446:some more exact idea than has hitherto been the case as to the distinctions existing between theRays, 448:antahkarana is most assuredly proceeding in the case of every earnest student. When the work isRays, 459:All these recognitions are not present in the case of every disciple; some are present; some areRays, 468:the personality and the Triad. This is not the case. The work of the building of the antahkarana isRays, 470:higher nature from the lower is depicted; in the case of the disciple, it is showing the "pathRays, 471:not via the Hierarchy as has hitherto been the case. When the individual antahkarana has beenRays, 496:without much real strain. When this is the case, it may be your personality choice or your soulRays, 500:call your attention to that statement. In every case the motivating power must be betterment; itRays, 509:seven rays, I seek to do three things in every case: Give the technique of projection. ThisRays, 517:these Words clear, and I have done so in the case of the first and second rays. I shall give you noRays, 527:(the symbol of the Spiritual Triad in this case. A.A.B.) which leads out on to the Way whichRays, 552:undergoes in a cosmic process. When - as is the case today - Humanity itself is in process ofRays, 560:to demonstrate, and not love-wisdom, as is the case today. This expressed itself in a mental focus,Rays, 563:know what it is that we are considering. In the case of the accepted disciple who is in preparationRays, 565:forward upon the Path of Initiation. In one case the cause of progression is a streaming downwardRays, 565:in that which is thus stimulated; in the other case, the cause is to be found in the soul-infusedRays, 569:period of initiatory activity, and this is the case today. The major effect, as far as humanity isRays, 569:of the initiate, and this must be the case in this amazing period wherein - for the first timeRays, 598:of the mind. The transmuting agent in the first case is the lower or concrete mind; theRays, 604:past and of the present, but leaving (as is the case today) the future locked in the determinativeRays, 623:they must therefore be protected - in the one case by decrees and prohibitions from the VaticanRays, 624:lacks pure disinterested leadership; as is the case elsewhere in the world, party politics andRays, 626:and its developed habits of thought or - as the case may be - of feeling. Rays, 633:needs doing, for the extreme position in either case is untenable. This today presents a conflictRays, 635:is basic and useful. It constitutes a test case, being based upon physical plane aggression, beingRays, 636:of the totalitarian ideology; in this second case, through the endorsement of partition, theyRays, 646:of recognized manifestation - and such is the case at this time. Rays, 648:taking the fifth initiation, for such is not the case. Many advanced souls (perhaps amounting toRays, 666:realized or consciously prepared for, as is the case of the later initiations, and this is why theRays, 667:towards relationships. This is not yet the case. The relationships hitherto recognized, speakingRays, 675:hierarchical supervision; this has ever been the case. The evolutionary process covers all that is.Rays, 676:the dominant factor, because - even in the case of the intelligentsia - it is desire for materialRays, 678:intelligent capacity. This may not be the case where the first initiation is concerned, but whereRays, 691:become available. This is particularly the case now, as They prepare for the reappearance of theRays, 699:from the above to the below" and not (as is the case today with all disciples, though naturally notRays, 699:plane - our intuitional plane. This is the case whether you count from below upwards or from aboveRays, 699:Initiation; this is in reality not the case, except in a lesser degree and as symbol of futureRays, 704:With the initiate-disciple this is also the case; he enters consciously into each experience; theyRays, 705:This I personally did in reference to the first case; i.e., preserving the body in which I tookRays, 707:revelation for me is not completed and - in any case - my lips are sealed. I can, however, take upRays, 722:is transferred to Shamballa, unless (as in the case of the Christ) They choose the Path of EarthRays, 724:Ray of Active Intelligence (and this is ever the case with Those Who are taking the sixthRays, 741:not upon a spontaneous renunciation (as is the case in the true experience of the RenunciationRays, 749:or distorted slant on world affairs, as is the case in most other countries, particularly in theRays, 758:and not for its destruction as is so oft the case today; to this must be coupled the steadyReappearance, 15:tolerantly, or with amusement or pity, as the case may be. A study of times and seasons, ofReappearance, 16:unheard of by the great majority, as was the case when He was here before. The radio, the press andReappearance, 34:of his own soul; this will be increasingly the case. Thirdly, both of these groups - the generalReappearance, 42:depths of man's consciousness and such is the case today as a result of the World War (1914-1945);Reappearance, 48:and the unintelligent as is so frequently the case today, nor will someone appear and say: "This isReappearance, 115:of lower forms of life. Such is by no means the case. As the life of God progresses onwards throughReappearance, 116:or they express amusement or dismay as the case may be. The presentation to the world of theReappearance, 128:rapid development than would otherwise be the case. The stimulation [129] of the objectiveReappearance, 137:upon Reality than has ever before been the case. The orthodox world religions are rapidly fallingReappearance, 153:Investigation will prove this to be the case and when the ritual of the new world religion isReappearance, 155:to the Full Moon of May, as is at present the case. It is the great Eastern Festival. The FestivalReappearance, 168:late to do anything. This is particularly the case with people who have reached their fiftieth yearReappearance, 179:the housetops - as Christ stated would be the case - and as we listen to or read of the flood ofSoulconceit that we understand something of the one case, excites our astonishment that we understandSoul, 28:are plain and produce deplorable results in each case. The West emphasizes the mechanism, and itsSoul, 35:response apparatus, and the mechanics of the case, have been summed up in the following terms: "AnSoul, 42:as is clearly indicated in the historic case discussed below. This gland has also been called theSoul, 42:was paid to the pineal gland. Then came the case, noted by Dr. Berman, in which a child was broughtSoul, 42:p. 89. As will be seen later, this historic case has a special interest in view of the conclusionsSoul, 53:does, or by any other [53] name - but in any case a transcendent whole, the glory and radiance ofSoul, 100:in the body of the human kingdom, and in this case the Kundalini energy, localized as it isSoul, 114:vertebral column. The spinal cord extends in the case of man from the upper border of the atlas,Soul, 116:expressions of Consciousness, which in the case of body is so veiled [117] that it has theSoul, 121:Or are we faced with the fact that in each case these glands with the undiscovered hormones, areSoul, 121:partially known or totally unknown. It is in any case worthy of consideration. The OccidentalSoul, 135:into knowledge of God. [135] This will be the case when the wisdom of the East is added to theSoul, 155:only eludes him, but must in the nature of the case ever elude him. He no longer holds, forTelepathy, 8:telepathy and concerns feeling in every case. It involves, invariably, radiations from the solarTelepathy, 8:radiations from the solar plexus, which in the case of the animal world serves usually as theTelepathy, 13:three aspects of energy simultaneously, in the case of very advanced people. TelepathicTelepathy, 26:is not a function of the animal soul, as in the case of the solar plexus contact and response [27]Telepathy, Discip:from individual reception, as is the case in any telepathic rapport. Telepathy, 64:to this contact, whether cosmic as in the case of Sanat Kumara, or planetary as in the case of theTelepathy, 64:the case of Sanat Kumara, or planetary as in the case of the Members of the Hierarchy, isTelepathy, 66:occultism is concerned, but that is ever the case as the teaching expands in content and theTelepathy, 68:evokes extra-planetary response, as is the case between the Hierarchy and Shamballa, and theTelepathy, 70:developed. It is not fully developed in the case of many disciples in the Ashram, and hence onlyTelepathy, 88:The one who is the impressing agent in this case works via the center between the eyebrows, theTelepathy, 101:and its expression in the daily life. In no case is the truism of learning through a system ofTelepathy, 101:duality and, therefore, of separation. In this case, however, the motive prompting observation isTelepathy, 107:ideas emanating from mental levels. In this case it can be truly said that "the mind is the slayerTelepathy, 110:provable capacity of the human being. In this case, the mind is truly "the slayer of the Real," andTelepathy, 116:organ. The magnetic aura (when this is the case) is relatively small; all the tendencies of thisTelepathy, 126:is to be grasped more clearly than is now the case. The aim of the entire evolutionary scheme is toTelepathy, 132:incarnation in human form on Earth, as was the case with the vast majority of these visiting SolarTelepathy, 136:the centers above the diaphragm are, in their case, inactive. In time and space and during theTelepathy, 137:ray influence, and this is peculiarly the case now as the seventh ray is in incarnation. The raysTelepathy, 140:ahead of human thinking, but such is not the case. H. P. B., an initiate of high standing,Telepathy, 147:(spiritual will - spiritual love) in the case of advanced humanity. Herein lies full opportunityTelepathy, 156:below the diaphragm. The reverse is not the case to the same extent. This symbolizes the potency
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