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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASES

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Externalisation, 699:futile and silly is the human mind in so many cases) because I do not choose to consider now theFire, vi:The spiritual truths dealt with involved in many cases the expression by the lower concrete mindFire, 64:and its desires hold sway in the majority of cases; it demonstrates in time and space theFire, 123:of nature, but it is just here that (in a few cases) a quickening of the process is permitted inFire, 204:the centers and the senses. The effect in both cases tends to identification of the Self with itsFire, 294:the work to be accomplished in all the above cases is necessarily threefold: First. The developmentFire, 309:The place of mind in evolution in all three cases. The present stage of development of mind in eachFire, 395:position of the manasic principle in all three cases. The whole mystery of this principle is hiddenFire, 402:is only just beginning in the majority of cases. In studying these subjects we have necessarily toFire, 437:work through their focal points in all cases (macrocosmic and microcosmic) and these are theFire, 464:is functioning adequately. In these last two cases we are dealing with the spirillae of the mentalFire, 486:control, is the same as in the above mentioned cases and grades of consciousness, but owing to theFire, 546:with the first. Third, that there exist many cases of uneven or unequal unfoldment. QuiteFire, 562:withdraws and the form dissipates. In all these cases it will be apparent that only in the study ofFire, 661:is consequently stronger than in the other two cases, and this is owing to His more advanced stageFire, 749:development and can be of service to the world, cases occur when he is over-shadowed by a greatFire, 756:When the hour has come (and already a few cases are to be found), many cases of over-shadowing willFire, 756:(and already a few cases are to be found), many cases of over-shadowing will be seen and willFire, 760:from the solar Logos Himself. In the first two cases, desire for sentient existence, or desire forFire, 825:took place upon the moon chain and in some cases upon certain planets connected with the innerFire, 835:and "die out," through the withdrawal in all cases of the positive life and energy and of theFire, 847:are as yet but little cognized by man. In cases where profound mysteries lie, man is often totallyFire, 852:of unfoldment. This is possible in individual cases and in the case of entire groups. A thirdFire, 854:two in forming a systemic triangle. [854] These cases are necessarily rare at present but willFire, 866:of the riches of the universe. In other cases where riches increase, they bring with them naughtFire, 895:frequently represented as having wings. These cases are not many, as the usual method is for theFire, 895:through expansive feeling, but in the cases which do occur these devas pass several cycles in theFire, 959:by mind and not by desire, as in the earlier cases. Aspirants on the physical plane use theFire, 962:on higher levels. The pituitary body (in all cases of correct normal development) forms the centerFire, 963:of the Ego capable of transmission. In the other cases, such as the average man and littleFire, 975:The energy used by them in the majority of cases originates in the solar plexus, and works in twoFire, 986:on the astral and physical planes, only in rare cases working with the mental forces, and only in aFire, 986:the mental forces, and only in a few special cases, hidden in cosmic karma, is a black magicianFire, 986:working on the higher mental levels. Yet the cases which are there to be discovered are the mainFire, 991:the fourth or human kingdom. In all these cases, triangles of force are formed which, whenFire, 993:to egoic unfoldment, for it requires, in such cases, a much longer interval between incarnations,Fire, 1007:and this produces (unconsciously in most cases) a steady stream of energy which is focused upon theFire, 1067:They did not succeed in the majority of cases because, having located the essence, they had no ideaFire, 1075:This process, nevertheless, in the majority of cases covers such a vast period of time that theFire, 1084:of even greater magnitude in the majority of cases than ours, only one being approximately of theFire, 1105:effects, and serve either to speed, or in some cases, to retard the evolutionary process. It shouldFire, 1214:order to produce eventual group harmony in both cases. It is the harmony of the individual withFire, 1215:regarded as a reflection of the whole; in both cases we have basic group relations, fundamentalGlamour, 30:is a relatively profitless one. In a few rare cases, this combination of intuition and mentalGlamour, 33:the word MAYA should only be used in two cases: In reference to the united glamor-illusion to whichGlamour, 45:The Glamor of Authority is a mass glamor in most cases. It has its roots in mass psychology and isGlamour, 116:for the disciple is polarized in the majority of cases in his astral body and is, therefore,Glamour, 146:as a voiced criticism - perhaps, [146] in some cases, all three. There are forces which you mayGlamour, 150:and though the methods employed are (in many cases) definitely undesirable yet the developingGlamour, 189:the revelation then follows is the same in both cases, and illusion overtakes both forms ofGlamour, 251:concerned and it is not yet - in the majority of cases - a distributor of directing soul energy.Glamour, 254:and frequently innocuous, though there are many cases of significantly bad reaction; fortunately,Glamour, 254:guarantee of a dubious success; hence, in these cases, no danger exists. Many occult groups exploitGlamour, 260:body. This concerns location in the majority of cases and is a mistake. Aspirants would do well toGlamour, 264:point of tension in the Spiritual Triad. In all cases, however, once within the ring-pass-not ofHealing, 3:They are today to be found (except in a few rare cases) in lack of vitality or in too muchHealing, 12:of an idea, finitely grasped and in most cases only part of a greater idea. [13] Methods of healingHealing, 19:the work of the healer may be involved in these cases is quite true, but the work to be done isHealing, 26:energy by the healing agent; and again, in other cases, the healer should seek to be only aHealing, 42:and set it free for other service. In all these cases everything possible should be done from theHealing, 63:Sodomites and Lesbians. A few rare, very rare, cases of hermaphroditism. These people, combining inHealing, 64:[64] and a widespread misunderstanding. These cases are to be found in small numbers everywhere,Healing, 65:planned campaign which will run counter in many cases to the normally sensed, defined desire. YouHealing, 74:causes - an inner and an outer cause. In these cases, the outer cause is not an effect of theHealing, 76:with the processes clearly defined in both cases of absorption, chemicalisation, and transmission.Healing, 87:mental and emotional imbalance and, in some cases, lead to insanity. I have elaborated this matterHealing, 101:It facilitates more rapid results in many cases. In others, the patient's anxiety can negate theHealing, 118:employs the method (when dealing with nervous cases, with those on the borderland, and withHealing, 121:- little as it may appear - controlled in these cases from soul levels, and the departure isHealing, 162:centers to respond or to unfold which in many cases produces disease and difficulty; it is theHealing, 162:lack of response which creates problems in other cases; it is their premature unfoldment and theirHealing, 162:and their over-activity which in other cases brings about danger; it is the failure of the physicalHealing, 186:What usually happens in those accidental cases (which do so much harm) is that the aspirant,Healing, 198:the glands, leading to over-stimulation in some cases, subnormal conditions in others, lack ofHealing, 242:and as you ponder and think, as you study cases and types, as you watch the characteristics andHealing, 248:are the final determining factors, except in the cases of war, accident, suicide or epidemics. TheHealing, 256:omit to state, or even to recognize, that in cases of extreme illness or accident, the patient isHealing, 257:remedial measures of the trained physician. In cases of serious accident, where the injured personHealing, 257:guinea pigs (is not that the term used in these cases, brother of mine?) for the satisfaction ofHealing, 280:cooperate with orthodox medicine that, in many cases, they constitute a definite and real danger toHealing, 284:means what you call over-stimulation in certain cases, or inflammation in others, can be stopped.Healing, 314:patient is invoked. Little can be done in cancer cases unless there is the intelligent cooperationHealing, 315:in placing it in the category of hopeless cases? These and similar questions are constantly askedHealing, 316:Then obsession or possession can occur. Such cases are frequently (I might say, usually) regardedHealing, 316:psychologists today, to handle these cases on the hypothesis which I have posited, and that is aHealing, 318:there is involved also the humane factor, in cases where no surcease can be given to prolongedHealing, 339:a living vampire-like person." A very few such cases have been known, but they are too rare to beHealing, 351:This preservation is, in the majority of cases, enforced by the subject's group and not by theHealing, 351:is imperfect, or a baby who is not normal. These cases constitute definite instances of anHealing, 351:Having no clairvoyant power in the majority of cases, and being time-conscious and under theHealing, 352:we can probably begin to deal with specific cases. I seek, however, at this time to hold you toHealing, 386:subjectively affiliated, to integrate in other cases both personality and soul, and, if they are atHealing, 388:will-to-live must be restored to him; in other cases, the rejection of fear (fear of life or fearHealing, 398:of a discarnate person there are thousands of cases which can be explained upon the grounds ofHealing, 446:so much dreaded does not exist, except in the cases of violent and sudden death, and then the onlyHealing, 446:means to recontact it and to re-enter. In a few cases, great personal love for those left behind,Healing, 448:takes its place. This we call death. In cases of death in war, for instance, it is not then a caseHealing, 457:is apparent but not real. In nine hundred cases out of a thousand the brain awareness is there,Healing, 461:the process which is normally carried out in all cases of drowning or of asphyxiation. When a manHealing, 461:are not possible and should not be employed. In cases of sudden death through accident, suicide,
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