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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASES

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Healing, 462:body are practically simultaneous. In normal cases of death from disease, the withdrawal is slow,Healing, 471:divinity, which does the attracting. I exclude cases of sudden death. There the activity is theHealing, 472:to attain projected ends. Death in these cases is normal, and this humanity needs to grasp withHealing, 502:in the brain. Pain is demonstrated in both cases, but upon the Path of Initiation pain is largelyHealing, 539:thence to the etheric vehicle? By no means. In cases of real and serious illness, the condition ofHealing, 540:of the healer are greatly increased in some cases, though lightened in others. If the principle ofHealing, 542:particular care has also to be evidenced in the cases of disease of the heart; embolisms, forHealing, 545:for the destined fate to take place; in both cases the feverish anxiety so often present will notHealing, 575:the point of friction is located. In ordinary cases, however, and where no occult knowledge isHealing, 592:the blood stream. They will, in the majority of cases, be confined to the area above the diaphragm,Healing, 592:A number of what we might call "borderline" cases come under this heading also, but these areHealing, 602:know, still embryonic; all that is known in most cases is the location of a center. This, however,Healing, 607:that of the seven major [607] centers. In these cases, the patient can far more easily be helped byHealing, 609:it is also dependent, in the majority of average cases, upon the life and intentions of theHealing, 617:body. There will be, however, in the majority of cases, a greater or less admixture of mentalHealing, 652:The old proverb is basically not true in all cases, that "where there is life there is hope." LifeHealing, 654:soul into relationship; in [654] fact in some cases the unconsciousness of the patient can be aHealing, 676:and He seldom in reality healed at all; in the cases where He is reported to have done so, HisHealing, 682:and intention. The result is the same in all cases: Healing, 699:soul rays are not. The rays are similar in both cases. The rays of neither soul nor personality areHealing, 701:patient. The healer will find it easier in most cases to ascertain his rays, or one of them atHealing, 704:the spine are turned towards the healer. In some cases (and these the healer must himselfHealing, 707:hour has come and release approaches. In cases where the first ray is the soul ray of either healerHercules, 24:something symbolic is intended. There are many cases in history where a robe is given: JosephHercules, 118:labor was not described to Hercules as in other cases. The word went out only to the country whereHercules, 133:to the needs of the individual involved. In many cases, help would only be an encumbrance;Initiation, 18:in conscious, continuous functioning. In all cases it is preceded by a burning, through the mediumInitiation, 29:Master's Monad on the monadic plane. In both cases the intermediate state of consciousness has beenInitiation, 51:to the public, nor would it be wise in many cases to reveal who they are, where they dwell, andInitiation, 79:of the riches of the universe. In other cases where riches increase they bring with them naught butInitiation, 97:we call Initiation, exist not, except in the cases of those advanced beings who, having passedInitiation, 131:one of which is in Central Europe. In all the cases cited, the Lord of the World was theInitiation, 149:until a certain stage has been reached. A few cases have occurred, but as the Lord of the World isInitiation, 199:or to some superior or group of officials, in cases where a brother may be hindering a groupInitiation, 205:furthered. Initiates and Masters, in many cases marry, and normally perform their duties asIntellect, 16:that many of the saints of old were psychopathic cases and neurotics may be equally true; but thereIntellect, 57:that acts most potently, in the majority of cases, upon [58] the physical body. This latter isIntellect, 101:function of [101] the mind, in the majority of cases, is first of all to receive messages from theIntellect, 133:the experience. There seems (in the majority of cases) no sense of security or certainty ofIntellect, 140:the important points to remember is that in both cases the triplicity of soul, mind, and brain mustIntellect, 148:mystic or to [148] the psychopathic cases with which our psychologists are constantly dealing. ButIntellect, 150:apprehension of reality may serve, as extreme cases serve to test the truth of some generalIntellect, 156:awareness, but his approach, in the majority of cases, has been the heart approach, and hasIntellect, 171:to mental illumination. Hundreds of cases could be proved, were people willing to relate theirIntellect, 218:at the attempts. In the majority of cases this is the fault of the aspirant himself, and women areIntellect, 222:for the unbalanced. Much experience of these cases leads me to sound this warning, for in theIntellect, 222:me to sound this warning, for in the majority of cases of uncontrolled psychic troubles, the causeIntellect, 228:years, [228] and it has proved itself in so many cases that I am including it here. Intellect, 239:It may be true that "God" works out, in many cases, His plans through the agency of human beings,Intellect, 257:The same rules apply as in the first set of cases: - common sense and a careful and slower use ofIntellect, 258:much trouble. [258] We have come across such cases. On investigation, it will usually be found thatIntellect, 258:his control over the animal nature; in other cases, it may, for instance, involve refraining fromMagic, 51:upon that larger self which has only, in most cases, made its presence felt at rare and highlyMagic, 68:process arrived at a certain position cases arise where choice still remains in which neitherMagic, 112:to influence extensively. So the majority of cases come not under this category. Magic, 150:he finds himself. This is called, in advanced cases, "the dark night of the soul " - the momentMagic, 159:can be thus contacted, and they are, in most cases, in a condition of deep abstraction of aMagic, 163:as in the case of murder, which is in many cases the result of crystallized intent, or it mayMagic, 171:it is he who shuts the door in the majority of cases through lower psychism, physical disability,Magic, 178:mind and the brain) of the transmitter. In these cases, the form of words and the sentences areMagic, 180:mind, which is rare indeed to find. In all these cases that I have cited error may creep in owingMagic, 180:no real moment; whilst in the second and third cases the errors will be dependent upon the point inMagic, 193:Energy may pour into the force centers in these cases, but because there is no directingMagic, 193:it will run riot and we then have those sad cases which strew the path of occult endeavor and haveMagic, 193:brought the work of the Lodge into disrepute - cases of over-emphasized personalities, ofMagic, 193:of separateness. Add to the above category, the cases of sex perversion, [194] brought about byMagic, 194:by over-stimulation of the sacral center, the cases of neuroticism and over-sensitivity andMagic, 194:of the solar plexus center, and lastly the cases of insanity, brought about by over-stimulation ofMagic, 202:bodies, and at present, in the majority of cases relatively static, is the soul. It exerts as yetMagic, 300:so much dreaded does not exist, except in the cases of violent and of sudden death and then theMagic, 301:means to recontact it and to re-enter. In a few cases, great personal love for those left behind orMagic, 306:seems [306] inadequate to its task, and in many cases has its roots in the fact that a man is aMagic, 316:This can be either good or bad. In all three cases, one or other of the pairs of opposites isMagic, 346:in one or other of the vehicles and - in rare cases - where the aspirant is important enough, onMagic, 394:and political bodies and of nations in some cases. Thus do the dominant personalities come intoMagic, 395:through a Mussolini or through a Pope. In both cases the mechanism of expression modifies and stepsMagic, 484:of some emotion or of some desire; in rarer cases it may be built in the light of illumination andMagic, 488:been desired, only to find in the majority of cases that the aspirant no longer aches forMagic, 493:or analyzing faculties. He has also, in some cases, succeeded in unifying these three into aMagic, 497:to our subject, to bear in mind that in cases of imbecility and idiocy and in that stage of old ageMagic, 505:is apparent but not real. In nine hundred cases out of a thousand the brain awareness is there,Magic, 590:and safer method is (in the vast majority of cases) the more rapid. Premature unfoldment involvesMagic, 593:to physiological causes, is, in the majority of cases, due to the piercing of one or other of theMagic, 624:the mental body. They become bewildered in some cases and no clear truth appears. They then work onMeditation, 17:and the superlative musicians are in many cases reaching their goal that way. When the fifth ray,Meditation, 89:evolutionary rate, except in a few individual cases where certain pupils (perhaps unconsciously toMeditation, 125:result in the death of the physical body, but in cases such as these the dark Brother, who is toMeditation, 125:it and makes connection with his own cord. These cases are not common. They involve only twoMeditation, 126:low order awaiting incarnation, and who see, in cases one and two, their wanted opportunity.Meditation, 126:some evil act, rush in and take possession of cases one and two. Dark Brothers as aforesaid, whoMeditation, 126:themselves principally of the third and fourth cases already cited. They require highly developedMeditation, 127:the first attempts at cure. In the first type of cases, those due to physical plane weakness, theMeditation, 128:the night much of the work in the first two cases of cures will be done, but in the latter case theMeditation, 128:difficulty. Death often eventuates in these cases. In the severing of the magnetic cord naught canMeditation, 131:obscure that which is true. The study of the cases wherein glamor has been employed is exceedinglyMeditation, 159:in the system and find their outlet in certain cases of septic poisoning, in skin diseases, and inMeditation, 160:enlarge. In the forms used in these three cases attention will be paid to the cause of the trouble,Meditation, 177:grades and are not much used, except in rare cases by initiates and adepts, who, as a general rule,Meditation, 184:are the secondary center in the majority of cases for the internal fire. The correspondence isMeditation, 194:being utilized for selfish ends in most of the cases. You read that at the sound of trumpets,
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