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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CASES

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Psychology2, 568:thus opens a door on to the astral plane. In all cases, it is the astral plane which standsPsychology2, 569:is simply there as an investigator. A few rare cases when a soul on the path of return toPsychology2, 569:with a friend or relative via a medium. Such cases are known and usually presuppose more thanPsychology2, 574:center governs the psychic nature. In these cases, all the higher centers are quiescent andPsychology2, 575:center is now the most active in the majority of cases and the most significant. The time is,Psychology2, 583:the premature awakening of the centers. In these cases, the psychic has no control whatsoever overPsychology2, 586:seance room or from a large audience. In other cases, he is all the time living on the borderlandPsychology2, 590:to put him under restraint. Today, many such cases - fighting hard for mental equilibrium andPsychology2, 590:begin to have a right handling of these problem cases. It is rare indeed to find a psychologist whoPsychology2, 600:this difficulty, and even in the relatively rare cases where there has been some definite servicePsychology2, 600:vision (whatever that might be) led also in many cases to serious if unrecognized psychologicalPsychology2, 601:of any millennium) is based in the majority of cases upon the dreams and aspirations of the mysticsPsychology2, 608:sensed and known. Eventually, and in some cases, it can definitely affect the optic nerve, not toPsychology2, 615:personalities that they are shut off, in many cases, from group stimulation, group effects andPsychology2, 650:methods, to be seen in their work, but in many cases they remain unknown to each other. GroupPsychology2, 694:and may receive this instruction in the cases where you know them and their interests. It is thePsychology2, 703:a reaction which was almost equivalent, in some cases, to loss of faith, and a feeling [704] ofPsychology2, 709:through an intense aspiration and - in many cases - very real desperation. The Hierarchy of MastersPsychology2, 732:and not the possible maximum (except in a few cases, whose assistance has been whole hearted andPsychology2, 738:looms large and is a determining factor in many cases. In a world of plenty, men are starving onRays, 87:service and devotion to a cause. In both cases the form is destroyed, but the motivating impulse isRays, 156:the left-hand path and so perhaps, in rare cases, finding his way into the Black Lodge. The majorRays, 165:[165] takes its place. This we call death. In cases of death in war, for instance, it is not then aRays, 195:to consciousness at all, for in the majority of cases these veils "lie on the earthward side ofRays, 195:been effected in these special and individual cases. Their service was rendered to humanity andRays, 317:This resurrection has been applied in many cases to the resurrection of the body; it is alsoRays, 374:other evolutions, of which humanity, in several cases, knows nothing, The great Ashram is likewiseRays, 406:those found on the Earth, but they are, in all cases, vast groups of living forms which areRays, 411:third kingdom into the fourth, except in a few cases and for specific reasons. Here, however, youRays, 422:turn is only a temporary phase, though in both cases the time embraced may cover vast periods, fromRays, 423:such grouping as the seven solar Paths. In most cases, the Paths lead away from our solar systemRays, 569:in occult terms, and in the majority of cases will not be; the individual initiate who takes thisRays, 617:prove appropriate. The determining factor in all cases, and that which will indicate to Him theRays, 673:at the same time produce a saving aspect in some cases, the violence of the astral testing and theReappearance, 172:to give (according to their means) but, in many cases, they have - first of all - to provide themSoul, 25:facts. He can prove his position and cite his cases, and his knowledge of the mechanism of manSoul, 26:gives to subnormal, deficient, and pathological cases. The supernormal, the genius, and theSoul, 30:the administration of thyroid extract in certain cases, but the secretions of most glands areSoul, 42:years of age, and contradictory in all other cases, so deduction was impossible. Until a fewSoul, 46:the "third ovary," is always involved in ovarian cases. In the lower vertebrates it is clearlySoul, 72:of hysterics, of neurotics, and of pathological cases, there remains a residue of testimony and aSoul, 80:simply by 'life,' and similarly, in many cases the German words Leben and Seele, as the EnglishSoul, 112:than real, since, as always holds good in such cases, these numbers must be taken symbolically, notSoul, 157:of the thyroid gland. Several such cases have been noted by us and seem to substantiate thisSoul, 157:be capable of application. In the aggregate of cases and of testimony, light on this matter mayTelepathy, 67:and through men who - in the majority of cases - arrived at perfection elsewhere than in thisTelepathy, 79:forms; this is true except in a few (a very few) cases which involve the domestic animals. WhenTelepathy, 88:purely personality grounded or focused. In some cases they are only physically aware of the lifeTelepathy, 97:controlling. The mental aura, which is in most cases relatively small but which develops rapidlyTelepathy, 110:Universal Mind, to the intelligent Will. In both cases, the lower aspect of love (emotional andTelepathy, 141:body. The etheric body, in the vast majority of cases is the vehicle or the instrument of astral
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