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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAST

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Astrology, 15:is done: First: By having the horoscope duly cast and then taking [16] steps to determine whatAstrology, 70:[70] Astrologers will eventually be able to cast the horoscope of the soul, which is sensitive toAstrology, 89:or is overcoming. The horoscope will be cast eventually on the basis of the soul ray, and then theAstrology, 91:ascertain the ray type before he will be able to cast the adequate horoscope of the soul. MyAstrology, 103:determine the type of horoscope which should be cast. Two questions will then arise, requiringAstrology, 229:is here that the decision is made and the die is cast which separate the "sheep from the goats" orAstrology, 286:I would suggest to modern astrologers that they cast the horoscopes of the dominant world figuresAstrology, 395:is to be determined and whose horoscope is being cast. Each of these signs will eventually have toAstrology, 431:light of wisdom penetrated into the waters and cast the radiance of the Heavens into the depths. AtAtom, 72:old philosophies seem to be shaken. Our lot is cast in one of the most difficult periods of theAutobiography, 62:soldier or a blackguard. I believe that they cast lots as to who should take me home and if the lotAutobiography, 183:have amused themselves by attempting to cast my horoscope. Most of them have given me Leo risingAutobiography, 197:home or community in [197] which their lot is cast. Because of this we have active students who areAutobiography, 232:in what manner the horoscope of the soul can be cast so that the life purpose of the incarnatingBethlehem, 71:chamber; we are in Him as the cold green log cast into the flaming furnace glows through andBethlehem, 77:circle and in the little town where His lot was cast, is it not possible that He would never haveBethlehem, 123:and saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down; for it is written, He shall giveBethlehem, 123:take advantage of the Fatherhood of God, and cast thyself down. This temptation is different fromBethlehem, 131:first, hearing that John the Baptist had been cast into prison, Christ took up the task laid downDiscipleship1, 74:the healthiness of the seed and its ability to cast strong roots downwards and to penetrate slowlyDiscipleship1, 92:point of endeavor. Once he does so, the die is cast. He either moves forward towards the door ofDiscipleship1, 194:appeal. Attend likewise to the form in which you cast them for that will be the symbol on theDiscipleship1, 253:that are necessarily vague. It is not my task to cast too much light into the future. This I willDiscipleship1, 256:the idea of the soul's intention. Can you cast your mind back to [257] the year in which thatDiscipleship1, 275:those, for instance, with whom your daily lot is cast. They need help. Give them of that helpDiscipleship1, 283:serious than any of you knew at the time? If you cast your mind back over the past three years, youDiscipleship1, 314:and right desire, to all with whom his lot is cast. To this difficult task your soul is now callingDiscipleship1, 332:her mental polarization which enables her to cast the light of the mind in two directions. She isDiscipleship1, 348:March 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: I would ask you to cast your eye, the eye of the inner spiritualDiscipleship1, 500:and evoke their own souls. When you do at times cast your eye over your personality equipment,Discipleship1, 513:Give not way to suspicion; but be careful not to cast it away from you into the hidden depths ofDiscipleship1, 519:upon all you contact, or with whom your lot is cast. Work ever along the line of soul contact,Discipleship1, 522:as a center of strength to all you meet and cast not my suggestion aside because your personalityDiscipleship1, 523:trust the souls of those with whom your lot is cast... I will give you the following eightDiscipleship1, 535:right obligations to those with whom your lot is cast, but you should also have definite times forDiscipleship1, 541:to those you love and with whom your destiny is cast for the remainder of this life; they willDiscipleship1, 562:aspirations which you direct so oft to me, and cast them from you. Then with a tender heart of loveDiscipleship1, 582:and of environment where your destiny has cast you is all that is required of you. What are youDiscipleship1, 584:a pot of fire, to warm his fellowmen; a lamp, to cast its rays upon his heart and shew hisDiscipleship1, 584:vase, wherein he carries all his aspiration to cast before the feet of him who waits to greet himDiscipleship1, 587:second ray group [587] with which you choose to cast your lot and let the other be in the outerDiscipleship1, 698:well understand, therefore, why the last fetter cast off by a Master is irritation! No initiate canDiscipleship1, 747:stages of accepted discipleship and have not yet cast off ancient habits of thought. TheseDiscipleship2, 388:they are related to each other, and how they cast a light upon the initiatory process which isDiscipleship2, 404:and not from the world of meaning; they cast light, if truly interpreted and in due time, upon thatDiscipleship2, 484:from all and sundry with whom your lot may be cast. Rebuffs, misunderstandings and lack of responseDiscipleship2, 654:The vortex of the fire, the flaming rays of heat cast outward by the sun, blend with my fire andDiscipleship2, 720:dappled with the sun and broken by the shade cast by the pillars. A garden spreads on either side,Discipleship2, 736:after a life or lives of balancing, the die is cast and the period of inactivity and of indecisionDiscipleship2, 749:Those who work in this coming cycle must cast off fear and refuse to register in theirEducation, 75:1. An atmosphere of love, wherein fear is cast out and the child realizes he has no cause forEducation, 101:and independent of those with whom his life was cast. In all this intuitional process the emphasisEducation, 128:or a bird can fend for itself physically, it is cast off by the parent or parents and left to itsExternalisation, 62:healthiness of the seeds and their ability to cast strong roots downwards and to penetrate slowlyExternalisation, 63:by people in every country, who have sought to cast the blame for conditions on everyone exceptExternalisation, 480:statement I am not empowered to say, but I can cast some light upon one phase of it. It has longExternalisation, 585:in which their lot and life-trend appear to cast them. They may be quite unconscious of anyFire, 29:rupa sphere the concrete forms of thought. They cast them forth. They peopled the lower four, andFire, 50:who are essentially themselves points of fire, cast off through cosmic friction, produced by theFire, 91:be sufficiently emphasized. The remainder is cast off in the form of animal radiation, or physicalFire, 92:to the dense physical planet, and has been cast off thence in the form of a radiation of the sameFire, 139:that may literally destroy him. He should not cast his eyes backwards, but should lift them to theFire, 163:that is intended to do in this treatise, is to cast some further light upon these centers, to showFire, 171:motion causes it to burn more brightly, and to cast off rays of fire in two directions, whichFire, 175:perfected ear can be seen, and the Lotus has to cast its roots down into the mud before the beautyFire, 705:the Judgment Day when the Sons of Manas will be cast out and the Dragons of Wisdom rule. This onlyFire, 892:activities through the agency of glamor, and cast a veil over their objective manifestation. WhenFire, 950:and to shake themselves free from the illusion cast by the persistent vampire which they haveFire, 1036:the effect is produced of a spheroidal aura, cast around the interlaced serpents, typifying theFire, 1192:[1192] of a planetary Logos, and thus strive to cast the horoscope of the planetary Logos. TheyFire, 1274:a Path between the sphere whereon His lot is cast [1275] and the great manasic orb. He builds itGlamour, 51:a pot of fire, to warm his fellowmen; a lamp, to cast its rays upon his heart and shew hisGlamour, 51:vase, wherein he carries all his aspiration to cast before the feet of Him Who waits to greet himGlamour, 69:of life themes. In this instruction I seek to cast some light upon the glamor which confronts theGlamour, 98:is brought about by those who have learned to cast the searchlight of the soul into the dark placesGlamour, 129:They are powerfully conditioned by their cast, their tradition and their background. They can beHealing, 11:the fact of illusion. Through the light thus cast, the following truth may stand revealed to thoseHealing, 372:and of environment where your destiny has cast you is all that is required of you. What are youHealing, 703:so fortify his physical vehicle that he can cast off the disease or can be aided to face withHercules, 25:most distant sphere in which his labors could be cast. Through emotional sensitivity and response,Hercules, 25:rapport with the world in which our labors are cast. Equipped, therefore, with vocation, spiritualHercules, 52:to the laws of the land in which his destiny is cast, utter consideration for the welfare of thoseHercules, 96:of Nemea that I go upon the Way, and bid them cast out fear." [97] Hercules, 99:from its teeth? What shall I do?" [99] And as he cast about for things to do and listened to theHercules, 196:When Eryx the wrestler challenged him, Hercules cast him down so forcefully that there he stayed.Hercules, 217:that the astrologers base their predictions and cast the horoscope. Thus we have in these twoInitiation, 34:the benefit of humanity, and to enable men to cast off the fetters which [35] imprisoned spirit,Initiation, 143:The horoscope of the initiate is also invariably cast so as to check the time for an individualIntellect, 94:Meschach and Abednego. We read that they were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace, yetMagic, 26:on the plane of the intuition or of buddhi. They cast that light into the world of form and knowMagic, 26:things, interpreting all with correctness; they cast that light into the formless realms of theMagic, 61:of life. If he looks within, he sees the shadows cast by the light, and becomes aware of muchMagic, 131:you have some thought or aggregation of thoughts cast into the minds of the so-called idealists byMagic, 131:by Them. They choose a man or a group of men and cast into their minds some idea. There itMagic, 216:Commentary puts it: "One glance the soul doth cast upon the forms of mind. A ray of light streamsMagic, 357:When however we look at humanity as a whole and cast our eyes back over the past racialMagic, 437:the personality for whom the horoscope may be cast and with the events of the personality life.Magic, 439:Astrologers will eventually find it necessary to cast three horoscopes or three charts: - oneMagic, 440:completely negated. It is not possible to cast the horoscope of the planet, and those who proposeMagic, 440:in nature, of humanity, will eventually be cast, but it will be done by initiates, and there are no
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