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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAST

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Magic, 474:the gates of thought. Sentinel desire. [474] Cast out all fear, all hate, all greed. Look out andMagic, 601:consideration of the last rule for magic. As we cast our minds back over this long series ofMagic, 620:with the doings of powerful personalities who cast their spell over their time and age; thenMeditation, 58:to his bodies matter of the finer kind and cast out that which is coarser. He will formulateMeditation, 132:usually on the former. One form employed is to cast over the disciple the shadows of the thought ofMeditation, 132:to which he may at intervals give way. Thus cast, they loom in undue proportion and the unwaryMeditation, 133:the methods used), the means employed may be to cast a mental darkness over the disciple. TheMeditation, 237:application of color. If colors are but the veil cast over an influence, and if you can, by use ofMeditation, 332:Those Who guide human evolution at this period cast Their eyes over the race in the search for suchPatanjali, 129:in which the final fetters of ignorance are cast off. It states that the reason evil exists, thePatanjali, 188:seem inexplicable to the Westerner. A shadow cast upon food by [189] a foreigner produces impurePatanjali, 305:the one through which the light in the head is cast upon things "subtle, obscure, hidden or remote"Patanjali, 316:question of choice comes in. The light of God is cast upon either side of the razor edged path theProblems, 47:1. An atmosphere of love wherein fear is cast out and the child realizes that he has no cause forProblems, 97:in the midst of the alien races among whom they cast [98] their lot, and to preserve inviolate, asProblems, 132:There are deeply spiritual men whose lot is cast within the cramping walls of ecclesiasticism; theyPsychology1, xx:and because the world cries out for help, cast away fear and go forward with joy and courage intoPsychology1, 84:the dreams of men. Then shall the Master in the cast awaken those who are asleep. Then shall thePsychology1, 199:in heaven," when Michael and his angels were cast down and our planetary system came into being.Psychology2, 178:and at will, and instantaneously: He can cast the searchlight of the mind into the world of thePsychology2, 178:become his experienced knowledge. He can also cast it into the world of illusion and dispel thePsychology2, 199:"The Sun, in all its glory, has arisen and cast its beams athwart the Eastern sky. The union of thePsychology2, 301:time is not yet, we shall some day be able to cast the horoscope of the soul, and make more clearPsychology2, 643:citizens of the country where their destiny has cast them. They will conform to and accept thePsychology2, 748:will in the environment where their lot may be cast. They must strive after harmlessness in speechRays, 8:when He pictured the man who swept his house, cast out seven devils and eventually was in a worseRays, 11:and to lead a despairing world - deep cast into darkness and distress - one step nearer to theRays, 253:an initiate when they meet him, and undertake to cast his horoscope. If they are themselvesRays, 395:The crisis of the new step which will probably "cast Him adrift upon the shore of some distantRays, 677:thinking focus. He has, theoretically at least, cast off the control of the astral body and nature;Soul, 25:composite of them has a distinctly physiological cast; and we may take behaviorism as the pureTelepathy, 34:units with whom the lot of the disciples may be cast. This involves: Sensitive physical reaction,
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