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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CATACLYSMS

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Externalisation, 261:divine intervention: Divine embodiments Natural cataclysms Evocation of slumbering EntitiesFire, 362:results in what looks to us like cataclysms, and a stupendous shattering of forms, but it is simplyFire, 467:on, and proceeds from, etheric levels. Cataclysms of a world wide nature will occur during the nextFire, 495:on this key, which produces the great world cataclysms, wrought through volcanic action. EveryFire, 581:to another; it works through the great world cataclysms, and we need to remember that it governs,Fire, 581:we erroneously term them), but the corresponding cataclysms on the astral plane, and the lowerFire, 583:the third root-race came the first of the great cataclysms that broke the race form, andHealing, 664:of economic disaster, of world wars, of natural cataclysms and of the myriad occurrences andIntellect, 249:destructive. They foretell great and immediate cataclysms, and breed fear in the world. EvenMagic, 461:duty) with catastrophic results. The problem of cataclysms, the cause, for instance, of theMeditation, 40:physical plane in great revolutions, gigantic cataclysms, and fundamental upheavals in all threeMeditation, 188:an interesting point about the Atlantean cataclysms. Mantrams calling the fire devas are equally
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