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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAUSAL

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Fire, 939:They, as we know, have their place within the causal periphery, and are focal points of egoicFire, 940:man in the third root race. The triads in the causal bodies of any self-conscious unit. TheseFire, 941:focal points - the permanent atoms within the causal periphery. We can now consider the group ofFire, 1031:both cosmically and humanly considered. The causal body of the macrocosm and the microcosm. TheFire, 1031:activity of the sheath, the centers, and the causal body as it produces: Periodic manifestation.Fire, 1033:impulses emanating in cyclic fashion from the causal body of man, which impulses bring about hisFire, 1042:atom in the body of one of the Heavenly Men. The causal body is an atom, or sphere. The physicalFire, 1048:Consider the Microcosm, manifesting through the causal body, which contains the three permanentFire, 1050:viewing it as a unit. The energy of the causal body, within the monadic periphery. The energy ofFire, 1098:result in stabilization, and a responsiveness to causal impression. This will lead to theFire, 1109:him, and he escapes from limitation into the causal vehicle. Fire, 1109:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind 2. Motion in the Causal Body We have studied somewhat this activityFire, 1110:entering upon the subject in greater detail. The causal body differs from the Brahma aspect in thatFire, 1110:aspect. To study the nature of motion in the causal vehicle involves much clarity of thought, andFire, 1110:here be remembered that in considering the causal body, we are dealing specifically with theFire, 1110:of the Logos on His own plane. Each part of the causal body is actuated by a type of forceFire, 1112:main types of energy manifesting in the egoic or causal body. Certain other influences mustFire, 1119:what is to be said anent motion in the causal body, I would like to point out that it too - on itsFire, 1120:the centers, through the unified activity of the causal body, is the coordination of the lowerFire, 1121:out that it is the energy, accumulating in the causal body and from thence making its presenceFire, 1123:through a man whose atoms, centers, sheaths, and causal body form a coherent unit in full andFire, 1128:synthetic activity of the centers, sheaths and causal body produce: Periodicity of manifestation.Fire, 1128:where he finds himself. The constitution of the causal body has been seen to consist of a tripleFire, 1153:have been made and the energy from the logoic causal ovoid on the cosmic mental planes is able toFire, 1154:we have a correspondence to the burning of the causal body at the fourth Initiation through theFire, 1160:permanent atomic triad is enclosed in the [1160] causal periphery, nevertheless, from theFire, 1160:it is a correspondence to the energy center, the causal body, constructed by the Monad. The altaFire, 1180:the incarnating jiva), has its place within the causal body of the Logos on His own plane; it is,Fire, 1186:Type of Energy Nature of Fire SOLAR LOGOS: 1. Causal Body. Jewel. Central Spiritual Sun. CosmicFire, 1186:Sun. Cosmic Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Causal Body. Lotus (two petalled). Heart of the Sun.Fire, 1186:Negative. PLANETARY LOGOS: 1. Planetary Causal Body. Jewel. Heavenly Man (on his own plane).Fire, 1186:Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Planetary Causal Body. Lotus. Egoic Groups. Systemic Love. SolarFire, 1186:Fire by Friction. Negative. MAN: 1. Human Causal Body. Jewel. Monad. Spirit. Atma-Buddhi. ElectricFire, 1186:Electric Fire. Positive Force. 2. Human Causal Body. Lotus. Solar Angel. Manasic Ego. Solar Fire.Fire, 1204:twelve-petalled lotus, and with the logoic causal lotus, equally of a twelve-petalled nature. WeFire, 1237:he has been hitherto engaged is a CAUSE; this causal unity then becomes the goal of his search.Fire, 1252:responsible for the destruction of the egoic or causal body. The third produces a spiritualHealing, 45:Dynamic Dominant Atma Monad via soul Will Causal body Jewel in the lotus Aspirant - Disciple -Healing, 45:of egoic lotus, as a whole Buddhic vehicle Causal body Higher mental All types of Spiritual PeopleHealing, 45:Group consciousness Love petals Higher mental Causal body Creative Artists - All advanced humanityHealing, 145:usefulness only after the destruction of the causal body at the fourth initiation. It is theHealing, 145:initiation and prior to the destruction of the causal body, it gathers into itself the energies ofHealing, 158:about the final destruction of the soul body or causal body as the relationship reaches its highestHealing, 349:to work effectively and intelligently on the causal levels whereon souls dwell, it is impossibleHealing, 406:to do with the death or the disappearance of the causal body at the time of the fourth initiation;Healing, 408:applied to the death or destruction of the causal body, in which the spiritual soul has hithertoHealing, 415:comes to an end and all returns within the causal consciousness...This demonstrates on the physicalHealing, 419:it is the atomic level. b. For man, it is the causal vehicle. c. For the Heavenly Man, it is theHealing, 495:atoms, which form a triangle of force within the causal body. Gathers together the needed substanceHealing, 518:or destruction of the soul vehicle or causal body, and the establishment, therefore, of a directHealing, 684:a form as the soul in its own vehicle, the causal body or the egoic lotus. Yet again, facility inInitiation, 16:the first initiations which are undergone in the causal vehicle. It has been said that the firstInitiation, 16:that the major initiations are taken in the causal body or - dissociated from that body - on theInitiation, 19:plane to the etheric. In the destruction of the causal body at the time of the fourth initiationInitiation, 63:personality under control. He is building the causal body with deliberate intent, filling any gapsInitiation, 67:the lower via the atomic cross-section of the causal body. This is not easy to explain clearly, butInitiation, 69:in incarnation or on the inner planes. If on causal levels, they receive instruction at any timeInitiation, 69:advisable direct from the Master to the Ego on causal levels. Disciples are taught in groups in theInitiation, 71:the three planes in the three worlds, and in the causal body, and to follow the guidance of theInitiation, 92:up during numerous incarnations [92] in the causal vehicle. At the fourth initiation the energy ofInitiation, 98:the Saturnian. It has a definite effect upon the causal body, and serves to stimulate the heartInitiation, 99:which must remain nameless is applied to a man's causal body, and is one of the causes of its finalInitiation, 108:initiation one of these Kumaras transmits to the causal body of the initiate that energy whichInitiation, 108:similarly passed into the remaining atoms of the causal vehicle, producing the final liberation.Initiation, 112:affecting: a. The bodies. b. The centers. c. The causal vehicle. 4. The administration of the oath.Initiation, 117:form through which he functioned (the egoic or causal body) has gone, and naught is left butInitiation, 127:of all the bodies, but primarily of the causal body. The arousing of the kundalinic fire (or theInitiation, 134:of the various bodies in connection with the causal, or egoic body is aided, and thus continuity ofInitiation, 135:XIII - The Rods of Initiation b. Upon the Causal or Egoic Body It is only possible to touch veryInitiation, 135:the effect of the application of the Rod to the causal body of the initiate. The subject isInitiation, 137:imprisoned life gradually escapes, whilst the causal body is slowly absorbed or dissipated. ThisInitiation, 137:used in occult books, of "the cracking of the causal body" at each initiation, and to the idea ofInitiation, 179:are those taken on the mental plane and in the causal body. They mark the point in evolution whereInitiation, 195:the Ego, or the Higher Self, functioning in the causal body. Then they have to assert upon theInitiation, 207:and thus learn to function in the causal body on the higher levels of the mental plane, controllingInitiation, 216:egg An appellation that has been given to the causal body owing to its form. Initiation, 217:the Spirit, which is the Seventh Principle. Causal Body This body is, from the standpoint of theInitiation, 217:of the fifth plane, the mental, are found the causal bodies of the Individual men and women. TheseMagic, 59:as it expresses itself through the medium of the causal body, [60] the Karana Sarira, and awarenessMagic, 105:and called, frequently, the Karana Sarira or the causal body. There is the vital or etheric body,Magic, 111:It is the predominating ray to which a man's causal body vibrates. It may correspond to the ray ofMagic, 119:in the three worlds, the second with his life on causal levels, and the last with his life afterMagic, 179:lie in this equipment. From ego to ego via the causal body and transmitted direct according to theMagic, 180:the second case you have transmission from the causal body, from the higher mental levels; in theMagic, 211:and is only finally grasped when the causal body itself, the karana sarira, disintegrates and theMagic, 247:and the initiate, the midway spot is the causal body, the karana sarira, the spiritual body of theMagic, 258:conscious and group controlled, and (until the causal body has been overcome and liberation fromMagic, 264:fourth form is being built. 4. The Form of the Causal Body. This is the vehicle of the higherMagic, 323:channel linking the [323] physical brain to the causal body. The aspirant should also strive afterMagic, 362:into [362] manifestation the egoic body, the causal vehicle, the karana sarira, the twelve-petalledMagic, 367:for the vision comes through the medium of the causal body and few can hold that high consciousnessMagic, 378:unit or mental apparatus of thought, within the causal or spiritual body. By the gradualMagic, 386:which links: The spiritual triad. The causal body. The personality. When this is done the egoicMagic, 386:the consciousness of the Monad, the ONE. The causal body [388] disintegrates; the personality fadesMeditationemotional, and the lower mind body, within the causal periphery, and their stabilizing there by anMeditationaligned with the body of the Higher Self, the causal or egoic body, and held steady within itsMeditation, 3:You need to remember that they come via the causal body, the vehicle of the Higher Self, and theMeditation, 3:the vehicle of the Higher Self, and the average causal body is on the third subplane of the mentalMeditation, 6:found lined up, if so I [6] may put it, with the causal consciousness. Temporary moments occur whenMeditation, 11:not the emotional, contacts not the mental (the causal body even escaping) and the man is polarized
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