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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAUSAL

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Meditation, 13:of the threefold man. The condition of the Causal Body. The need of the period and the man'sMeditation, 14:the physical brain of the personality to the causal body. In formulating methods of meditationMeditation, 15:his threefold lower nature. The condition of his Causal Body. The immediate need of the period andMeditation, 15:Ray of the Higher Self The ray on which a man's causal body is found, the egoic ray, shouldMeditation, 16:expansion results in the final shattering of the causal body at the fourth Initiation. In the firstMeditation, 16:of force or fire from the Spirit and the causal body in time is equally destroyed. When the egoicMeditation, 16:that eventually causes the shattering of the causal body. In these "Rays of Aspect" or of divineMeditation, 16:by the expansion of the lower auric egg, the causal body, in the second ease, due to theMeditation, 16:and by the breaking of the periphery of the causal body in the third case, due to the accumulativeMeditation, 17:and harmony; it causes the shattering of the causal body by the knowledge of Sound and Color andMeditation, 17:other egos, the result is the shattering of the causal body, dissociation from the lower and theMeditation, 18:continued, the piercing of the periphery of the causal body becomes so frequent that in the endMeditation, 18:sacrifice for that person or ideal lays even his causal body on the flames of the altar. It is theMeditation, 18:sacrifices joyously the entire personality. The causal body is destroyed through fire, and theMeditation, 18:the three bodies, and the building within the causal body of an [19] expanding form that results inMeditation, 19:demonstrating a different color. In this way the causal body is more rapidly equipped. When theMeditation, 20:prior to continuing the work of perfecting the causal body and carrying to perfect accuracy andMeditation, 22:the individual from the periphery of the causal body can only be begun when a certain point inMeditation, 22:attained, and when (through its content) the causal body is of a certain specific gravity, and whenMeditation, 23:point in evolution. The specific gravity of the causal body. The size and circumference of theMeditation, 23:causal body. The size and circumference of the causal body. Later I intend definitely taking upMeditation, 23:the Ego. We will deal with the position of the causal body on these planes and with theMeditation, 23:on these planes and with the relationship of the causal body to other bodies on the same plane. InMeditation, 23:mentioned points. I deal, therefore, with the causal body itself, with the egoic consciousness andMeditation, 26:an inner center to the periphery, lighting the causal body and giving indication of burning. To theMeditation, 27:and warming and radiating throughout [27] the causal body, and that the Ego is becoming ever moreMeditation, 28:Teachers. [28] In what way does he do this? The causal body begins to radiate the indwelling Light.Meditation, 28:gradually breaks through the periphery of the causal body, and the "path of the just shineth everMeditation, 28:from the concrete to the abstract, that the causal consciousness is entered, and man - during thisMeditation, 29:complete, and the man is set free. Even the [29] causal body is known as a limitation and theMeditation, 29:The Specific Gravity and Content of the Causal Body June 9, 1920 This subject, anent the causalMeditation, 29:Causal Body June 9, 1920 This subject, anent the causal body, opens up for the thinker much foodMeditation, 29:Just what do you mean when you speak of the causal body? Say not glibly, the body of causes, forMeditation, 29:but nebulous and vague. Let us now consider the causal body and find out its component parts. OnMeditation, 29:essence. On the evolutionary path, groups of causal bodies correspond and are similarly composed,Meditation, 30:composed, three factors entering in. [30] The causal body is a collection of permanent atoms, threeMeditation, 30:plane. There the two met and became one and the causal body was formed. All in nature isMeditation, 31:the spark and feeding the fire. Causing the causal body to grow and expand from being a colorlessMeditation, 31:of the rainbow. This is an occult fact. The causal body will palpitate in due course of time withMeditation, 31:- is first to beautify, build and expand the causal body; secondly to withdraw within it the lifeMeditation, 31:this, comes the application of the flame to the causal body itself and the joyous standing byMeditation, 31:to its source. The specific gravity of the causal body fixes the moment of emancipation and marksMeditation, 32:and when the weight (occultly understood) of the causal body measures up to the standard looked forMeditation, 32:into the divine storehouse. The content of the causal body is the accumulation by slow and gradualMeditation, 32:seek to point out that the circumference of the causal body varies according to type and ray. SomeMeditation, 32:when assigning Meditation 4. Condition of the Causal Body June 16, 1920 The fourth factorMeditation, 33:today and consists of the condition of the causal body. We have dealt with the causal body in itsMeditation, 33:of the causal body. We have dealt with the causal body in its relationship to the Personality orMeditation, 33:mediation, we found that the relationship of the causal body to the Personality became ever closerMeditation, 34:the evolving human hierarchy. These are found on causal levels, though the numbers are slightlyMeditation, 35:Higher Self, and are therefore able to work on causal levels and aid in the development of thoseMeditation, 35:and aid in the development of those egos whose causal bodies are less developed than their own. AllMeditation, 35:He in his turn reports to the disciple with causal consciousness, who reports again to the Master.Meditation, 35:of the indwelling consciousness in the causal body. This, as you see, entails five factorsMeditation, 35:Ray. The Master of his group. A disciple with causal consciousness. A disciple on the mental plane.Meditation, 35:it has somewhat to add to the content of the causal body - a body at first small, colorless andMeditation, 37:aimed at by the Ego, such as the increase of the causal periphery through the study of divineMeditation, 39:the egoic ray, and the condition of the causal body in its relationship to the lower self and toMeditation, 40:we took up the factor of time as shown in the causal body, its point of development, and theMeditation, 40:yesterday with a few brief hints anent the causal body on its own level and its scope ofMeditation, 40:by a teacher who has not the capacity of causal consciousness and contact. When the teacher knowsMeditation, 46:as the pupils, and having the faculties of the causal body fully developed, will apply the methodMeditation, 49:rays to consider, the point in evolution of the causal body and its interrelation on its own planeMeditation, 59:and the pupil will develop the faculties of the causal body, and eventually find liberation fromMeditation, 60:individual need can only be supplied when full causal consciousness exists on the part of theMeditation, 64:the third of the emotional, and the fifth of the causal levels. When a man has mastered the key,Meditation, 66:the involved personalities, a stimulation of the causal bodies involved, and a linking of all threeMeditation, 70:and its utility in aligning the bodies with the causal vehicle. This was our fourth point. TheMeditation, 73:and open to the downflow of force from the causal and intuitional levels, and if his mental life isMeditation, 78:The connection between the centers, the causal body and meditation lies hid in the following hint:Meditation, 78:occult meditation) that the shattering of the causal body is effected. When the inner fire isMeditation, 79:more of the fire of the Spirit, doing for the causal body what the Ego is doing for the three lowerMeditation, 79:capacity touches each center, then even the causal body proves inadequate for the influx of lifeMeditation, 80:perfected personality, one hundred the number of causal perfection, and one thousand the number ofMeditation, 81:polarized in the lower vehicles and not in the causal. The states of consciousness succeed eachMeditation, 82:from emotional to mental, and thence to the causal and later to the threefold Spirit inevitablyMeditation, 83:of the vehicles and the slow development of causal consciousness. Meditation, 84:the twelve petalled head center, the center of causal consciousness. Do all this very slowly andMeditation, 84:This visualization leads to synthesis, to causal development and expansion, and eventually conductsMeditation, 86:The one gives spiritual intuition, and the other causal consciousness. The advanced man is the manMeditation, 88:of the physical body. They pertain to the group causal body, to certain ray secrets, and to theMeditation, 90:to plane conditions) and the attainment of causal consciousness - a consciousness that carries withMeditation, 90:This carries with it the capacity to see on causal levels, intuitively to recognize facts in theMeditation, 94:all, the Master will know, for the results on causal levels will be apparent to Him long before theMeditation, 94:that lower mind and to become polarized in the causal body, using the antahkarana, as the channelMeditation, 95:the polarization into a higher body, first the causal and later into the Triad. The dangers to theMeditation, 96:at lifting it clear of the mental body into the causal, and so bring in the direct action of theMeditation, 97:of experience in order that the content of the causal body may be increased. Therefore it will beMeditation, 97:from the point of view of the Ego, whilst the causal body itself will not be built as desired andMeditation, 99:and only receptive to the Spirit via the causal. This can only be brought about by the developmentMeditation, 99:Its alignment with the mental and with the causal bodies. If this alignment is imperfect (as it soMeditation, 109:the purpose in view of building into his [109] causal body the faculty of "mental apprehension ofMeditation, 109:point in evolution where the rounding out of the causal body is somewhat matured and where theMeditation, 111:of equilibrium and that fine rounding out of the causal body which is one of the aims in view.Meditation, 111:consciousness in the lower mind and later in the causal, to tap the higher until the downflow fromMeditation, 118:to play it out. If he builds into that group's causal body (the composite product of the severalMeditation, 118:and unwisely omitting to balance that group's causal body, he runs into a danger that hurts notMeditation, 122:be receptive and open to transmission from the causal or the abstract levels and even from theMeditation, 134:so developing, but the deficiencies of the causal body (for forget not that our vices are but ourMeditation, 134:but our virtues misused) result in a lop-sided causal body, over-developed in some direction and
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