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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAUSE

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Astrology, 39:or taking its fourth Initiation, which is the cause of certain phenomena upon our planet which hasAstrology, 41:They are the "Seekers of satisfaction" and the cause of the second fall into generation, the factAstrology, 42:Spirit, the principle of Buddhi, is the esoteric cause of the cosmic marriage of spirit and matter,Astrology, 152:to achieve liberation. The emanating cause of the changes upon the Mutable and Fixed Crosses.Astrology, 160:place. It was this reversal which was the true cause of the great contest or battle between theAstrology, 234:produces results and the judicial mind weighs cause and effect more correctly than any other. It isAstrology, 241:angle, you have: Gemini, the Twins - Mind - Cause of duality. Libra, the Balances - Supermind -Astrology, 241:of duality. Libra, the Balances - Supermind - Cause of synthesis. Aquarius, the Water-Carrier -Astrology, 277:to be brought to successful manifestation. The cause of manifestation is, esoterically speaking,Astrology, 302:awareness or responsiveness and the underlying cause of progress or evolutionary movement forward;Astrology, 318:development. It is a picture of the law of cause and effect. These thoughts you can elaborate forAstrology, 327:in all world conflict up to date and is the cause which has produced the history [328] of war andAstrology, 334:study also of the Hierarchies and the signs will cause a drastic revolution in modern astrology andAstrology, 344:already considered) let us bear in mind their cause-initiating nature and the fact that they have aAstrology, 371:or life. All three point inadequately to the cause of the threefold expression which underlies allAstrology, 508:to which he aspires. The warrior, devoted to a cause, comes into being upon the field of action,Astrology, 509:identity says in this house: "I am the eternal cause of all relation. I am and I exist." TheAstrology, 525:and the second group - the leaders of the Allied Cause who represent their nations. No matter whatAstrology, 546:Christ of the world is dangerous, evil, and will cause retrogression. Of these, the rulers ofAstrology, 592:of the divine consummation; it is the cause of all fruition of all forms on all planes and ofAstrology, 600:and form unto shapeless matter and becomes the cause of the manifestation." This statement takesAstrology, 601:of a progressive plan. The Will is the cause, the energizing Principle, Life, Being. This is theAstrology, 601:expression is idealism, the incentive and cause of human activity. Astrology, 605:Ray V - The will to act. Ray VI - The will to cause. Ray VII - The will to express. When their fullAstrology, 605:produces initiation. Ray II - That which is the cause of vision or the Power to see. [606] Ray IIIAstrology, 606:of destruction. Ray VI - That which is the cause of the thought-form building faculty, related toAstrology, 608:Indescribable, Absolute Monad, the Ineffable Cause of the seven solar systems - of which ours isAstrology, 608:four are the expression of the One Ineffable Cause. Our solar system (of supreme unimportance) isAstrology, 608:the sevenfold appearance of that same Essential Cause. As you know, from a study of The SecretAstrology, 611:in the words: Transcending - The transcending cause. Transmitting - The zodiacal constellations.Astrology, 612:capable of responding to the sevenfold Emanating Cause, expressing Itself through the Great Bear orAstrology, 615:sustained effort is the seed of synthesis, the cause of achievement and that which finallyAstrology, 626:interrelation between God and His world, between cause and effect and between Life and form) isAstrology, 630:states that this creative will is not only the cause of manifestation and the guarantee ofAstrology, 690:plane. That triangle still persists, and is the cause of the continued inflow of manasic force; itAtom, 36:in a dual concept; you have that which is the cause of movement or energy, and that which itAtom, 42:and touch upon what may be fundamentally the cause, and may hold the solution of the worldAtom, 55:and form unto shapeless matter, and becomes the cause of the manifestation." Here you have a mostAutobiography, 11:all, only the Eastern name for the great Law of Cause and Effect; the emphasis is ever upon evilAutobiography, 22:and much later miseries offset, if the cause and the purpose of the questioning, of theAutobiography, 119:necessarily inadequate. There must be some basic cause for this constant and ceaseless persecution,Autobiography, 119:they are not liked. What can it be? The basic cause probably lies deeply rooted in certain racialAutobiography, 122:the bulk of the work to do but I had no further cause to be afraid of him. We took a shack of threeAutobiography, 140:dual belief in the law of rebirth and the law of cause and effect, called Karma and ReincarnationAutobiography, 140:and if they had presented the Law of Cause and Effect instead of the Law of Karma, we might haveAutobiography, 154:My second point has reference to the law of cause and effect, or of Karma, as the Theosophists callAutobiography, 164:everywhere. They dispute as to what is the cause of the phenomenon, and argue that what I writeAutobiography, 184:think that my children had a great deal of cause for disagreement with me for I honestly tried toAutobiography, 195:and necessary work. It was for a long time the cause of great bewilderment to me why the T.S. andAutobiography, 204:gave me any real anxiety and never gave me any cause to distrust them, but I like to take thisAutobiography, 212:The doctrines of reincarnation and of the law of cause and effect had solved the problems of myAutobiography, 275:approach to truth has done much harm to the cause of real occultism, and has properly disturbed theAutobiography, 277:Laws include, among many others: The Law of Cause and Effect The Law of Rebirth The Law ofBethlehem, 14:from suffering and from sorrow. That the cause of suffering is desire for existence in the world ofBethlehem, 15:Buddha, man can, for the first time, grasp the cause of his eternal discontent, of his constantBethlehem, 36:our present chaotic bewilderment need cause no surprise. We are trembling on the verge of anotherBethlehem, 104:in nature, God in Christ, God in man. It is the cause of the mystical vision about which so muchBethlehem, 126:emotional-feeling nature inevitably bring could cause him to swerve the slightest from the path ofBethlehem, 151:Light of the world." Contact with God will ever cause a light to shine forth. When Moses came downBethlehem, 168:illumines all of life and lightens all burdens; cause and effect are brought together, and God'sBethlehem, 176:of the universal and the whole. It may perhaps cause some consternation when we emphasize theBethlehem, 215:of living processes which bring adjustment, cause restitution, and produce that attitude wherein aBethlehem, 216:karma. The Western believer talks of the Law of Cause and Effect. Both, however, are dealing withBethlehem, 232:and of prestige among their friends; the cause for which they had been so ready to dedicateBethlehem, 232:Jesus is indeed the Christ. What has happened to cause this transformation? Their answer isBethlehem, 243:risen again, and that behind that fact lies a cause which is basic. The Tibetans speak of theBethlehem, 284:family, of those we love, of some leader, some cause, some school of politics or religion. The timeDestiny, 7:and productive of those events which cause the present state of affairs. I deal with energies; theyDestiny, 27:must always be the seed of truth. The Law of Cause and Effect holds good eternally and particularlyDestiny, 33:and tension of the present world period. The cause of this is not only the impact of the two typesDestiny, 100:and the second group - the leaders of the Allied Cause. No matter what past history may indicate inDestiny, 128:the capacity to get behind the effect to the cause which generated or produced it. In the case ofDiscipleship1, 18:- giving of all your time and interest to the cause - it may be, possible to prepare the ground inDiscipleship1, 40:existing condition. They are an effect and not a cause. That they themselves may have an initiatoryDiscipleship1, 41:and with the inner group which is the subjective cause of the outer groups. The expression of theDiscipleship1, 47:hurt pride and qualities of this kind. These all cause you bewilderment and let loose in you theDiscipleship1, 70:be right understanding of the disease and its cause, plus the karmic status of the patient and theDiscipleship1, 74:men determine their own destiny. The Law of Cause and Effect cannot be offset. In those cases whereDiscipleship1, 88:entered into willingly and deliberately in the cause of spiritual unfoldment and the service ofDiscipleship1, 94:surprising in this statement or any particular cause for elation or for pleasure. An immense numberDiscipleship1, 95:of the senior world aspirants. In that lies cause for encouragement and humility. It is naturallyDiscipleship1, 104:My special instructions for you, therefore, may cause you temporary surprise but later you will seeDiscipleship1, 120:thus conditioned mentally, the paramount cause of their non-magnetic behavior, using that word inDiscipleship1, 128:to myself of very old standing. Of this latter cause, I am, of course, more conscious than you canDiscipleship1, 141:intuition is awakened and your devotion to the cause of the Great Ones is real and you have hadDiscipleship1, 144:wisdom, [144] nothing then is ever done that can cause distress to others in the long run. By this,Discipleship1, 177:activity on the part of all of you in order to cause its manifested expression. The next thing toDiscipleship1, 192:angle of your knowledge; your devotion to the cause of humanity is equally right; your liking forDiscipleship1, 208:first, is based upon the past, under the Law of Cause and Effect. The other is based upon theDiscipleship1, 217:which I have definitely considered. There is no cause whatever for discouragement. Today, in thisDiscipleship1, 242:and in no department of your nature can you cause hindrance. We are working towards a matured andDiscipleship1, 243:be your sixth ray [243] vibration which will cause you the most trouble and along which glamor willDiscipleship1, 246:may remove them from [246] your influence in the cause of freedom to expand. In this suggestionDiscipleship1, 252:my brother, let me add that you have no real cause for discouragement for you have made realDiscipleship1, 280:fellow students. A first ray personality can cause the soul much difficulty when not [281]Discipleship1, 319:though - with the rest of you - I deplore the cause. The glamor in which R. V. B. is involved isDiscipleship1, 321:is carried forward by you and you continue to cause things to be. The lesson of Being is not yourDiscipleship1, 323:when conditioning the personality, is apt to cause much trouble. The lesser light of that minor rayDiscipleship1, 324:directed towards your goal. Naught can cause you to step aside. The dynamic quality of yourDiscipleship1, 358:I but indicate a vague mirage which need never cause you trouble, provided you seek not self
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