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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAUSE

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Discipleship1, 361:force calls forth your best effort. The third cause of trouble is found in the fact that you areDiscipleship1, 379:is not, therefore, difficult and you have no cause for discouragement. Your astral body is on theDiscipleship1, 402:urging you forward to fresh victories in the cause of harmony. Your astral body has been governedDiscipleship1, 461:incarnation. Your tenseness and over-anxiety cause much of your physical disability. To most ofDiscipleship1, 467:Moon. Any information that you may find of the cause of the spiritual opportunity. Discipleship1, 468:of your personality ray which is the psychic cause of the headaches to which you have been prone.Discipleship1, 478:you not to call me from my work without due cause. Discipleship1, 492:in most countries, your life has in it little to cause you concern? There are people around you whoDiscipleship1, 492:at the pain of others. What, therefore, is the cause of your condition? What lies at the root ofDiscipleship1, 505:ways. Sympathy, understanding, loyalty to the cause of occult truth and steadfast endeavor (plusDiscipleship1, 515:Such interludes are inevitable; there is no cause for depression, provided they do not continue,Discipleship1, 562:serve because of your devotion to a teacher, a cause or a belief. Is not this also in line withDiscipleship1, 566:of the purpose of these thoughts will cause basic transformations in your life and attitudes,Discipleship1, 591:were right and of importance, can so easily cause illusion. From this you are rapidly freeingDiscipleship1, 604:you have made progress, my brother, and have no cause for depression or to waste time in regretDiscipleship1, 623:some particular line, your power to know the cause of what is will be of great usefulness. ThisDiscipleship1, 649:into one who is willing to take risks for the cause of humanity and through love of his fellowmen.Discipleship1, 658:that your sense of drama and of self-pity will cause you to lose the significance of the lesson IDiscipleship1, 661:you loved truly and impersonally, you would not cause the pain you do to those who love and believeDiscipleship1, 678:the waters. Water and fire together blend and cause the great Illusion. Fog is the product of mistDiscipleship2, 4:turmoil, but this, if rightly handled, need cause no true disturbance. Give to each other real loveDiscipleship2, 9:of some subjective significance which is the cause of their appearance [10] and which can beDiscipleship2, 14:understanding is a necessary predisposing cause of revelation. I would ask you to ponder on this,Discipleship2, 32:contribution which each of you can make to the cause of clear thinking, ardent aspiration andDiscipleship2, 95:and - whilst dealing with them - you aid the cause of liberation in his life, as well as in yourDiscipleship2, 160:storehouse of energy which is the immediate cause of all events on Earth and which indicates theDiscipleship2, 282:of the world of causes and to relate cause and effect in a practical manner. The initiate of higherDiscipleship2, 282:the potencies of these three worlds of meaning, cause and being to implement the purpose of SanatDiscipleship2, 283:upon the far more factual realities of meaning, cause and being. The old and outworn presentationsDiscipleship2, 283:- Part IV The Formulas The idea of meaning, cause and being underlies the symbology or theDiscipleship2, 284:mind the thought of meaning as light on life, of cause as the breath of experience, and of Being asDiscipleship2, 310:related to intention and purpose, and is the cause of the Plan. It is, however, beyond andDiscipleship2, 322:have here a phase of the working of the Law of Cause and Effect, demonstrated in a mostDiscipleship2, 323:and in relation to its own destiny, the Law of Cause and Effect, or of Karma. I have here condensedDiscipleship2, 324:intuitive perception. Their grasp of the Law of Cause and Effect and their appreciation of theDiscipleship2, 332:these create vacancies, and at the same time cause a tremendous influx of power. At the period ofDiscipleship2, 340:hold upon him. Manifestation and the Law of Cause and Effect are related; where manifestationDiscipleship2, 364:gives insight into the past and into the Law of Cause and Effect; it also gives intelligentDiscipleship2, 367:in relation to its own destiny - of the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma. This will take its backDiscipleship2, 445:but be its fluid life. Transmute devotion to a cause, to me, to your brothers or your group into aDiscipleship2, 446:the physical plane is the result of some inner cause. I hinted at this when I gave you the sixDiscipleship2, 449:is in reality only an effect of an initiating cause or motive) into the world of origins, ofDiscipleship2, 459:is conditions more than circumstances which will cause the anxiety. Can you understand theDiscipleship2, 538:some one particular life wherein the Law of Cause and Effect assumes importance in theDiscipleship2, 541:God but the heart of humanity also. Love is the cause of all creation and the sustaining factor inDiscipleship2, 563:the lower fires into a higher center is oft the cause of trouble in the physical body; you can beDiscipleship2, 584:far less than in years gone by. You have every cause for encouragement, my brother, and my blessingDiscipleship2, 589:and to the pointing out of the law of cause and effect. Trained interpreters are required. 3. TheDiscipleship2, 618:of Nine and in the New Seed Group, it was the cause of much difficulty. I myself was the centralDiscipleship2, 621:and your group brothers and so discover the cause of your "aloneness" by registering daily yourDiscipleship2, 637:from the spiritual angle, even though they cause much suffering and pain to the personality; theyDiscipleship2, 651:this line during this life and [651] have no cause for self-depreciation or regrets. I tell youDiscipleship2, 669:of this - within humanity as a whole - is the cause of the choosing of this special group throughDiscipleship2, 675:physical body and a partner who is ever the cause of constant concern (though withal you owe herDiscipleship2, 696:any age, except the age of the soul; that need cause you no concern; your soul [697] is old in itsDiscipleship2, 699:you, which you [699] recognize, and which cause you so much real distress. It is time that thisDiscipleship2, 732:for all effects emanate from some ascertainable cause. So should it be on all levels ofDiscipleship2, 740:and my strength surrounds you. There is no cause for anxiety, for the future is assured, but seekDiscipleship2, 754:practice (with belief, plus skill in action) may cause almost dramatic changes in your life. BringEducation, 9:a thought of real importance) their subjective cause and their relation to the world of reality ofEducation, 60:but all of them move and work under the Law of Cause and Effect. It is hardly necessary for meEducation, 75:is cast out and the child realizes he has no cause for timidity, shyness or caution, and one inEducation, 82:process whereby youth is taught to reason from cause to effect, to know the reason why certainEducation, 97:and the educator of the future. These will also cause a radical change in the attitude of parentsEducation, 108:problem of the various nations, its cause or causes, and the peculiar contribution which eachEducation, 118:one definite statement at this point which may cause some surprise. The fifth kingdom in nature,Education, 122:of parties and of groups, dedicated to some cause or idea, is another indication of the activity ofEducation, 137:to produce the radiance of group light and cause to emerge, out of these two [138] planetary groupsExternalisation, 5:loose upon the earth, and that the effect is a cause of grave concern to all the Masters, TheirExternalisation, 6:part of wisdom to face facts and to realize the cause of that which is everywhere transpiring andExternalisation, 6:and which can be stated as follows. The cause of the growth of the lower psychism and of theExternalisation, 10:is far too much these days, and which is the cause of concern to the best minds in all theExternalisation, 18:their awakening) is ever to be avoided; it will cause over-stimulation and the opening of doors onExternalisation, 19:which taints and hinders so many; it will cause him to recognize the spiritual fundamentals whichExternalisation, 43:desire in the physical brain consciousness and cause such a violent increase of the active energiesExternalisation, 43:an illusion; it is a definite effect of a real cause from the standpoint of average humanity. WhenExternalisation, 49:Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks The cause for the momentous situation which calls forExternalisation, 62:men determine their own courses. The Law of Cause and Effect can seldom be offset. In those casesExternalisation, 97:in the tension which will take a form that will cause much real suffering and widespread disaster.Externalisation, 108:accounts for the world crisis at this time. The cause is based upon four major factors upon which IExternalisation, 109:initiation. These four stages of the Law of Cause and Effect (as it affects humanity at this time)Externalisation, 109:of Evolution The precipitation of karma - Law of Cause and Effect The achievement of personality -Externalisation, 112:- Section II - The General World Picture The Cause of the Present Crisis It is well known to youExternalisation, 117:yet fundamentally exoteric theme, the Law of Cause and Effect, evokes a general recognition whenExternalisation, 118:self-conscious human being which is the inciting cause of the present conflict. Had the sons of GodExternalisation, 119:Law of Rebirth. Here lies the prime initiating cause of what is taking place today. Externalisation, 119:II - The General World Picture The second cause arose slowly out of the first. Matter and spirit,Externalisation, 135:which have made mankind selfish and cruel and cause this great and universal spirit of theExternalisation, 138:must be considered, for a prolonged war may cause a change in this desirable attitude, and muchExternalisation, 141:and To explain clearly to all people the cause which produces the opportunity and which isExternalisation, 182:of our own sowing. The recognition of the cause of the problem provides humanity with theExternalisation, 196:of all the essential commodities? The cause of this evil way of living is very simple. It is aExternalisation, 234:human relationships. It is an effect and not a cause; it is the effect of certain subjectiveExternalisation, 244:and what can the individual do to aid the cause of humanity and arrest the tide of evil? If he isExternalisation, 245:responsibility, or to sacrifice anything for the cause of humanity. A recognition of our ownExternalisation, 246:complete self-forgetfulness, he will take up the cause of humanity, hiding not behind the sense ofExternalisation, 250:the dedication of your personality life to the cause of humanity, and by the transmutation of yourExternalisation, 252:happening is simply karma or the working out of cause and effect, and that there is nothing,Externalisation, 272:spiritual, yet natural, laws of Rebirth and of Cause and Effect, and which will be founded inExternalisation, 285:the reality of the unseen as the efficient cause of the seen; politics and governments are engaged
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