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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAUSE

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Fire, 1054:There is in this thought no undue complexity or cause for discouragement, for ever the potent forceFire, 1063:we will first of all take up the topic of the cause of radiation. 10 Form: "The model according toFire, 1063:Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind a. The Cause of Radiation The student will only be able toFire, 1063:which radiates. That which is the subjective cause of radiation. It might be very briefly statedFire, 1068:a releasing agent; and they consequently cause what we call burns. These burns are the result ofFire, 1074:in the Five Kingdoms We have seen that the cause of radiation is the response of the positive lifeFire, 1076:chain and the Venus globe of our scheme and thus cause the phenomenon of forced individualizationFire, 1089:and all that can be seen are the results, - the cause must be accepted as existing, though for usFire, 1096:Path, and a clue to the problem of the basic cause of the appearance of such existences as blackFire, 1121:themselves in a threefold manner: First, they cause the group of "wheels" or centers on each planeFire, 1144:so bound up with the still greater law, that of cause and effect, that practically the whole rangeFire, 1168:kingdom and to preserve its integrity. It is the cause of the immetalisation of the Monad. 2. TheFire, 1169:The cosmic marriage of stars and Systems is the cause of the occasional irregular flaring-up orFire, 1188:to the Spirit on its own plane. It is the cause of that continuous cycle of form taking, of formFire, 1197:or taking its fourth Initiation, which is the cause of certain phenomena upon our planet which hasFire, 1200:They are the "Seekers of satisfaction" and the cause of the second fall into generation, the factFire, 1200:Spirit, and principle of Buddhi, is the esoteric cause of the cosmic marriage of spirit and matter,Fire, 1236:Now we arrive at the realization that there is a cause lying behind that which has hitherto itselfFire, 1236:which has hitherto itself been regarded as a cause, for we discover that behind all subjectiveFire, 1236:incentive. This incentive, this latent spiritual cause, is the object of the attention of theFire, 1237:with which he has been hitherto engaged is a CAUSE; this causal unity then becomes the goal of hisFire, 1237:ears: "Search for that which is the responsible Cause, and having known the [1240] soul, and itsFire, 1241:dynamic vibration which is the producing cause of both the subjective life and its qualitative formFire, 1277:silence. He utters the four deep sounds which cause the scale again to drop within His reach.Glamour, 14:and form unto shapeless matter and becomes the cause of the manifestation." The figure and form youGlamour, 22:which will convey meaning to your minds? The cause lies far back in the consciousness of theGlamour, 23:Hence the service you can render to this general cause by offering yourselves for this training. IfGlamour, 30:that the effect in the world today has been to cause a general division of the human race intoGlamour, 59:illusion, brought about by wrong perception. The cause is an untrained, unillumined mind. The cureGlamour, 60:leads to illusion through misinterpretation. The cause is an over-estimation of one's mentalGlamour, 61:to illusion through misappropriation. [61] The cause is over-estimation of personality and undueGlamour, 62:a wrong use or wrong direction of the idea. Its cause is a small and non-inclusive mind. Its cureGlamour, 63:This is illusion, through acquisitiveness. Its cause is selfish grasping for the little self, evenGlamour, 64:discrimination where substance is concerned. Its cause is lack of esoteric training in creativeGlamour, 74:more in detail. The Glamor of Materiality is the cause of all the present world distress, for whatGlamour, 77:really devoted aspirant. They are devoted to a cause, to a teacher, to a creed, to a person, to aGlamour, 84:the pairs of opposites, which is the major cause of glamor. Glamour, 94:studied these instructions with care) that the cause of glamor is primarily based upon the sense ofGlamour, 146:may personally regard as separateness or as the cause of separation. I would remind you that theGlamour, 162:was entirely a balancing process and need cause no basic concern, for God Transcendent eternallyGlamour, 166:[166] Truths; they need to realize that the cause of all sorrow and woe is desire - desire for thatGlamour, 185:following simple revelations to humanity: The cause of all human suffering is desire and personalGlamour, 193:life, circumstances and events, revealing the cause and the meaning of the experience. When theHealingbodies - which today devastate the human frame, cause endless suffering and pain, and usher manHealing, 3:certain schools of healers that the mind is the cause of all sickness is not as yet a fact. AHealing, 9:I would like to point out that the ultimate cause of disease, even if known to me, would fail to beHealing, 9:to me, would fail to be comprehended by you. The cause lies back in the history of the distant pastHealing, 10:These limitations and relative imperfections may cause definite effects in Their bodies ofHealing, 11:that the foundational and ultimate cosmic cause lies beyond our comprehension, and that only as theHealing, 14:the truth, but only a tiny fraction of the cause, as it appears to your feeble finite mind, throughHealing, 15:present form and the species. [15] The law of cause and effect, called Karma in the East, governsHealing, 20:the preconceived ideas as to the ancient Law of Cause and Effect which are necessarily in yourHealing, 21:the working of the [21] Law of Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect is not to be understood as we nowHealing, 28:such as the vivisection of animals, may rightly cause distress. In spite of all this theHealing, 31:the result of undernourishment. The last named cause is primarily an evil of civilization; it isHealing, 32:the enemy of that which is static. The law of cause and effect governs disease as it governs allHealing, 34:factor to be considered. It is an outstanding cause of ill health. The reason for this is that itHealing, 40:and are carried over from life to life, they cause the more violent aspects of the conditionsHealing, 48:entering slowly into a new usefulness. Once the cause of disease is shifted out of an organ orHealing, 57:from which the trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect, and know the point exactHealing, 59:and sometimes not. Curiously enough, the cause of this great white scourge is to be found in theHealing, 60:suffer from the disease of cancer, the general cause is not identical, though the basic causeHealing, 60:general cause is not identical, though the basic cause (reaction from an over-expression of the sexHealing, 63:result of ancient evil habits. This is the major cause today and indicates: Individualization uponHealing, 65:and define. The man or woman is a victim but the cause producing the illness or difficulty -Healing, 65:unable to investigate, nor can he arrive at the cause producing the effect. All that he can affirmHealing, 71:victim of these conditions sees nothing but the cause of his complaints and is so submerged throughHealing, 74:is the bringing together of the outer apparent cause and the inner true cause which is responsibleHealing, 74:of the outer apparent cause and the inner true cause which is responsible for the outbreak of theHealing, 74:to these two causes - an inner and an outer cause. In these cases, the outer cause is not an effectHealing, 74:and an outer cause. In these cases, the outer cause is not an effect of the individual inner cause,Healing, 74:cause is not an effect of the individual inner cause, which is interesting. You will note,Healing, 78:will be for a couple of centuries - the major cause of difficulty for the bulk of humanity or ofHealing, 80:much that I could add to what I have said on the cause of disease arising in the etheric body, butHealing, 82:inner and subtler impulses. Here is found the cause (the secondary cause, as I pointed out above)Healing, 82:impulses. Here is found the cause (the secondary cause, as I pointed out above) of the bulk of theHealing, 92:of the physical equipment; but the basic cause of the disease is the emotional rebellion, andHealing, 96:the power of thought, have in no case been the cause of trouble. It has been caused by theHealing, 97:of the brain and of the body cells and so cause nervous trouble and sometimes brain disease, butHealing, 97:but the mind itself and thinking, per se, cannot cause disease and trouble in the physical body. AsHealing, 98:from which the trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect, and know the point exactHealing, 106:of the human organism are those which cause the greatest amount of trouble at this time and willHealing, 110:certain hints which will point the way to the cause of the prevalent diseases, and so enable theHealing, 114:psychologically governs coma. [114] The Law of Cause and Effect, or of Karma, governs all disease.Healing, 115:in process - of soul and personality. The first cause which I listed earlier in this treatise wasHealing, 124:of a more subtle nature arising from the same cause, but not localized in certain definite humanHealing, 131:manual goes on: "The breath of life becomes the cause of death to the one who lives within a shell.Healing, 135:from which the trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect, and know the point exactHealing, 172:disturbing center in the body, and is a basic cause of the majority of stomach complaints andHealing, 175:put a strain upon the physical body and are the cause of many of the ills to which disciples fallHealing, 175:solar plexus center into the heart center will cause difficulty, very frequently of a seriousHealing, 207:infections and germs which might not otherwise cause trouble, producing those [208] situationsHealing, 229:the Teachers of the race saw to it that cause and effect were quickly to be noted. At this timeHealing, 237:man's constitution and aware of the great Law of Cause and Effect - will deal with the criminalHealing, 238:too great, and heart disease supervenes. A third cause of heart disease is due to the premature orHealing, 242:or inadequate - of the centers is the subjective cause, but remains yet unrecognized except byHealing, 242:are themselves the result of a true subjective cause) are initiated by the physical man himself,Healing, 243:little - only enough to indicate one fruitful cause of disease and one of such great age that it isHealing, 243:time) upon the physical body which is the major cause of death where the purely animal form natureHealing, 247:The length of the cycles and their determining cause are a deep mystery and are specifically
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