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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAUSE

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Patanjali, 404:He says: "Though things are similar, the cause of mind and things is distinct in consequence of thePatanjali, 405:vasana of the form of external objects is the cause of all our distinctive knowledge is useless,Patanjali, 405:which has already spent itself cannot become the cause. Hence objective existence must be grantedPatanjali, 408:in ourselves. We fail to see aspects of life be cause as yet in ourselves, those aspects arePatanjali, 409:active mind stuff, the effect-producing cause. We have in this sutra a statement which is the keyPatanjali, 423:known to the great initiate, Paul, and was the cause of his injunction to the disciples he soughtPatanjali, 426:unfolded the full flower of the soul. The law of cause and effect as it functions in the threePatanjali, 427:the boundless immutable principle which is the cause of all manifestation. He is likewiseProblems, 20:the enemies [20] of Great Britain can bring due cause to the judgment seat. The British, as aProblems, 20:British. All these characteristics have been the cause of extreme irritation to other people,Problems, 38:millions. [38] We are constantly told that the cause of this war is economic; that is surely so butProblems, 47:cast out and the child realizes that he has no cause for timidity. It is an atmosphere wherein heProblems, 54:process whereby youth is taught to reason from cause to effect, to know the reason why certainProblems, 70:First of all, it must be recognized that the cause of all world unrest, of the world wars whichProblems, 73:It has opened the eyes of men to the underlying cause of war - economic distress, based on theProblems, 79:of the modern world, desire is the underlying cause. It demands the satisfaction of sensed need,Problems, 87:of religious creeds is a potent, contributing cause. Problems, 91:for their own ends or are championing the cause of the small and weak nations, not from anyProblems, 93:the work of the U.N. and by championing the cause of the smaller nations in Europe. As the GreatProblems, 142:natural laws: the Law of Rebirth and the Law of Cause and Effect. The churches in the West haveProblems, 143:us the ancient and true teaching of the Law of Cause and Effect called in the Orient, the Law ofProblems, 145:eventually - under the Laws of Rebirth and of Cause and Effect - to an ultimate perfection; thesePsychology1, 11:towards the goal of spiritual light is the cause of trouble or precipitates disaster is not aPsychology1, 18:all that is, and is the sustaining, originating Cause and Source of all manifestation. I shall usePsychology1, 35:identity. Soul. Life - Immutability. Emanation. Cause. Source. Spirit. [36] The synthesis of allPsychology1, 48:for each of them, the interplay which we call cause and effect. Ray I - Will, dynamically applied,Psychology1, 78:Let that which causes all to be produce the cause of their cessation. Let one temple now emerge.Psychology1, 97:sensitivity of the race to impression is a cause of rejoicing and of danger. All over the worldPsychology1, 116:personal; you would be apt to hurt the group and cause trouble; you would see things (through thePsychology1, 125:this way. By definite musical sounds, which will cause vibrations in the ethers, which in theirPsychology1, 127:primary color is the same. When this fundamental cause of or dissociation is betterPsychology1, 160:of his temperament and the real subjective cause of his varied reactions, his complexes andPsychology1, 187:on the outer side. I charge them to work in the cause of religion and in the field of thatPsychology1, 189:These discrepancies are only apparent, and their cause lies hid in the right understanding of thePsychology1, 209:it may be to a person, or it may be to a cause. He must always have a "personal God," anPsychology1, 231:of truth, are a great detriment to the cause of the Hierarchy. And everywhere these things are toPsychology1, 248:the human soul. It is this fact that is the cause of man's special problems, and it is these twoPsychology1, 264:the sixth great ray forced us to suffer in the cause, yet love it too, and through our deepPsychology1, 267:and its expression, the personality. It is the cause of the sex relation in the world, which worksPsychology1, 277:manifestation of life in form, and which is the cause of all phenomenal appearance. Humanly orPsychology1, 279:imminent. These three great happenings are the cause of much of the present upheaval and chaos; atPsychology1, 285:spiritual life. There is therefore little real cause for depression, if what I have here noted isPsychology1, 327:This secret of translation is the underlying cause of the caste system, and caste is a symbol ofPsychology1, 329:The scientific type - full of the idea of cause and results. The mathematical type. The devoteePsychology1, 338:so-called love nature, and it is in truth the cause of our evolutionary growth. The life in formsPsychology1, 358:eventuates a rapid following of effect upon cause, and this today can provide the basis for anPsychology1, 415:closer relation between men and animals. It will cause a great destruction of the present animalPsychology2, 13:their belief in terms of accomplished fact and cause much stumbling among the little ones. But atPsychology2, 53:average psychologist. They do not recognize the cause but only the effects. A similar crisisPsychology2, 67:[67] In the life of the aspirant, the power to cause this tremendous happening is dependent uponPsychology2, 86:the inconsistencies. Here is to be found the cause of all the divergences in the world of civilizedPsychology2, 111:produces reorientation in the three worlds. The cause of the magnetic rapport between a Master andPsychology2, 131:those acts and that speech which might hurt or cause any misunderstanding. By no word, suggestion,Psychology2, 133:to deduce the effectual existence of an inner cause, of an inner reality, or of a self or soul. WePsychology2, 155:is inseparable from suffering and sorrow. The cause of suffering is desire for existence in thePsychology2, 193:It must be realized that these Groups are not a cause but an effect. That they may themselves havePsychology2, 196:of the New Group of World Servers, and was the cause of the very good reaction in the world toPsychology2, 212:These rare and unexpected types will cause much bewilderment to our psychologists. It should herePsychology2, 221:expansion. [221] This tendency is the basic cause of all initiation - individual, racial, planetaryPsychology2, 221:of light upon earth. This quality is the basic cause of all sensory perception and is thePsychology2, 222:of the greater whole. This constitutes the basic cause of evolution itself - individual, planetaryPsychology2, 222:the world of meaning. It is therefore the basic cause of that subtle essence or [223] revelationPsychology2, 223:wider choice and comprehension. It is the basic cause and impulse which will lead to the eventualPsychology2, 224:on the path, and devotion. It is the basic cause of all organization and of cooperation. The idealPsychology2, 225:purpose and goal. It is necessarily the basic cause of the appearance and the disappearance ofPsychology2, 234:and immanent, we have, therefore, no cause for real fear or foreboding. God's instincts arePsychology2, 276:stage in the life of the aspirant, and is the cause of that unhappy sense of duality which producesPsychology2, 280:of Initiation upon earth. This approach is the cause of much of the present turmoil, for the AvatarPsychology2, 323:a widespread failure to recognize the underlying cause which is responsible for the "appearance",Psychology2, 344:and is the spiritual source of the specific cause of the ideological conflicts now going on inPsychology2, 389:creation of those effects of which ideas are the cause, producing within the creative range ofPsychology2, 395:infallible comprehension which grasps cause and effect simultaneously, and sees why and whence andPsychology2, 402:know it, present conditions indicate their own cause and cure. I trust that by the time we havePsychology2, 418:no permanent, dangerous results, the same basic cause produces the so-called "petit mal" andPsychology2, 419:objective, and it is not, in these cases, the cause of the difficulty. The trouble is simpler andPsychology2, 437:of the life structure, will be evidenced. The cause of the cleavage in this case is usually foundPsychology2, 439:incarnation or several incarnations); but it can cause definite psychological problems, and createPsychology2, 442:many types of difficulty. If, however, the cause is more intelligently approached and handled, itPsychology2, 463:of the Lord, the soul, can sound forth and cause the walls of Jericho to fall. This task of evokingPsychology2, 483:the recognition of the great Law of Cause and Effect (working out from life to life) and thePsychology2, 483:about destiny as it works out under the Law of Cause and Effect and the truth [484] about man'sPsychology2, 496:- Some Problems of Psychology The major cause of a distressing dream life is, in every case, aPsychology2, 515:upon mystics and aspirants in particular, and cause definite reactions. With these we shall shortlyPsychology2, 519:service to humanity, and will [519] eventually cause a reorganization of the methods employed up toPsychology2, 531:a genuine longing for union with the divine. The cause of all this lies in the stage ofPsychology2, 535:centers and this can, in the early stages, [535] cause definite psychic trouble. In illustration ofPsychology2, 540:[540] coupled all kinds of skin eruptions. The cause is twofold: The over-stimulation of the solarPsychology2, 546:physical difficulties arise from the same basic cause and can be offset and controlled by the samePsychology2, 551:transference, the intense activity produced will cause all kinds of tensions and reactions,Psychology2, 588:for much is dependent upon the originating cause, but I will here suggest various rules andPsychology2, 593:causes: The rhythm of manifestation. This is the cause of the appearance and the disappearance ofPsychology2, 595:even an aspirant or intelligent, then it will cause the over-stimulation of the sex life, and alsoPsychology2, 617:This may be a new thought to some and should cause many in the New Age groups to arrest their [618]Psychology2, 634:the partisans in the world, the fighters for a cause, and are formed into great groups, either forPsychology2, 634:and choose a leader, and are ready to die for a cause, and to make endless sacrifices for theirPsychology2, 637:(fighting, violent partisanship of a leader or a cause, attacks on individuals whose ideas orPsychology2, 637:hatred between men, and without attacking any cause or giving partisanship to any cause - the newPsychology2, 637:any cause or giving partisanship to any cause - the new order can be firmly established upon earth.Psychology2, 648:can in no way foster hatred, spread enmity, or cause division among their fellow men. To thisPsychology2, 655:will gradually knit together all men in the cause of true brotherhood. This group will not be
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