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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAUSES

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Healing, 237: Esoteric Healing - Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life C. Cancer We come now to aHealing, 240:area of the abdomen. I simply mention these causes (over-activity of a center and the retention ofHealing, 241:I can only lay down general indications, state causes, and then leave to the intelligentHealing, 242:of our discussions to emphasize the subjective causes and the objective effects. The two must beHealing, 242:yet unrecognized except by esotericist. The causes (the apparent causes which are themselves theHealing, 242:except by esotericist. The causes (the apparent causes which are themselves the result of a trueHealing, 242: Esoteric Healing - Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life 2. Diseases Arising from ObscureHealing, 244:of the vegetable kingdom and is also one of the causes which leads to the autumnal cycle in theHealing, 248: Esoteric Healing - Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life We have arrived now at anotherHealing, 249: Esoteric Healing - Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life 3. Racial and National DiseasesHealing, 250:still wider generalizations which will indicate causes and will not emphasize the consequences ofHealing, 250:and will not emphasize the consequences of these causes. I seek, therefore, to point out that: TheHealing, 251:to disease and to a lowered resistance to the causes of disease; it can engender an ability toHealing, 254: Esoteric Healing - Chapter II - Causes Emanating from Group Life To the various categories ofHealing, 258:and final section of thoughts around the basic causes of disease. The theme of karma has beenHealing, 262:Law of Cause and Effect by a recognition of the causes in the personal, national and internationalHealing, 262:prove the fact of some initiating world of causes. Historical conditions, the relationships betweenHealing, 262:and tendencies can all be traced to originating causes - some of them most ancient. Everything thatHealing, 270:We have been for some time considering the causes of such diseases, and I propose to deal withHealing, 273:tangible, physical effects and to the inner causes, as they are to be found in the centers andHealing, 274:the new major field of research. That the main causes of all disease are two in nature: They are toHealing, 281:I am making at this time is to indicate the causes of disease and ill health which are notHealing, 281:which deals with the effects of these subtle causes as they work out in the physical body and theHealing, 289:as a whole. As we discussed the psychological causes of disease as they arise in the subtleHealing, 289:entirely with karma or the effect of the inner causes of events, equipment and circumstances uponHealing, 289:We have, consequently, simply pushed the causes of present day conditions still further back, andHealing, 290:the man in a position to make or work off more causes and effects. The personality not beingHealing, 290:became the conscious creator of its own causes and the conscious participator in the effects. UponHealing, 290:same time karma connected with the initiating of causes through world service is added to thatHealing, 291:off much evil karma, and the karma based on causes later to be initiated will not generate suchHealing, 292:III - Our Karmic Liabilities 2. The Seven Ray Causes of Karma These carry the cause of all humanHealing, 293:in the world; it deals with the seven ray causes of imperfections in our planetary manifestations.Healing, 293:intuitive development that men can "appreciate causes and effects as whole processes and can seeHealing, 293:introduction to those dealing with the Seven Ray causes of inharmonic and disease. To the intuitiveHealing, 295:devoted so much time to the consideration of the causes of disease; more than half of what I haveHealing, 296:The factor that is of importance is the causes, initiated by man from life to life; these work outHealing, 296:of some particular incarnation. It is with these causes that man must learn to deal, to recognizeHealing, 297:to the isolation of the seven psychological causes of disease, inherent in the substance of allHealing, 298:III - Our Karmic Liabilities The Seven Ray Causes of Inharmony and Disease "The Great One setHealing, 305:that we have, upon the physical plane, the causes of disease and death. Ponder on these matters andHealing, 305:is to be a true understanding of some of the causes of physical ills and disease. [306] Healing, 309:by the idea that disease is the result of two causes - an inner cause and an outer cause. TheHealing, 310:is the basic cause (expressing itself in two causes) which produces some form of disease. It isHealing, 311:factor, and when the inner and the outer causes are brought out into the clear light of day theyHealing, 312:it is. A student with some insight into occult causes might suppose that when people are changingHealing, 313:only give warning of the presence of that which causes distress, but have in themselves definiteHealing, 314:knowledge will suffice until such time as the causes of fevers are better understood and physiciansHealing, 320:finite minds of men cannot yet grasp them. Such causes, for instance, may have their effects as aHealing, 329:and deals only with effects and never touches causes. The disease can therefore be abated, butHealing, 329:healers whether there is a difference in the causes of disease and the effects as experienced inHealing, 330:there is no difference whatever in the basic causes of disease in the East and the West. They areHealing, 337:IV - Some Questions Answered On Psychological Causes of Disease Do "psychological causes ofHealing, 337:Causes of Disease Do "psychological causes of disease" register in brain symptoms before reflexingHealing, 337:and most important point to grasp. Psychological causes of disease register in the brain or (if ofHealing, 337:we give the name of disease. The psychological causes are forms of energy, working out through theHealing, 338:good health, as it expresses sound psychological causes, or poor health, as it expresses theHealing, 338:to place and are due to a wide variety of causes. I will list them here, and the list may at someHealing, 339:may be suffering from a combination of such causes, as for instance a combination, let us say ofHealing, 339:as for instance a combination, let us say of the causes in 1, 2, 6. Healing, 340:and imbalance today is due to three major causes: The transitional period of today producing aHealing, 353:than is generally believed possible. One of the causes of cancer, which was not so prevalent in theHealing, 354:modern investigation is occupied with secondary causes and effects of this etheric weakness. IHealing, 380:begin to function consciously in the realm of causes. There is no questioning in the Hierarchy,Healing, 381:non-acceptable interpretation of the underlying causes of disease. Behind humanity lies a veryHealing, 382:and a new insight into the conditioning causes which are responsible for much that today distressesHealing, 384:a world which is the antechamber to the world of causes. Effect; Meaning; Cause. In these threeHealing, 384:aware, or are steadily becoming aware, of the causes which produce the effects which meaningHealing, 417:the result of this withdrawal, or rather, what causes that something which we call death orHealing, 417:and a system is brought about by the following causes: a. The cessation of desire. This should beHealing, 418:or note is perfectly felt or sounded, it causes (at the point of synthesis with other vibrations)Healing, 431:through murder or through suicide. These causes of death, and other causes, come under a totallyHealing, 431:suicide. These causes of death, and other causes, come under a totally different directive process;Healing, 432:of isolationism leads to all the secondary causes of war: greed, producing economic disaster;Healing, 474:as "death-dealing" and is one of the basic causes of coma and of loss of consciousness. It evokes aHealing, 479:or suggested treatment, indicate their direct causes and give, in detail, the processes ofHealing, 480:and is thus drawing nearer to the world of causes. It is for this reason that I have wasted no timeHealing, 480:I have, however, dealt with the latent causes of disease - such as tuberculosis, syphilis andHealing, 521:We have dealt somewhat cursorily with the causes of disease and have noted that they emanate as aHealing, 544:With these influences and predisposing causes we have already dealt, and there is no need furtherHealing, 548:more basic than that. I am concerned [548] with causes, and primarily with the etheric body as theHealing, 548:healing process is simplified when we recognize causes and realize that they are responsible forHealing, 549:cause, and therefore to effects and not to real causes. The healing with which I am concerned isHealing, 550:healing by a presentation of the psychological causes. [551] This first rule is related to thatHealing, 556:the soul, in the psychological diagnosis of the causes of the disease which he proposes to handle.Healing, 563:we are still dealing with the definition of causes producing the objective disease; these have toHealing, 598:the secret of divine appearance; one of the main causes of disease, as well you know, is theHealing, 607:interesting law, because it deals basically with causes, primarily with causes over which theHealing, 607:it deals basically with causes, primarily with causes over which the average person has noHealing, 614:students regard these glands as effects and not causes of events and happenings and conditions inHealing, 614:and declare - is always conditioned by inner causes; it is never, intrinsically, itself a cause. ItHealing, 614:and on our planet, automatic and affected by causes generated on the inner planes or by the actionHealing, 626:medical science recognizes that the world of causes (as far as the endocrine glands are concerned)Healing, 655:force from the soul back again to the soul. This causes necessarily an augmenting and an energizingHealing, 663:and of evil, we are dealing here with causes (and this the initiate must ever do); when theseHealing, 663:(and this the initiate must ever do); when these causes are themselves removed, then the effectsHealing, 674:initiate sees things as they are; he knows the causes of which all phenomena are the ephemeralHealing, 675:by the disciple to penetrate into the world of causes, and thus learn (if possible) what it is thatHealing, 675:It is obvious that this "penetration" into the causes of the trouble will only be possible if theHealing, 675:the trained medical man; this is a factor which causes bewilderment, at present, to the averageHercules, 11:this from the standpoint of the initiator of the causes in order to produce intelligent effects.
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