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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CEASELESS

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Astrology, 10:forms one unbroken field of activity in constant ceaseless motion - an eternal medium for theAstrology, 98:who are ourselves, are Lords of Persevering Ceaseless Devotion - devotion even unto death. Astrology, 117:by knowledge, love and will, and animated by ceaseless persevering devotion. They seek to bringAstrology, 188:method of conflict, for they are also Lords of Ceaseless and Persevering Devotion. All the aboveAstrology, 367:brought about through the constant activity, the ceaseless movement and the unending changingAstrology, 624:One said: I am alone. I must arise and seek with ceaseless urge, that which produces completion,Atom, 23:and constant mutation. It demonstrates in the ceaseless activity of the unit or the atom, theAutobiography, 119:must be some basic cause for this constant and ceaseless persecution, some reason why they are notBethlehem, 118:simply an aggregate of energy units in constant ceaseless motion, to which we have to adjustBethlehem, 153:pleasure, and an indication of the constant and ceaseless call and voice of the sentient nature, toBethlehem, 180:points this out, throwing light upon this ceaseless and age-old focusing of the love of God and theBethlehem, 206:Christ expressed itself; in harmless living and ceaseless service to our fellow men; in a carefulBethlehem, 251:and Heine believed, with its emphasis upon a ceaseless, recurrent, earthly existence by each unitBethlehem, 270:This is not easy. It calls for discipline, for ceaseless effort and striving, for that conquest ofDestiny, 64:around the year 1900, there is a constant and ceaseless migration of peoples from one place toDestiny, 125:of the animal to man is well recognized and of ceaseless expression. The service of man to theDiscipleship1, 96:so busy in true service that he has no time for ceaseless comparisons with others. True humility isDiscipleship1, 282:of relative stability in a life hitherto full of ceaseless movement, and this for you is novel andDiscipleship1, 498:than the man who is disciplined by the constant, ceaseless impact of others upon his consciousness.Discipleship1, 620:know that service means endless disappointment, ceaseless struggle, hard knocks, apparentDiscipleship2, 12:thought life of a disciple is occupied with a ceaseless interrogation and consideration of himself.Discipleship2, 32:in which he lived was the result of the ceaseless conflict between his aspiring soul nature and hisDiscipleship2, 225:go in the violent search for excitement and for ceaseless nightly pleasure and, finally, theDiscipleship2, 498:abode - undeviatingly followed the path of ceaseless, constant service. You have reached and haveDiscipleship2, 664:that you were called to live the triple life of ceaseless serving, of constant pain, and [665] ofExternalisation, 254:and the numbness that comes from undue and ceaseless mental and physical pain are stultifying andExternalisation, 285:for truth and prove adequate to answer his ceaseless yet intelligent questions? I would assert hereFire, 175:Eternity. Each man of us has gone this ceaseless round, and will repeat it forever and ever. TheFire, 255:are the seven races physically. The Lords of ceaseless and untiring devotion - S. D., II, 92. TheFire, 598:an endless interweaving and interlocking, and a ceaseless ebb and flow, in the dramatic interplayFire, 1106:of the individual atoms, and this constant and ceaseless interplay results in the "occult heat" ofGlamour, 126:being and makes his life appear to be a ceaseless conflict between the pairs of opposites. TheHealing, 225:predisposition. Man's fight for health is ceaseless and unending, ranging all the way from ordinaryInitiation, 87:attain a fair measure of synthesis. Hard and ceaseless must the work be before this can be done,Initiation, 218:the universal propelling vital force; the ceaseless destructive and formative power; the synthesisMagic, 264:seeing those plans disrupted. It is a life of ceaseless suffering, of frequent clashing with theMagic, 264:friendships made and transferred, of mutation ceaseless and consequent agony. Ideals areMagic, 613:whilst it is in evidence we have the apparently ceaseless pulling hither and thither by forces,Meditation, 145:with the lower self that drags down; it is a ceaseless fight to preserve the higher vibration. AndMeditation, 353:the universal propelling vital force; the ceaseless destructive and formative power; the synthesisPatanjali, 26:endeavor means literally constant practice, ceaseless repetition and the reiterated effort toProblems, 107:- education, medical aid, the ending of the ceaseless tribal wars, sanitation, and a moreProblems, 154:ancient and undesirable, hope because of their ceaseless demand for spiritual light, hope becausePsychology1, 48:Knowledge and of Love, and also of the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. We might, in order more clearlyPsychology1, 48:the Logos expresses itself through the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. Here devotion is not thePsychology1, 48:the sustaining force, a Lord of persevering and ceaseless devotion to the pursuit of a seen andPsychology1, 49:towards its expression. None are as yet Lords of ceaseless will and none realize as yet the plan ofPsychology1, 194:structure after structure and found to be in ceaseless motion. A vast series of living structures,Psychology1, 195:forms, are all found, again, to be in equally ceaseless motion. These greater structures, in theirPsychology2, 92:The "Lords of Knowledge and Compassion and of ceaseless persevering Devotion" (who are ourselves)Psychology2, 468:constant analysis to which he is prone, and the ceaseless making of plans as indicative not only ofPsychology2, 470:His friends or co-workers are the butt of his ceaseless criticism, because they do not work out theRays, 101:This is brought about by the automatic, ceaseless and unquestioning fulfilment of duty, from theRays, 315:consciousness; He expressed universality and the ceaseless continuity and contact which is theRays, 592:synthesizes them, produces order out of the many ceaseless impacts and interprets them, thusTelepathy, 27:and so controls their activity (which is as ceaseless as the thought-form-making propensities ofTelepathy, 142:and qualifies it. The etheric body is subject to ceaseless change. This, being true of theTelepathy, 150:that is there one minute is gone the next. This ceaseless play of energy varies in time and space,Telepathy, 164:the whole etheric body is in constant motion and ceaseless transformation, and the energies of
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