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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CEASELESSLY

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Astrology, 187:of the disciple. Harmony through Conflict is ceaselessly active and appears in both the orthodoxAstrology, 198:pouring upon our system and our planetary lives ceaselessly, potently and cyclically. Yet they areAstrology, 213:of Christian theology, the theme of blood runs ceaselessly and the source of salvation is laid uponAstrology, 273:of these signs, performing cyclically and ceaselessly their appointed task. They, therefore, areAstrology, 389:aspects of energy and force which impinge ceaselessly upon his consciousness. As time goes on, hisAstrology, 417:rapid movement, revolving eternally in space and ceaselessly moving onward and as of fourth andAutobiography, 83:sweepers, men, women and children who passed ceaselessly along the road. They plodded silently -Autobiography, 93:to Calais and on the boat to England. I cried ceaselessly and hopelessly and I could not stopAutobiography, 110:Meetings and I always had to go to church and, ceaselessly and endlessly, I had to listen toBethlehem, 138:to be reconciled? Of the higher values, man is ceaselessly conscious. Of the man who wills to doBethlehem, 207:of sacrifice unto the death, of service rendered ceaselessly, of self-forgetfulness, and of aBethlehem, 227:without compromise join the ranks of those who ceaselessly serve their fellow men. Dr. Schweitzer,Destiny, 4:new forms of civilization. These energies are ceaselessly playing on humanity, producing changes,Discipleship1, 116:minor problems and detachments which will color ceaselessly your life of service, your life in theDiscipleship1, 273:books. It is not possible for me to continue ceaselessly telling you that which you already know inDiscipleship1, 298:the activity of the inner, conscious man which ceaselessly turns its attention to the soul, seekingDiscipleship2, 165:for light and love and peace, for which they ceaselessly long. They will also regard it as a prayerDiscipleship2, 209:together into one great created whole, tending ceaselessly to the greater glory of God. They wieldDiscipleship2, 271:their thinking and their living potency pour out ceaselessly and affect the consciousness of theirDiscipleship2, 498:untiring service to the Plan which you have so ceaselessly rendered. You have for years - everDiscipleship2, 555:should live. Think humbly, speak wisely and work ceaselessly. The opportunity today is great forDiscipleship2, 624:makes us aware of this maya in which we are ceaselessly walking. Thought throws a clear light intoEducation, 25:the situation will be reversed. Parents will ceaselessly meet the demands of the emergingEducation, 113:emerging human consciousness, demanding - as it ceaselessly does - a change in education, religionExternalisation, 105:so that a pervasive, intelligent influence can ceaselessly make its impact felt upon the minds ofExternalisation, 221:as citizens of their own country but cultivating ceaselessly and unrelentingly aExternalisation, 314:and who - because they love enough - will ceaselessly subordinate everything to the task which mustExternalisation, 506:leaders and executives is very close. He acts ceaselessly on the inner esoteric council of theExternalisation, 511:prime work of the church is to teach, and teach ceaselessly, preserving the outer appearance inExternalisation, 594:bewildered, unhappy world of men, the cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." ThusExternalisation, 619:to do good and to accomplish spiritual ends is ceaselessly gnawing away within his consciousness.Externalisation, 641:and goodwill may envelop the earth. 3. Promote ceaselessly the work of World Goodwill, so thatExternalisation, 645:a "fixed intention" on the part of many to work ceaselessly for true peace and understanding. TheseExternalisation, 684:from hour to hour and the eyes of millions are ceaselessly glued to the printed page at all hoursFire, 395:descending from every point in space, endlessly, ceaselessly. Atoms make up molecules, moleculesFire, 424:attribute will circulate into and out of power ceaselessly; towards the end of the fifth round theFire, 996:in his every day life. When he has so worked, ceaselessly and untiringly, and his physical planeFire, 1118:of the fires, and the rapid scintillation of the ceaselessly moving streams and points of energy.Fire, 1218:of his objective brings about steadily and ceaselessly group achievement. No man liveth to himself,Glamour, 200:forms which are being constantly created and ceaselessly produced in response to the aspirationalGlamour, 260:of collaborating with the Hierarchy make music ceaselessly. This rhythm of sound and this myriad ofHealing, 140:ocean of Being in which he lives and moves - ceaselessly in motion until such time as the soulHealing, 424:experience and see it, you would see (going on ceaselessly and without any pause) the greatHealing, 586:qualities, and though this has been affirmed ceaselessly it still remains a meaningless platitude.Healing, 687:of the divine Existence which are invoking ceaselessly the lower center; one of the factorsHercules, 208:in the life of the aspirant and yet links him ceaselessly with cosmic enterprise. Its theme will beInitiation, 203:Voice, the devas in their serried ranks, work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to theIntellect, 68:aspiration) the mystical vision, [68] and longs ceaselessly for the constant repetition of theMagic, 143:objective. Without realizing this, however, ceaselessly and irresponsibly, day after day, we speak;Magic, 171:discovers that he has to work constantly and ceaselessly with his lower self. He finds that one ofMagic, 631:learned the secret of silence; they are animated ceaselessly by a spirit of inclusive love; theirPatanjali, 13:his work. The lower forms are constantly and ceaselessly active, endlessly assuming the forms ofPatanjali, 71:though the obstacles as yet overcome him; he is ceaselessly conscious of failure, and thisProblems, 101:been chased from place to place; constantly and ceaselessly the Jew has been forced to move on orProblems, 101:with great streams of wandering Jews moving ceaselessly north, south and west and a small trickleProblems, 104:of the Gentile [104] environment to which they ceaselessly make appeal, proffering only materialProblems, 146:and to the fact of His office and activities, ceaselessly carried forward on earth. He does notProblems, 158:such as the present. This invocative cry rises ceaselessly from all men living in the midst ofProblems, 167:that security and peace for which all men ceaselessly long. Three groups immediately appeared inProblems, 173:which must be eliminated and they are educating ceaselessly in the principles of the new age. It isPsychology1, 152:which forces and energies circulate and flow ceaselessly, and that these energies emanate from thePsychology1, 355:In the great cyclic recapitulations which go on ceaselessly, we see today in our Aryan race aPsychology2, 104:and all that the wheel of life, which has turned ceaselessly, has brought into the possession ofPsychology2, 360:himself. How can he achieve his goal when he is ceaselessly running hither and thither - weaving,Rays, 22:the Voice, the devas in their serried ranks work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to aRays, 179:Voice, the devas in their serried ranks, work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to aRays, 731:This process of death and resurrection goes on ceaselessly in all the kingdoms of nature; eachReappearance, 32:for light and love and peace, for which they ceaselessly long. They will also regard it as a prayerReappearance, 39:bewildered, unhappy world of men, the cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." ForReappearance, 151:such as the present. This invocative cry rises ceaselessly from all men living in the midst ofReappearance, 166:to do good and to accomplish spiritual ends are ceaselessly gnawing away within his consciousness.Soul, 34:cord and brain, we become aware of information ceaselessly conveyed to us. Messages are carriedTelepathy, 142:by the dominant solar or planetary energy which ceaselessly and without break in time, creates it,Telepathy, 146:body, emanating as they do periodically and ceaselessly from the seven rays, is so potent that theTelepathy, 150:in, passing through and disappearing from (ceaselessly aeon after aeon) the form. The energy that
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