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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CELIBACY

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Astrology, 212:its implications; it has emphasized a militant celibacy (militant where women and their rights andDestiny, 131:idea to a fanatical extent, and have stressed celibacy, asceticism and stringent rules of physicalGlamour, 87:such controlling factors as total abstinence, celibacy, and vegetarianism, and upon physicalHealing, 334:other phases or an entire life wherein a strict celibacy is temporarily enforced. But there areHealing, 578:the personality which makes a man an initiate. Celibacy, careful modes of eating and a measure ofHealing, 579:by well-intentioned aspirants; they practice celibacy, strict vegetarianism, relaxation exercisesHercules, 52:A right understanding, of the meaning, of celibacy. The word means "single" and the meaning usuallyHercules, 52:result. But may it not be that the true celibacy has been expressed for us in the words of Christ,Hercules, 52:shall be full of light"? May it not be that true celibacy is the refusal of the soul any longer toHercules, 52:use of common sense, by a right understanding of celibacy, and by [53] identification with groupIntellect, 258:people have also a settled conviction that celibacy must always accompany the life of the spirit.Intellect, 258:the spirit. May it not be possible that the true celibacy to which the ancient rules are intendedIntellect, 258:Christian Scriptures put it? May not the true celibacy have reference to our abstaining from allMagic, 198:lack of physical vitality, which predisposes to celibacy. This lack of vital force is in its turnMagic, 198:degeneracy of the physical body, or to enforced celibacy in past lives; this enforced celibacy wasMagic, 198:enforced celibacy in past lives; this enforced celibacy was very often the result of monasticismMagic, 420:and teach them not to lay emphasis upon diet, celibacy, times and seasons, and so distract theirPatanjali, 199:nature of creation and to conserve his energy. Celibacy is not enjoined. Self-control is. In thePsychology1, 304:on this matter, and the injunction as to celibacy is assuming the position of a religious doctrine.Psychology1, 304:the condition is abnormal. But that an enforced celibacy is an indication of a deep spirituality,Psychology1, 306:purificatory and developing potencies. The celibacy required is that of the higher nature to thePsychology1, 306:demands of the flesh. The attitude of an imposed celibacy upon the equipment of many a disciple hasPsychology1, 306:life wherein he is faced with the problem of celibacy, and is forced to abstain from all physicalPsychology1, 306:am dealing with the special case of self-applied celibacy, and not with the present [307] worldwidePsychology2, 309:such controlling factors as total abstinence, celibacy and vegetarianism, and upon physicalPsychology2, 532:all the way from real sexuality to fanatical celibacy. This latter is a s much an undesirablePsychology2, 536:instead of an aid to expression by the enforced celibacy of many people, owing to the presentRays, 84:of the sanitary care of substance. An enforced celibacy and a rigid vegetarianism are familiarRays, 670:and have endeavored to emphasize an enforced celibacy; they have thus frequently warped the natureSoul, 157:state, and pledge themselves to a life of celibacy. Owing to these conditions the force is raised
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