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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CELIBATE

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Autobiography, 153:come a life in which a man or woman should be a celibate. This they must be in order to demonstrateHealing, 239:are those who find the teaching - monastic and celibate - of the Middle Ages the line of leastHercules, 52:and convents, believe that for them the celibate state is essential and right, and are puzzled whenInitiation, 204:the superficial reader as an injunction to the celibate life, and the pledging of the applicant toIntellect, 260:and as he frequently does leading a purely celibate life, may be a demonstration of the truth ofMagic, 420:effectively when in the married state as in the celibate; he will however brook no prostitution ofPsychology1, 304:is no real spiritual attainment unless a man is celibate. This theory has its roots in two things:Psychology1, 304:The belief that to be a disciple necessitates a celibate life and complete abstinence from allPsychology1, 306:all physical relations and to live a strictly celibate life, in order to demonstrate to himselfSoul, 157:are leading an abnormal sex life, and are celibate. Others, from what may be a mistaken idea of
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