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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CELL

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Astrology, 30:meditation produces an effect upon the atom or cell in the little finger upon one of your hands.Astrology, 336:in a human being, and minute as in an atom or a cell - to the urge or pull of foci of energy and ofAstrology, 424:therefore, be helpful, and the relation of a cell or atom in one of the abdominal organs (forAtom, 40:that a microbe, on its approach to a body-cell only just out of its range, may try this way andAtom, 90:life, or being, in whose body he is himself a cell. Our physical body is, for instance, made up ofAtom, 91:very little thought. If we concede that man is a cell in a greater sphere, may it not be possibleAtom, 91:is to the man what his consciousness is to the cell in his body? Is it not possible that we mayAtom, 100:active sphere. Now taking that little cell as our starting-point we may get, by its means, someAtom, 101:itself. Universal consciousness to the little cell might be considered as the consciousness of theAtom, 101:to be extended to man, considered as an atom or cell within the body of a great Entity, and one canAtom, 121:as a whole, is to that little self-contained cell what group consciousness is to us; and that theAtom, 155:itself, encouraging; for if we study closely the cell in a physical body, and consider the longBethlehem, 5:He incarnated to demonstrate must also live. The cell in the womb, the stage of littleness, theBethlehem, 173:A fire-mist and a planet, A crystal and a cell, A jelly-fish and a saurian, And caves where theDiscipleship1, 634:monotony of life within the four walls of the cell in which you lived, dedicated to theDiscipleship2, 494:you that the brain is ever composed of atoms and cell units which vibrate to the energy of the rayExternalisation, 514:one linked to Him becomes, in a vital sense, a cell in His Body. This the initiate Paul trulyFire, 45:which is the basis of life of the spheroidal cell, or atom, and of its rotary adjustment to allFire, 121:that of the Heavenly Man in whose body he is a cell. This is achieved at the fourth Initiation, theFire, 155:the form macrocosmic, or the rotation of a cell in the physical body within the form microcosmic.Fire, 156:down to the atom of matter that we call the cell in the body physical. Through the depression inFire, 157:a plane, a ray, the body of the Ego, or a cell in the physical body. Fire, 159:of manifestation. It stands finally for a single cell within the human vehicle, and for the atom ofFire, 161:physical body in its etheric constitution, or a cell in that body etheric. All these material formsFire, 229:state of gradual development, and not until each cell within His body is fully alive and vibratingFire, 230:sense) be fully achieved. [230] Not until each cell in His body is a sphere of radiant glory - aFire, 232:Men, in one of Whose bodies a man forms a cell. The body of expression of each Heavenly Man is oneFire, 249:from the Heavenly Man, in Whose body he is a cell. The united effect of these two stimulations,Fire, 271:The human being realizes his relationship (as a cell in the body) to a Heavenly Man only when he isFire, 281:of the planetary Logos in Whose body he is a cell. Space for the atom (for instance, the atom inFire, 294:its synthesis emphasized. The relation of the cell to the group, of the group to the aggregate ofFire, 295:always be borne in mind: [295] That the terms "cell, group, or congery of groups" relate entirelyFire, 295:the groups and is the animating life of the cell has to do with the Spirit aspect. These twoFire, 295:persists until that Realization includes the cell, the group, and the totality of groups. TheseFire, 295:connotation as the "One who knows") is but a cell, a minute atom within a group. A Heavenly ManFire, 295:in relation to solar consciousness. He is but a cell in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAYFire, 306:the individual cells. This work of transmuting cell activity was begun on this planet during theFire, 307:but small, but each transmuted [307] conscious cell increases the speed and the accuracy of theFire, 310:the discriminative faculty of the lowest atom or cell, is actuated by mind of some kind or another.Fire, 310:It is only as the place of that discriminating cell or atom within its greater sphere isFire, 355:of the planetary Logos in Whose body he is a cell or lesser life. Certain mysteries ariseFire, 360:and then will the glory shine out, and each cell in every body - logoic, planetary, deva and human,Fire, 409:we call a human being to the little cell within the body of that human being, and the atom which isFire, 410:Subdivision and subdivision. Unit and unit. 45 Cell and cell. The interrelation of all theseFire, 410:and subdivision. Unit and unit. 45 Cell and cell. The interrelation of all these factors and theirFire, 419:of matter from the materialized Logos to the cell in his own physical body, and the cell in allFire, 419:to the cell in his own physical body, and the cell in all bodies on the physical plane. ThisFire, 509:unimportant liberation of the force of one cell in His body. When all the units or cells in HisFire, 529:note of the Heavenly Man in Whose body he is a cell; he can demonstrate in relative perfection fireFire, 702:body as it stimulates the life of the individual cell, and brings about relatively its intelligentFire, 702:which is the positive factor in the life of the cell. Some idea can be gathered from this as to theFire, 704:devas are the positive energy of the atom, cell or subhuman form, for instance, while the electronsFire, 1045:of the Heavenly Man in Whose body it is the cell. The planetary atom, equally self-determined, aGlamour, 5:awakened and vibrant. The nucleus of every cell in the body is a point of light, and when the lightGlamour, 5:the light of the intuition is sensed, it is this cell-light which will immediately respond. TheGlamour, 6:speaking, into the light of day every cell which is so constituted that it will respond. Glamour, 49:A prison is a prison, whether it is a tiny cell or an isolated island of vast extent, from whichHealing, 199:physical vehicle, to every organism and to every cell and atom. It is the working of the quality ofHealing, 331:of the cells or atoms of the body. The word "cell" itself suggests, in its usual connotation, anHealing, 331:form. They bring to matter, or to the aggregated cell lives, the contribution of quality -Healing, 354:they are), they respond to group life, to massed cell emanation and radiation. This constant streamHealing, 354:an over-stimulation in some part of bodily cell structure. This usually occurs where there is aHealing, 354:in the etheric or vital body, which means that cell defenses are impaired and the result isHercules, 93:is the consciousness of the form and of the cell life, the mode of awareness of the form, and,Initiation, 179:of the relative value and place of the unit, or cell, in the body of a Heavenly Man. The point mustIntellect, 126:human being, and takes his place as a conscious cell in the body of humanity. He is beginning toMagic, 29:The nature of the atom, of the molecule, and the cell, their functions, the qualities of theirMagic, 37:of consciousness concerns the atom, molecule and cell of which all forms are constructed. Thus theMagic, 277:so attractive that the pituitary body of cell lives may be stimulated and thus a close interplay beMagic, 281:of the cells which constitute the body. This cell life is responsive to the cell life of theMagic, 281:the body. This cell life is responsive to the cell life of the environment. Never let it beMagic, 282:or lower the physical vibration of the united cell body. Thus, as we well know, the physical effectMagic, 282:rhythms and therefore dependent upon the cell having in itself something of that to which itMagic, 283:three might be described as the quality of the cell forces operating entirely on the physical planeMagic, 284:understanding, it should be noted that the cell life to which we have above referred isMagic, 284:Therefore we have the following to consider: 1. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Thymus gland.Magic, 285:nervous system Solar plexus Pancreas. 7. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Heart. The eighthMagic, 450:The nature of the atom, of the molecule and the cell, their functions, the qualities of their forceMagic, 548:and on which the white magician, being a cell in the body of the cosmic Christ, is also crucified.Magic, 590:the brain, and through the over-activity of the cell life can also induce that internal frictionPatanjali, 395:our being and in Whose body every form is but a cell or atom, is impossible for us to comprehend.Psychology1, 20:by its radiation and life upon every atom and cell and organism within the radius of immediatePsychology1, 54:The atom of substance, the molecule or the cell all have soul, but not in the same degree as has anPsychology1, 91:does this speak? Of the sum total of the united cell life; of the environing [92] group in which aPsychology1, 194:every kingdom in nature, and of every atom and cell within those forms. Science has led us on fromPsychology1, 318:In this unified form Life every human being is a cell, and the seven races constitute the sevenPsychology1, 337:and of selective Adaptability. Just as every cell and atom in the human body is modified andPsychology1, 337:the ray of each of the inner bodies, so every cell and atom in the body of the planetary Logos isSoul, 19:is the product, the by-product, of a number of cell factories which control the parts of hisSoul, 118:events which take place in that tangle of fiber, cell and fibril, are, on the other hand, even now
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