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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CELLS

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Healing, 97:over-stimulation of the brain and of the body cells and so cause nervous trouble and sometimesHealing, 101:its intensification by stimulating the atoms and cells involved in the activity of the forceHealing, 108:tract, lungs and throat, the stabilizing of the cells of the brain, the cure of insanities andHealing, 163:organism is, in its turn, composed of molecules, cells and atoms, and these are held together inHealing, 202:leading to the over-activity of the atoms and cells governed by any particular center. All theseHealing, 227:has altered in some way the atoms and cells of the physical body, and that gained something has inHealing, 239:type of energy attracted an increasing number of cells and atoms to itself; therein is found theHealing, 316:is due to the over-stimulation of the brain cells by some forms of energy which over-balance otherHealing, 331:as the energy aspect, in its totality, of the cells or atoms of the body. The word "cell" itselfHealing, 332:and holds in form all the living atoms and cells of the body. When that life thread is withdrawn byHealing, 339:this. [339] A certain form of breakdown in the cells found in a particular area of the brain. BasedHealing, 347:than the united influences of the body atoms and cells. It produces the tendency to withdraw andHealing, 354:existence, particularly in our urban centers. If cells are living organisms (which they are), theyHealing, 354:of energy pouring from the aggregate of bodily cells in massed humanity may produce in certainHealing, 383:in an over-activity and growth of the body cells whose will-to-live becomes destructive to theHealing, 400:be only the sumtotal of the consciousness of the cells in the body. This theory relegates man toHealing, 414:life... - Page 596. e. When all the units or cells in the body of the planetary Logos haveHealing, 420:or the aggregate of the tiny cycles of the cells of His body) pursues the same course; He ceases toHealing, 429:pranic energy vitalizes the individual atoms and cells of which that body is composed. The streamHealing, 434:body and the return of its elements, atoms and cells, to their originating source. Elimination,Healing, 475:The dense physical body, the sumtotal of organs, cells and atoms, is steadily being released fromHercules, 88:of the life and the consciousness of the cells in the body, and of that instinctive, collectiveInitiation, 178:full activity, other methods of stimulating the cells in his body (the deva and human monads) mayInitiation, 181:naturally [181] produce results in the units or cells in the body of the Heavenly Man, and leadIntellect, 12:laid upon the mechanism, upon the sumtotal of cells, which constitute the body and the brain, withIntellect, 120:mind and the brain. If the brain and the brain cells are all that there is, then the position ofIntellect, 120:entirely dependent upon the quality of the brain cells, is logical and correct. The part that theIntellect, 255:the consciousness" in the head, it is the brain cells which become [256] over-stimulated, leadingIntellect, 256:on alternate days, until such time as the brain cells have adjusted themselves to the new rhythmMagic, 31:the heart. As the activity of the atoms and cells of which the physical body is composed. It is theMagic, 40:brought into touch with the intelligence of all cells in the threefold body mechanism. By a closeMagic, 42:organism is, in its turn, composed of molecules, cells, and atoms and these are held together inMagic, 146:calls together the atoms out of which molecules, cells, organisms and finally the integrated formMagic, 194:brought about by over-stimulation of the brain cells through unwise meditation work, and it willMagic, 196:the dense physical body. The throat center. The cells of the body. In the little evolved man, as inMagic, 276:and asleep, so, in humanity, this group of cells within the brain of the body corporate is dormant,Magic, 277:head center - the occult Hierarchy. Some of the cells are awake. Let them intensify their endeavorMagic, 277:that there will be a streaming forth of new cells to the pineal gland and at the same time such aMagic, 281:forces. These are due to the life of the cells which constitute the body. This cell life isMagic, 282:groups: Those emanations, which issuing from the cells themselves and dependent upon their quality,Magic, 282:of animal magnetism and is the response of the cells to the call of other cells, acting under theMagic, 282:the response of the cells to the call of other cells, acting under the Law of Attraction andMagic, 282:or emanations, which are the response of the cells to harmonious rhythms and therefore dependentMagic, 283:himself, should be the vibratory quality of the cells of that body, of the individuals who composeMagic, 390:Him, and, on our particular level, we achieve as cells in His Body. As time progresses, Indra willMagic, 452:the heart. As the activity of the atoms and cells of which the physical body is composed. It is theMagic, 527:its many units being analogous to the brain cells in the human apparatus. Just as the human brain,Magic, 527:up of an infinite number of sentient responsive cells, can be suitably impressed when quiescenceMagic, 527:aspirants and disciples represent those brain cells which are beginning to fall into the largerMagic, 527:of men are like the millions of unused brain cells which the psychologists and scientists tell usMagic, 528:the inner group of vitally alive brain cells in the planetary brain, the entire human group, and itMagic, 528:rapidly will the present inert mass of human cells be brought into activity. The occult hierarchyMagic, 560:and so making strong impress upon the brain cells and working out into words. Because in a suddenMagic, 590:prolonged trouble. Over-stimulation of the brain cells is necessarily one of the results of theMagic, 591:is based upon the fact that the energy of the cells which compose the body or the matter aspectPatanjali, 85:we recognize as caused by the vibration of the cells of the physical brain. Chaos, lack ofPatanjali, 385:being, moves on to greater achievement, so the cells and atoms in His body are correspondinglyPatanjali, 387:of all the organs in his body, and for all the cells of which they are composed and as he studiesPatanjali, 409:of brain stillness. He seeks to quiet the brain cells, and render them negative, quiescent andPsychology1, xxiv:development of the, as yet, quiescent brain cells) which must eventually produce a coordination ofPsychology1, 6:into existence through the fusion of the body cells, and therefore, through the process ofPsychology1, 6:the aggregated life and consciousness of the cells themselves. Psychology1, 20:being is, in his turn, an aggregate of atoms and cells built into form and having scatteredPsychology1, 59:in its turn, stimulates and develops the brain cells and produces a steady stabilization of thePsychology1, 79:serves no useful purpose only strains the brain cells and feeds the pride. Psychology1, 90:the responsive and discriminating powers of the cells and organs of the body, plus the lifePsychology1, 91:there is nothing left but the dissociated cells and atoms of which it was originally composed. WhenPsychology1, 193:active quality, determining the life of the unit cells which compose the form) the range ofPsychology1, 295:Men and women will know themselves as cells in a vital organism, and their activities and outlookPsychology1, 342:in nature is a life, and these lives form the cells of a Being's body or vehicle of manifestation.Psychology1, 372:not be possible for more to be made clear. Brain cells, hitherto dormant in even the most advancedPsychology2, 65:conscious life of the sum total of the bodily cells, which are, in their turn, the recipients ofPsychology2, 201:the sum total of the conscious reactions of the cells of the body - the sentiency of the organism,Psychology2, 408:and when educators cease to train the brain cells or to deal with the evocation of memory, and whenPsychology2, 418:the consciousness inherent in the physical body cells remain. Psychology2, 453:there follows a galvanizing into activity of cells in the brain which have been hitherto dormantPsychology2, 457:the brain matter. The deterioration of the brain cells. [458] Abnormal condition within the brainPsychology2, 466:mental forces, or the disruption of the brain cells through the strain to which they have beenPsychology2, 486:the processes pursued usually render the brain cells negative and quiescent whilst the mind remainsPsychology2, 492:upon the physical plane is concerned. The brain cells must be gradually awakened and the correctPsychology2, 500:waking [500] hours are still agitating the brain cells, but the recognition and interpretation ofPsychology2, 500:the endeavor to evoke the dream life, the brain cells get no rest and forms of sleeplessness arePsychology2, 509:being transferred to or imprinted upon the brain cells. We have therefore: Psychology2, 609:- temperament, the quality of the physical cells of the brain, the nature of the work which hasPsychology2, 611:and occultly cool. It brings the brain cells into functioning activity, evoking response from cellsPsychology2, 611:into functioning activity, evoking response from cells at present quiescent and unawakened. It isPsychology2, 611:present quiescent and unawakened. It is as these cells are brought into activity by the inflow ofRays, 9:individual tiny lives which we call the atoms or cells of the body. These exist in three groups andRays, 242:It required an instrument in which the cells and atoms of His body (all lives in all kingdoms), andRays, 485:where there is very real success the brain cells are not of the caliber which can register it. TheRays, 488:without undue physical strain upon the brain cells. When this has been accomplished there will beReappearance, 85:in three ways: As physical life, nourishing the cells of the body. This life is found within eachReappearance, 128:activity those registering and those recording cells within the brain substance which have hithertoSoula city of meanings, and not merely a city of cells. Its organs are no mere facts, but symbols,Soul, 19:of a car. These chemical factories consist of cells, manufacture special substances, which act uponSoul, 19:special substances, which act upon the other cells of the body, and so start and determine theSoul, 20:and activity to the functioning of the physical cells and the bodily organs. Free Will is thereforeSoul, 24:is all the functioning of physical, material cells, and that without such structure there can be noSoul, 44:to life. It is believed to stimulate the brain cells and to have a "direct and important bearingSoul, 47:of sugar. Without sufficient sugar for the cells, no muscle work or nerve work - essentials in the
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