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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTAUR

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Astrology, 174:clearer: Leo Sagittarius Aquarius The Lion The Centaur The Water-Carrier The Man The Archer TheAstrology, 175:the sign was frequently depicted by the Centaur - the fabulous animal which was half a man and halfAstrology, 175:modern presentations. This earlier sign of the Centaur stood for the evolution and the developmentAstrology, 175:the controlling factor. The definite goal of the Centaur, which is the satisfaction of desire andAstrology, 175:has been done in Sagittarius. The keynote of the Centaur is ambition. The keynote of the Archer isAstrology, 176:of the bow depicted. The Archer as well as the Centaur have dropped out of the picture and this isAstrology, 177:five in number. Attached or fused duality - the Centaur. Unattached duality - the Archer. FreedomAstrology, 182:set apart and unattached in Gemini become the Centaur, the man-beast, in Sagittarius, whilst Virgo,Bethlehem, 64:Woman with the Child. There is Centaurus, the Centaur, and Bo÷tes, whose name in the HebrewBethlehem, 64:of the woman and that woman a virgin; then the centaur, ever the symbol of humanity in the ancientExternalisation, 269:horse and (in the early part of the cycle) as a centaur, half man and half horse. Both refer to anHercules, 120:Coma Berenice, the mother of the form only; the Centaur, the man riding upon a horse or the horseHercules, 126:of their brothers, calling to Cherion, another centaur wise, to come and share their revels. ThisHercules, 127:still remains. At the ninth Gate again, the centaur must be met and known and rightly understood."Hercules, 129:took time for a drunken orgy with two wise old centaur friends. And take note that they broachedHercules, 159:on the white horse, sometimes pictured as the centaur with the bow and arrows. In these two modesHercules, 159:arrows. In these two modes of picturing - the centaur half human and half animal, the archer on the
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