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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTER

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Atom, 123:selfish life, and is seeking his greater center. From being simply an atom he is, in his turn,Atom, 124:within the human atom evolves. I should like to center our attention upon this human type ofAutobiography, 22:I was the unhappy, self-dramatized center of my little world. This sense of better things somewhereAutobiography, 39:various forms, the circle with the point in the center, the five-pointed star and variousAutobiography, 52:back to our Source, to God, and to the spiritual center of all life. When translating it intoAutobiography, 78:inner Spiritual Identity saying: Return to your center, or source, for awhile and reflect upon theAutobiography, 148:on the man's part and the bed stood in the exact center of the room with its legs in deep saucersAutobiography, 157:and still more so in Adyar (the international center), was at that time reactionary andAutobiography, 158:heard of it. Just as I thought I had found a center of spiritual light and understanding, IAutobiography, 217:that with our help she should start a spiritual center at Ascona near Locarno on Lake Maggiore andAutobiography, 223:Chapter VI The district had been at one time the center of the Black Mass in Central Europe andAutobiography, 225:her spiritual personality, dominating the whole center. She was so beautiful, so gracious and soAutobiography, 267:upon devotion - devotion to the teacher at the center of the group, devotion to the truthsAutobiography, 271:found an esoteric school. A disciple becomes the center of a vital, radiating group which grows andAutobiography, 271:and achieves its end because of the life at the center, developing from within outward; it is theAutobiography, 288:a Master's Ashram are taught. An Ashram is that center of spiritual light and power into which aAutobiography, 298:Master K.H. (An ashram may be thought of as a center of living spiritual energy in the group lifeBethlehem, 3:are at this time, and the door into the very center of reality stands wide open. Paralleling,Bethlehem, 26:The way to the place of initiation and to the Center where Christ may be found is the way of theBethlehem, 36:of an ancient Mexican aphorism, "Always in the center shall come a new Word." Every form has itsBethlehem, 36:come a new Word." Every form has its positive center of life. Every organism is constructed aroundBethlehem, 36:around a central nucleus of power. There is a center in our universe from which the Word wentBethlehem, 37:was for us "made Flesh," and around that dynamic center of spiritual life our Western worldBethlehem, 38:values. The Word must again sound forth from the center - the Center in the Heavens, and the centerBethlehem, 38:must again sound forth from the center - the Center in the Heavens, and the center in every humanBethlehem, 38:the center - the Center in the Heavens, and the center in every human heart. Each individual soulBethlehem, 38:the term in the most general sense to mean the center of experience which as a microcosm hasBethlehem, 38:expression for the microcosm, including the center which its circumstances stand around, remoldingBethlehem, 46:had enough of a life cut off from its religious center, and a quest for a new religious balance, aBethlehem, 52:signified. The Word always issues forth from the center. Again and again in the New Testament weBethlehem, 52:new Word will be which will "come forth from the center" we do not know, for it will not be heardBethlehem, 57:as we have seen, many Words sent forth from the Center. Many Sons of God, down the ages, have givenBethlehem, 81:difficulty and danger in the outlined way to the center. Much is to be overcome and faced. TheBethlehem, 90:message than any previous Messenger from the Center, but this in no way detracts from the statusBethlehem, 99:baptism of John was a step upon the way into the center, and of more general application than isBethlehem, 130:possibly unconscious effort, may maintain the center of separate life which we call ourBethlehem, 131:As the small pebble stirs the peaceful lake; The center moved, a circle straight succeeds, AnotherBethlehem, 141:of his life and becomes not only an originating center of activity but an impressive influence inBethlehem, 146:whate'er you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all Where truth abides in fullness; andBethlehem, 148:of the essence in order that it may seek a new center, the process may be recognized as 'radioBethlehem, 170:stand as a beacon light, pointing the way to the center from which the Word goes forth; and eachBethlehem, 183:with the line of the horizon passing through her center, and this is one of the factors determiningBethlehem, 220:outer recognition of that divinity, can the very center of spiritual life he recognized as stableBethlehem, 282:to enable a man to tread the fivefold way to the Center from which the Word goes forth is aDestiny, 12:which pours into the world from the major world center, Shamballa. Little is known of Shamballa.Destiny, 13:divine energy now streams out from the Holy Center. It embodies in itself the energy which liesDestiny, 18:the world through the second great planetary center which we call The Hierarchy. The energy whichDestiny, 18:The energy which is concentrated in this center and which is manipulated by the initiates and theDestiny, 21:finds its expression through the third major center on the planet; this center, we call Humanity.Destiny, 21:the third major center on the planet; this center, we call Humanity. The evocation of a lovingDestiny, 21:by the Hierarchy, is that to which this world center should respond. This is rapidly and, as I haveDestiny, 23:centers [23] into and through the human center and have then been seized upon and applied toDestiny, 23:The Ancient of Days, Melchizedek. Planetary head center, spiritual pineal gland. II. THE HIERARCHYDestiny, 23:The Christ, The World Savior. Planetary heart center. III. HUMANITY The city, standing foursquare.Destiny, 23:the Morning, The Prodigal Son. Planetary throat center. These three centers are closelyDestiny, 23:on Cosmic Fire: In the first solar system, the center which is Humanity [24] was prepared, and theDestiny, 24:of God to be seen. In the next solar system, the center which we today call Shamballa will manifestDestiny, 24:except by Members of the Hierarchy to Whom that center is the goal in the same way that theDestiny, 24:goal for humanity. Shamballa is the directing center for the Hierarchy. Little is really known ofDestiny, 33:to two types or forms of energy, is thrown "off center" and hence the intense difficulty andDestiny, 33:and that the seventh ray controls the sacral center, you will see why there is so much emotion, soDestiny, 39:Hercules has gone over into the Shamballa center, but still works in a basic with theDestiny, 46:continent. The United States of America was the center of old Atlantis and hence inherited aDestiny, 80:ends of the earth, to return ever again to the center from which they came. This is characteristicDestiny, 81:Taurus have dowered the race. London, the heart center of the empire is ruled spiritually by LeoDestiny, 96:of Certain Cities The force which the center at Geneva is expressing (at present ineffectually,Destiny, 96:of the nature of service. This planetary center, which conditions the little country ofDestiny, 97:of the Axis powers. The motto or note of this center is "I seek to fuse, to blend and serve." Destiny, 97:Cities The force expressing itself through the center, New York, is the force of the sixth Ray ofDestiny, 98:the United States. The keynote of this world center is "I light the WAY;" this is the privilege ofDestiny, 102:are the exoteric expression of the esoteric center of force and through which the Hierarchy andDestiny, 102:to the four centers up the spine and the ajna center in the body of humanity and of individual man.Destiny, 102:by Shamballa and some by the Hierarchy. The head center of the Occident is beginning to react toDestiny, 102:to react to second ray energy and the ajna center to fourth ray energy and in this lies the hope ofDestiny, 111:values. The world religions have held the center of the stage for several thousand years in anDestiny, 120:applied, of the will energy of the highest center (Shamballa) which is to befound upon our planet.Destiny, 120:which is to befound upon our planet. This center corresponds to the monadic center which makes itsDestiny, 120:planet. This center corresponds to the monadic center which makes its power felt in theDestiny, 123:and correct ray stimulation is applied to the center which we call the soul in any form but not toDestiny, 128:dualism which characterizes it will be that of a center of energy upon the mental plane and oneDestiny, 136:initiation is closely related to the planetary center which is humanity itself. It will produce,Destiny, 137:The intensification of the life of the human center will proceed apace and this is the reason whyDestiny, 137:thereby. The coming into activity of the throat center and (because the third ray is closelyDestiny, 137:numerical correspondences: The third great world center - humanity. The activity of the third ray -Destiny, 138:the fifth of the third. [138] The third major center - the throat center. The third race - theDestiny, 138:third. [138] The third major center - the throat center. The third race - the Aryan, as itDestiny, 138:considered, the vitalizing of the human center (spiritually considered) and in relation to the PlanDestiny, 138:closely related to the Hierarchy as a planetary center and to the activity of the second ray. ThisDestiny, 138:the Aquarian Age to bring into being. This major center, the Hierarchy, brings to bear uponDestiny, 139:the coming into activity of an awakened heart center in the race. This is the second major centerDestiny, 139:center in the race. This is the second major center in the individual and is situated above theDestiny, 139:subhuman kingdoms likewise. The second planetary center - the Hierarchy. The activity of the secondDestiny, 139:ever basically in manifestation. The second ray center - heart center. The second race (theDestiny, 139:in manifestation. The second ray center - heart center. The second race (the Atlantean) as itDestiny, 140:reoriented the energies of the third great center, that of Humanity. This release and readjustmentDestiny, 140:is connected with Shamballa as a planetary center and to the activity of the first ray. It shouldDestiny, 141:the One and the First. The first planetary center - Shamballa. The activity of the first ray - willDestiny, 141:relating the base of the spine to the head center, and the soul to the Monad. The first majorDestiny, 141:and the soul to the Monad. The first major center - the head. The first truly divine race - theDestiny, 142:anticipate its waning influence. That planetary center which is Humanity itself still needs the
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