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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTER

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Magic, 194:or power, through the medium of the head center. This is the energy of the spiritual man, and comesMagic, 195:via the mental [195] body to the head center. When this is the case the thousand-petalled lotusMagic, 195:the will petals. The mental body. The head center in the etheric body. The nervous system andMagic, 195:of love-wisdom, through the medium of the heart center. This center, when awakened, leads to thatMagic, 195:through the medium of the heart center. This center, when awakened, leads to that expansion ofMagic, 195:the love petals. The astral body. The heart center. The blood stream. In the little evolved man,Magic, 195:force stream simply passes through the heart center direct to the solar plexus and expends its twoMagic, 195:stream and the other awakening the solar plexus center. This then becomes the dominant factor inMagic, 196:into activity and the life of the solar plexus center becomes subordinated to that of the heart.Magic, 196:it pervades the dense physical body. The throat center. The cells of the body. In the littleMagic, 196:the energy simply passes through the throat center and goes directly to the sacral center, and thusMagic, 196:throat center and goes directly to the sacral center, and thus brings into activity the generativeMagic, 196:their direction. The relationship of the head center to the base of the spine, where lies theMagic, 196:here, nor will the function of the solar plexus center as a clearing-house for the lower energiesMagic, 197:it works out divine purpose and plan. The first center which the aspirant seeks consciously toMagic, 197:the early stages of his novitiate, is the heart center. He has to learn to be group conscious, toMagic, 197:to wield the creative powers of the throat center, for they would be subordinated toMagic, 197:has already done much in bringing the heart center into partial activity, and in awakening some ofMagic, 197:some of the more important aspects of the throat center. The problem with many aspirants today isMagic, 198:difficulty and to chaotic conditions. The heart center is also beginning to vibrate, but is not yetMagic, 198:to vibrate, but is not yet awakened; the throat center is frequently prematurely awakened, throughMagic, 198:through the transfer of energy from the sacral center. This is due to several causes - sometimes toMagic, 198:and the light of his own soul. As the heart center is awakened and the throat center swings intoMagic, 198:As the heart center is awakened and the throat center swings into creative work, a definiteMagic, 199:the centers below the diaphragm. Secondly, the center between the eyebrows also begins to make itsMagic, 199:of the two petals of the Ajna or eyebrow center. It must be remembered also that the word 'petal'Magic, 199:centers is added to the ninety-six petals of the center between the eyebrows, the number oneMagic, 200:number of the petals in the lotus of the head center) and you have the number of the saved in theMagic, 203:nature and the activity of the solar plexus center (carrying the powerful forces of the astralMagic, 207:a man thinks upon the solar plexus, that center will inevitably be vitalized and his emotionalMagic, 207:steady in the head and so awaken the head center. Let no one doubt the effect of breathingMagic, 212:White Magic - Rule Six - The Work of the Eye The center between the eyebrows, commonly called theMagic, 214:there is a corresponding point of focus, and the center between the eyebrows is but the physicalMagic, 216:soul in contemplation acting through the head center, focused in the region of the third eye andMagic, 216:the attention through the third eye towards the center to be used that the force finds its correctMagic, 221:has first to identify himself, penetrate to the center, pierce through its veiled illusion, andMagic, 223:grasped it, let him follow it into the deepest center of the Hall of Wisdom. Let him not beMagic, 230:developed in silence, and only he who can find a center of peace within his head, where the pathsMagic, 243:and its return or flowing back into the center from whence it came. According to the point of viewMagic, 244:to the emotional life, and the drift back to the center took no account of the mental life at all.Magic, 244:any direction he chooses, or to withdraw to his center at will. He seeks to arrest this process ofMagic, 244:purpose he seeks to withdraw into his own center. Hence he becomes an aspirant. Magic, 245:of the state of the soul. The aspirant must center himself in the soul consciousness, refuse to beMagic, 247:knows, there are two centers in the head. One center is between the eyebrows and has the pituitaryMagic, 247:is established there is a midway spot in the center of the head in the magnetic field which isMagic, 249:has a direct effect on the solar plexus center which was the "midway spot" in early AtlanteanMagic, 249:and transmits the energies of the sacral center and of the center at the base of the spine, and isMagic, 249:the energies of the sacral center and of the center at the base of the spine, and is the clearingMagic, 249:psychism. It is a reaction from the solar plexus center. But this midway point can be utilized as aMagic, 250:where water and land meet is the solar plexus center. The place where water, land and air meet isMagic, 250:of the emotional nature. It is from the great center of the personality life, the solar plexus,Magic, 250:ruled and government administered. When the center of direction lies below the diaphragm there isMagic, 252:of the brain activity and becomes a focusing center for the soul, and a point through which energyMagic, 252:activity) to the creation of a focusing center, [253] or form, within the head of the magician. TheMagic, 253:of the spirit can express itself. The throat center, through which the Word, the second aspect orMagic, 266:man, as he learns, through experience, to center his forces on the mental plane and from thereMagic, 276:of the planet constitutes symbolically the head center of humanity and their forces constitute theMagic, 276:who are seeking to be responsive to the "head center", some consciously, others unconsciously. TheyMagic, 277:but thrilling to the vibrations of the head center - the occult Hierarchy. Some of the cells areMagic, 277:of those who are finding their way into the center of hierarchical endeavor. Magic, 278:energy of desire, drawing the builders to the center of endeavor. Let these three laws hold sway,Magic, 284:its contact via the heart. In the heart is the center of physical plane existence. TheMagic, 284:to consider: 1. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Thymus gland. 2. Sensory life SympatheticMagic, 284:life Sympathetic nervous system Solar plexus center Pancreas. 3. Mental life Cerebro-spinal systemMagic, 284:3. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary body. 4. Vital life Seven centersMagic, 284:existence. 5. Self-conscious Upper brain Head center Pineal gland. 6. Self-expression Lower brainMagic, 284:gland. 6. Self-expression Lower brain Throat center Thyroid. 7. Self-perpetuation Sex organs SacralMagic, 284:Thyroid. 7. Self-perpetuation Sex organs Sacral center Reproductive organs. 8. Self-assertionMagic, 284:organs. 8. Self-assertion Entire man Center at base of spine Adrenals. [285] You will notice thatMagic, 285:(full development) The coordinated quaternary Center at base of spine Adrenals. 2. Self-expressionMagic, 285:(creative work) Lower brain Throat center Thyorid. 3. Self-conscious life (personality) Upper brainMagic, 285:life (personality) Upper brain Head center Pineal gland. 4. Self-perpetuation Sex organs SacralMagic, 285:gland. 4. Self-perpetuation Sex organs Sacral center Sex glands. 5. Mental life Cerebro-spinalMagic, 285:5. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary. 6. Sensory life Sympathetic nervousMagic, 285:plexus Pancreas. 7. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Heart. The eighth point, the vital life,Magic, 285:enough, can only occur when the lower spinal center is aroused, when the energy of the materialMagic, 287:realization are brought about. It concerns the center at the base of the spine. To Know. TheseMagic, 287:the spine. To Know. These words concern the Ajna center, the center between the eyebrows. A hintMagic, 287:Know. These words concern the Ajna center, the center between the eyebrows. A hint lies in theMagic, 287:and of the astral forces, and also the main center of the transmutative work. To Be Silent. ThisMagic, 287:energy into the higher creative life. The sacral center has to relapse into silence. It will beMagic, 287:centers are of paramount importance: The ajna center, through which the purified personalityMagic, 287:the purified personality expresses itself. The center at the base of the spine, which is the centerMagic, 287:center at the base of the spine, which is the center through which complete and utter control andMagic, 287:of the purifying agency of fire. The sacral center, wherein the basic force of our particular solarMagic, 288:material activity. [288] The solar plexus center which, situated in the center of the body andMagic, 288:The solar plexus center which, situated in the center of the body and being the organ of the astralMagic, 288:Second Ray: - Let all the life be drawn to the Center, and enter thus into the Heart of LoveMagic, 289:dissonance give place to harmony, and from the center of the hidden Light, let the soul speak: LetMagic, 310:provided a condition whereby the solar plexus center is abnormally developed. In the bulk ofMagic, 310:developed. In the bulk of humanity the sacral center and the solar plexus govern the life, and thatMagic, 319:themselves and to return to their originating center. But with this method we have nothing to do.Magic, 321:to appropriate it until such time as the heart center is opened and functioning. This stream ofMagic, 324:the whole vibratory contact is lowered and the center fails to register vibration and response.Magic, 338:differentiate between himself, as the conscious center of awareness, the "I" upon the throne ofMagic, 354:the consciousness of the Master and provide a center of energy through which the Brotherhood canMagic, 359:of truth. This is the path back to the hidden center. "Use pain. Call for the fire, oh, Pilgrim inMagic, 360:brought into line with the esoteric head center of the one Life. In the animal kingdom, through theMagic, 360:those types of forms into line with the heart center in Nature. This is a phrase conveying a truthMagic, 360:also brought into vibratory contact with that center of force in Nature which is analogous to the
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