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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTER

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Meditation, 73:functioning, having served its purpose as a center for the emotional focusing. The activity of theMeditation, 74:divine activity has developed the solar plexus center, is controlling all the centers below theMeditation, 74:III - The divine fire now mounts to the heart center and the three rotate in ordered measuredMeditation, 74:would point out that the vivification of any one center causes an accession of force in all, and IMeditation, 74:centers directly correspond to one or other center in the body. They are the synthesis, and, on theMeditation, 74:and, on the stimulation of their corresponding center, receive themselves a correspondingMeditation, 75:- marks the definite stimulation of the throat center. All the creative activity of the threefoldMeditation, 76:for aspirants to focus their thought on any one center. They run the risk of over-stimulation [77],Meditation, 77:and the fire progresses along the path from center to center in the correct manner, and when thisMeditation, 77:fire progresses along the path from center to center in the correct manner, and when this isMeditation, 78:rosy, with an admixture of green. The heart center. Twelve petals. Color glowing golden. The throatMeditation, 78:Twelve petals. Color glowing golden. The throat center. Sixteen petals. Color silvery blue, theMeditation, 78:When the inner fire is circulating through each center and when kundalini is spiraling [79]Meditation, 79:kundalini in its sevenfold capacity touches each center, then even the causal body provesMeditation, 80:that some people have one or other emotional center completely awakened and demonstratingMeditation, 80:between the external vortices and the inner center. Later the teacher can train the pupil in theMeditation, 82:the aspirant starts) has to be dominated. Each center has to be gradually, carefully andMeditation, 83:through the higher dimension. [83] Each etheric center has to be magnetically linked, in fullMeditation, 83:so that the flow of force is unimpeded. Each center has then to be awakened afresh by the SacredMeditation, 84:to illumination. When meditating in the heart center, picture it as a golden lotus closed. When theMeditation, 84:it as a lotus slowly expanding until the inner center or vortex is seen as a radiating whirlpool ofMeditation, 84:and link up with the twelve petalled head center, the center of causal consciousness. Do all thisMeditation, 84:up with the twelve petalled head center, the center of causal consciousness. Do all this veryMeditation, 84:later be more completely understood. It is the center of activity - an activity which must later beMeditation, 84:which must later be intuitional. The throat center works radiantly when the polarization isMeditation, 85:[85] The mental permanent atom becomes the center of pure reason or of abstract thought. Then comesMeditation, 85:certain petals predominantly stand out, and each center demonstrates one particular type of cross,Meditation, 85:a definite stimulation of the petals in each center. If the lotus is only partially unfolded, thenMeditation, 85:creates a vibration (especially in the center in which a man meditates - the head or the heart)Meditation, 86:into one synthetic instrument, and whose throat center vibrates to the same measure. Then you haveMeditation, 94:the student of meditation the one that is the center of his effort and the one that controls theMeditation, 95:[95] centralization and focused in that stable center - with the solar plexus and the heart quiet -Meditation, 95:one of the three major head centers, becomes the center of consciousness, the ray of a man's egoMeditation, 95:the ray of a man's ego deciding which that center will be. This is the method of the majority. ThenMeditation, 95:In each case, the mental body becomes the center of consciousness and then later - through practiceMeditation, 98:unlike the physical and mental bodies; it is the center of polarization for the majority of theMeditation, 101:Triangle glows, when the point, the middle center, and the apex likewise burn, then the twoMeditation, 106:the activity of the divine fire to the throat center and its corresponding head center, instead ofMeditation, 106:to the throat center and its corresponding head center, instead of to the lower organs ofMeditation, 113:plane. He uses his head more than his heart center, and his throat center is apt to be vitalized.Meditation, 113:head more than his heart center, and his throat center is apt to be vitalized. The oriental usesMeditation, 113:apt to be vitalized. The oriental uses his heart center more than the head and necessarily theMeditation, 113:necessarily the corresponding head centers. The center at the top of the spine at the base of theMeditation, 113:oriental progresses by the withdrawing of the center of consciousness to the head through strenuousMeditation, 113:head through strenuous meditation. That is the center that he needs to master, he learns by theMeditation, 113:as his oriental brother, but has to find his center of consciousness even in the noise and whirl ofMeditation, 113:of his ends, and the awakening of the heart center shows itself in service. Hence the emphasis laidMeditation, 121:fluid of the inner planes. He becomes then a center of the attention of those who strive againstMeditation, 127:of the first cures achieved in the future will center around the first two groups. Mental obsessionMeditation, 133:naught from the God within, and that the stable center of consciousness remains there, untouched byMeditation, 133:astral or mental, and to forget that the inmost center of the heart hides our points of contactMeditation, 144:of the Heavens of which the egoic groups form a center. The Grand Heavenly Man. To effect thisMeditation, 147:outer manifestation. The mystic works from the center to the periphery; the occultist reverses theMeditation, 149:upon the God within, brooding on that inner center of consciousness; he seeks to link that centerMeditation, 149:center of consciousness; he seeks to link that center with other centers - such as his Master, orMeditation, 152:and in such a way that he himself forms the center of the form. Frequently, according to the trendMeditation, 160:and to manipulate it when it is the seat of the center of consciousness. The emotional bodyMeditation, 162:the power to heal the corresponding physical center. As the centers are vitalized certain physicalMeditation, 165:is cosmic, and links us up with our cosmic center. Ray mantrams. Each ray has its own formulas andMeditation, 166:and for the complete vivification of the center. Still other mantrams act upon the hidden fire, butMeditation, 184:it is in the Macrocosm. Just as the sun is the center for our system, so the heart is the focalMeditation, 184:so the lower generative organs are the secondary center in the majority of cases for the internalMeditation, 186:current. The home of this [186] force is the center at the base of the spine and the spleen as aMeditation, 186:and blend in proper geometrical manner, each center is adequately vitalized, every power isMeditation, 193:of the major centers (either entirely the head center or one of the other major centers inMeditation, 193:in connection with its corresponding head center) can be unbelievably powerful. It is well for theMeditation, 193:the same point on the ladder, employing the same center and responding to the same ray vibration toMeditation, 195:withdraw his consciousness into the heart center, and then from that heart center (keeping theMeditation, 195:into the heart center, and then from that heart center (keeping the consciousness steadily there)Meditation, 197:(according to the rhythm) to some one or other center in the body. The matter of the emotional andMeditation, 198:of the concourse gathered in that Himalayan center) form themselves into wonderful avenues ofMeditation, 198:into wonderful avenues of approach to the center of blessing for the inhabitants, deva orMeditation, 227:I would point out here that as you return to the center of systemic evolution the nomenclature ofMeditation, 243:rotating in fourth dimensional order? Which center is the major one in any particular case? What isMeditation, 257:himself. It is this that drives him back to the center of his being, and it is this that forces himMeditation, 257:be contacted by withdrawing within, till the center of consciousness is found that vibrates in tuneMeditation, 257:external sheaths that veil and hide the inner center do we achieve the goal, and find the Ones weMeditation, 259:through meditation and service, expanded His center of consciousness till it now includes the planeMeditation, 263:His place in the body systemic. He realizes the center in the Body of the Heavenly Man by means ofMeditation, 268:Who effects the final liberation, and to the center within the Heavenly Man in Whose Body he findsMeditation, 275:from the base of the spine to the head center. He superintends the work of the pupil on differentMeditation, 279:him from the periphery of His aura to the center of His consciousness. He thereby gives him aMeditation, 285:occult student works from the periphery to the center, from the objective to the subjective, fromMeditation, 290:Making a definite channel between the heart center (wherein he is endeavoring to focus hisMeditation, 290:his consciousness) and its corresponding head center. Each of the seven centers in the body, as youMeditation, 290:within the head. It is in the linking up of the center with its counterpart in the head thatMeditation, 290:He has connected the heart with its head center. Not only has he accomplished the two above thingsMeditation, 290:brain that corresponds with the particular head center that it can respond to the higher vibrationMeditation, 293:the sound of the note will vibrate within the center so distinctly as never to be forgotten. It isMeditation, 302:is that one which has its root in the sacred center of the planet, Shamballa. At that place,Meditation, 308:in Italy. In this way the occident will have its center where active instruction may be givenMeditation, 310:know the inner working of the system from the center to the periphery. Struggle, strive,Meditation, 311:situated within reasonable distance of some big center or city, whilst the school for the advancedMeditation, 312:the novitiate has to learn is to find his [312] center within himself, independent of surroundingMeditation, 312:in spite of surrounding circumstances. The center must be found to a considerable degree before heMeditation, 313:school, and will be taught how from his stable center to contact the cosmic center, and from theMeditation, 313:how from his stable center to contact the cosmic center, and from the point within himself toMeditation, 339:of keying up the throat and foremost head center, namely, violet and gold. Remember that the workMeditation, 349:aspirant himself in mental matter. Ashram The center to which the Master gathers the disciples andMeditation, 352:or objective. It is, nevertheless, the center of the egoic consciousness, and is formed of the
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