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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTER

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Patanjali, 312:lower energy focal points and that great middle center, the solar plexus, typifying the astralPatanjali, 318:comes from one-pointed meditation upon the heart center. The sons of men are distinguished from thePatanjali, 318:it is this which makes them egos. In the center of the brain, seated in the pineal gland, we arePatanjali, 319:the ego, makes a point of contact with the heart center, whilst the third aspect or third part ofPatanjali, 319:or third part of the sutratma links up with the center at the base of the spine, which is the mainPatanjali, 319:development of the head and the use of the head center, the will is brought into [320] functioningPatanjali, 320:Through the unfolding and use of the heart center the love-wisdom aspect is similarly brought intoPatanjali, 342:the present sutra has not to do. The head center is dual in itself and is composed of the centerPatanjali, 342:center is dual in itself and is composed of the center between the eyebrows and the highest chakra,Patanjali, 342:are the correspondence. Plane Nature Sense Center Earth Physical Smell Base of the spine AstralPatanjali, 346:(Sutra 33) Return of consciousness to its center. (Sutra 34) In connection with the sutra which isPatanjali, 351:can lead a man in three main directions: To the center of all things, back to the heart of God,Patanjali, 367:force, remaining unchanged and unmoved at the center of the changing evanescent temporal forms. "IPatanjali, 388:the consciousness from form and substance and to center it within itself. Form is an effectPatanjali, 398:and the outward going life becomes the sole center of attraction. But as the wheel turns andProblems, 109:this way "darkest Africa" will become a radiant center of light, ready for self-government andProblems, 110:itself and Africa will take its place as a great center of cultural light, shining within aProblems, 122:and He does this not from any vague or distant center called the "right hand of God" (a symbolicProblems, 122:human Spirit to its Source, to that spiritual Center where divinity rules and to those Who guideProblems, 136:of death and blood and divine appeasement and center them upon the Source of all life and upon theProblems, 162:ritual and ceremonial to approach together the center of spiritual power. is this too much toProblems, 163:that great spiritual Intermediary between the center where the will of God is known and theProblems, 165:through the spiritual Hierarchy and through that center where the will of God is known, would bringProblems, 166:of men. May Christ return to Earth. From the center where the Will of God is known Let purposeProblems, 166:which the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the race of men Let the Plan ofPsychology1, 11:Every group can consequently be a creative center and produce that which is an expression of thePsychology1, 13:discipleship as far as the third initiation, the center of gravity (if I may so express it) shiftsPsychology1, 40:the energies and sevenfold the Path back to the center of peace. Let the disciple live in love, andPsychology1, 41:by a particular ray vibration; it is a vibrating center of energy found within the appearance orPsychology1, 44:basic energies; they streamed forth from the center formed by the impact of the will of God onPsychology1, 58:son of God will eventually find his way to that center - withdrawn [59] and abstracted - where GodPsychology1, 63:door reveals the way which leads towards the center where dwells the one whose name cannot be heardPsychology1, 64:effort leads to abstraction and a return to the center whence the initial impulse came. The firstPsychology1, 74:point for a triple inflow of energy from the center in the Body of God which is symbolically spokenPsychology1, 78:the furnace and let him drop within the rose-red center the nature that retards. Let the fire burn.Psychology1, 84:north to south, from west to east and in the center of the heart found light, found understandingPsychology1, 86:of God. Quality - power to cooperate. Sit in the center and the east as well. Move not from there.Psychology1, 96:as the motivating impulse and the spiritual center back of all manifested forms. The next fewPsychology1, 111:enough - draw forth the teaching, and so form a center through which that teaching may go forth andPsychology1, 128:rates of vibration, and govern a particular center in the body (differing with each ray) throughPsychology1, 128:distribution is made. Each ray works through one center primarily, and through the remaining six inPsychology1, 129:which stream forth from the divine creative center, and which we call the rays, is of value inPsychology1, 150:point - glimpse the radiance of the subjective center of energy (the central spiritual sun of ThePsychology1, 150:and using the word to express the emanating center which differentiates into forces) is not whatPsychology1, 152:planet is a part, and of which our sun is the center, and from that Being Who constitutes our ownPsychology1, 156:to energy emanating from the outer cosmic Center. This last stage of expansion is rare indeed, andPsychology1, 168:Now we know that the divine spark, the divine center of consciousness in each one of us, comes fromPsychology1, 168:the same ray as that to which the over-shadowing center of consciousness belongs. In fact in thePsychology1, 169:in the majority of cases, the ray of the [169] center of consciousness and the ray of the triad arePsychology1, 169:ages of evolution, the over-shadowing divine center of consciousness, which has through the agesPsychology1, 169:influence must be that which affects the divine center of consciousness; therefore when the unionPsychology1, 218:true, but not to be taken literally. Just as the center at the base of the spine is the last one toPsychology1, 218:activity, and is thus aroused only when the head center is awakened and alive, so this lowest ofPsychology1, 220:The vegetable kingdom Heart Lungs The heart center. The throat center. The mineral kingdomPsychology1, 220:kingdom Heart Lungs The heart center. The throat center. The mineral kingdom Generative organs ThePsychology1, 220:The mineral kingdom Generative organs The sacral center. The base of spine. The relation of thePsychology1, 221:of spine Adrenals. 2. Vegetable kingdom heart center Thymus. 3. Animal kingdom solar plexusPsychology1, 221:solar plexus Pancreas. 4. Human kingdom sacral center Gonads. 5. Egoic kingdom throat centerPsychology1, 221:sacral center Gonads. 5. Egoic kingdom throat center Thyroid. 6. Planetary kingdom ajna centerPsychology1, 221:throat center Thyroid. 6. Planetary kingdom ajna center Pituitary. 7. Solar kingdom head centerPsychology1, 221:ajna center Pituitary. 7. Solar kingdom head center Pineal. A study of these correspondences willPsychology1, 243:the transfer of the power of the solar plexus center to the head center, and consequently a shiftPsychology1, 243:the power of the solar plexus center to the head center, and consequently a shift in the animalPsychology1, See pa:in nature, and then through that particular center galvanizes the individualizing unit into thePsychology1, See pa:it will be found that through a particular center and along a particular ray vibration, forms ofPsychology1, 261:and the quality of his soul type, and of the center through which he (occultly speaking) goes outPsychology1, 261:aspirant might be classified as follows: Head center - Ray of Will or Power. First Ray. The AjnaPsychology1, 261:- Ray of Will or Power. First Ray. The Ajna center - Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Fifth Ray. ThePsychology1, 261:Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Fifth Ray. The Throat center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray.Psychology1, 261:Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray. The Heart center - Ray of Love-Wisdom. Second Ray. The SolarPsychology1, 261:plexus - Ray of Devotion. Sixth Ray. The Sacral center - Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Seventh Ray. BasePsychology1, 261:governs and expresses itself through the sacral center, that which controls the sex life and thePsychology1, 261:into activity and pours through this particular center in order to organize and produce thePsychology1, 268:seventh ray plays through the planetary sacral center, and then through the sacral center of everyPsychology1, 268:sacral center, and then through the sacral center of every human being. Because of this, we canPsychology1, 280:energies. These rays, pouring through the sacral center of the planetary etheric body, havePsychology1, 288:the diaphragm: The base of the spine. The sacral center. The solar plexus. Above the diaphragm: ThePsychology1, 288:The solar plexus. Above the diaphragm: The heart center. The throat center. The center between thePsychology1, 288:the diaphragm: The heart center. The throat center. The center between the eyebrows. The headPsychology1, 288:The heart center. The throat center. The center between the eyebrows. The head center. [289] WePsychology1, 288:The center between the eyebrows. The head center. [289] We know that two fusions have to take placePsychology1, 289:- the raising of the sacral energy to the throat center, or the transmutation of the process ofPsychology1, 290:man two great energy centers. One of them, the center between the eyebrows, blends and fuses thePsychology1, 290:throat and heart centers. The other, the head center, is awakened through meditation, service andPsychology1, 290:service and aspiration, and it is through this center that the soul makes its contact with thePsychology1, 290:its contact with the personality. This head center is the symbol of the spirit or positivePsychology1, 290:spirit or positive masculine aspect, just as the center between the eyebrows is the symbol ofPsychology1, 290:it pours in with greater power into the head center. As the man works with his personality,Psychology1, 291:energies of the centers in the body up to the center between the eyebrows. Eventually the influencePsychology1, 295:creative urge is turned upwards from the sacral center to the throat, man will live less potentlyPsychology1, 312:and experience, and the attractive power of that center, or home, from which he has come. ManPsychology1, 319:the centers in the body of humanity: [319] Races Center Expression 7th and final root-race. ThePsychology1, 319:Expression 7th and final root-race. The head center. Will. Plan. 6th root-race. The next. ThePsychology1, 319:center. Will. Plan. 6th root-race. The next. The center between the eyebrows. IntuitivePsychology1, 319:5th root-race. The present. The throat center. Creative power. Occult. 4th and past root-race. ThePsychology1, 319:Occult. 4th and past root-race. The solar plexus center. Psychic sensitivity. Mystic. 3rd and firstPsychology1, 319:Mystic. 3rd and first human race. The sacral center. Physical appearance. Generation. 2nd andPsychology1, 319:2nd and etheric race. The heart or vital center. Life forces coordinated. 1st race. The base ofPsychology1, 341:be, for him, in the immediate future, the main center of attention. When man grasps this and livesPsychology1, 370:at the top of the head (protecting the head center), is destroyed in man's mechanism by the
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