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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTEREDNESS

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Astrology, 333:the disciple becomes the Savior in Pisces Self-centeredness One-pointedness The Director of menAstrology, 397:the fullest sense and the end of individual self-centeredness. Temper, which is so characteristicAstrology, 448:Leo person (or shall I call it [448] the self-centeredness?) becomes the expanded consciousness andAtom, 24:by action above all else, or pure self-centeredness and self-interest. It produces the [25]Atom, 105:the period (a most necessary one) of self-centeredness, that cycle in which the man is principallyAtom, 122:himself, within his own sphere, where self-centeredness is the law of [123] his being, a necessaryAutobiography, 56:I was suffering from pure selfishness and self-centeredness; I was caring too much what peopleAutobiography, 91:it be? It would be only another form of self-centeredness. It would also be a sorry story. If IBethlehem, 121:so preoccupied with ourselves. Freedom from self-centeredness is one of the first laws of goodDiscipleship1, 151:available for practical, experimental use. Self-centeredness - in some subtle or obvious form. YouDiscipleship1, 563:the lines of super-sensitivity indicates self-centeredness, and this in turn militates against theDiscipleship1, 736:habits of thought. This is all a form of self-centeredness. The true way to love is to reflect andDiscipleship1, 736:is frequently incidental to the fact of the self-centeredness of all those whom they contact andDiscipleship1, 738:discouraged - from a natural morbidness, self-centeredness, lethargy and sometimes [739] goodDiscipleship1, 770:spoiled by their ignorance, their self-centeredness and their misrepresentation of the impartedExternalisation, 99:and its correlated inner implications of self-centeredness and [100] self-direction. TheExternalisation, 313:the inertia that comes from selfishness and self-centeredness, or the inertia due to lack ofExternalisation, 381:It is far more likely to indicate self-centeredness and personal discomfort. True love has no timeFire, 419:This separate instinct, this distinguishing self-centeredness has been the nursery wherein theGlamour, 80:of high aspiration selfishly interpreted, self-centeredness, self-immolation, self-aggressiveness,Glamour, 121:of personal magnetism. [121] The glamor of self-centeredness and personal potency. The glamor ofHercules, 147:effect of this form of mental distortion is self-centeredness. The individual suffering from thisIntellect, 156:contacted anew. From certain angles the self-centeredness of the Western mystic is notable, and hisMagic, 545:in the bonds of extreme selfishness and self-centeredness. What the ignorant call a black magicianPatanjali, 124:oneself, to change one's attitude from self-centeredness and selfishness to one of outgoing to thePatanjali, 287:and grasping, Tenderness, the antithesis of self-centeredness, which is always hard andPsychology1, 206:and perception. [206] Vices of Ray: Self-centeredness, worrying, inaccuracy, lack of moral courage,Psychology1, 309:of immortality, a self-awareness and a self-centeredness which make man truly to appear in thePsychology2, 29:itself in that sublime condition in which self-centeredness (as we understand it) disappears. WePsychology2, 394:(released from all material pettiness and self-centeredness) sees not only the periphery of theRays, 627:The qualities of the mind - pride, self-centeredness, a separative attitude, a selfish planning andReappearance, 93:are the expression today of the massed self-centeredness of a people and of their instinct toTelepathy, 102:This motive, being very largely self-centeredness, turns the disciple introspectively in uponTelepathy, 174:is taking place due to introspection and self-centeredness, or to the slow oncoming of the death
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