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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Astrology, 11:body there are to be found seven major force centers which are in the nature of distributingAstrology, 11:which correspond to the seven individual force centers in man, the seven solar systems, of whichAstrology, 12:is one, and in their turn the seven energy centers of the One to Whom I have referred in my otherAstrology, 14:are, esoterically, the influences of the solar centers. The forces, emanating from the solarAstrology, 14:centers. The forces, emanating from the solar centers, play upon the planetary centers... This isAstrology, 14:from the solar centers, play upon the planetary centers... This is hidden in the karma of theAstrology, 15:or "hidden" planets. [15] The seven planetary centers. The seven centers of force in the humanAstrology, 15:[15] The seven planetary centers. The seven centers of force in the human etheric body. The twelveAstrology, 22:interesting theme of the three major planetary centers. It is the work of the zodiacal influencesAstrology, 22:pour through our planet and thence to the centers of force upon the planet, they produce a dualAstrology, 22:an effect upon advanced man, galvanizing the centers above the diaphragm into activity and enablingAstrology, 23:registered in one or other of the seven centers. A revelation of a particular type of light,Astrology, 23:man. These signs thus condition four of the centers: [24] The base of the spine. The sacral center.Astrology, 25:several times used the phrase "pass through" the centers and forms. This concept necessitates theAstrology, 25:concept necessitates the idea of distributing centers to which the incoming energies may go andAstrology, 25:(new to you though old to esotericists) of the centers in the human etheric body. The four centersAstrology, 25:the centers in the human etheric body. The four centers above the diaphragm - the heart, throat,Astrology, 25:the diaphragm - the heart, throat, ajna and head centers - are basically and primarily receivingAstrology, 25:centers - are basically and primarily receiving centers. The centers below the diaphragm - the baseAstrology, 25:basically and primarily receiving centers. The centers below the diaphragm - the base of the spine,Astrology, 25:the spine, the sacral, solar plexus and spleen centers - are galvanized into activity by the fourAstrology, 25:into activity by the four higher receiving centers. This, when accomplished, demonstrates asAstrology, 25:repeated in the human frame and the four lower centers eventually return that which has come toAstrology, 25:reverse the process normally followed and the centers above the diaphragm become radioactive,Astrology, 28:in the solar system to the three great centers of force which produce and control manifestation andAstrology, 32:can be constructed in connection with the seven centers. In casting the horoscope of the planetAstrology, 40:of the Divine Androgyne, and in the seven centers of force which are the seven Spiritual Energies. Astrology, 42:Hierarchies. They are latent germs of force centers and manifest subjectively; they warm andAstrology, 47:from: The solar Logos, via three great cosmic centers: The central spiritual Sun. The heart of theAstrology, 48:to be found between the seven head centers and the seven groups of egos on the mental plane, andAstrology, 48:is an occult analogy between the three head centers (pineal gland, pituitary body, and the altaAstrology, 54:- reach man via the conditioning planetary centers of force (the seven planetary schemes in theAstrology, 54:the solar system and their corresponding seven centers in the planet on which we live) and pourAstrology, 65:will depend upon the state of the planetary centers and upon the point of unfoldment of the centersAstrology, 65:centers and upon the point of unfoldment of the centers in individual man. That is why the variousAstrology, 70:energies through the medium of the lower centers will have a very different type of chart to thatAstrology, 70:the constellations pour through the planetary centers. At the first initiation, the disciple has toAstrology, 70:planets - Neptune, Venus and Jupiter. The three centers - solar plexus, heart and throat - areAstrology, 76:a faint response from the heart and the ajna centers. People upon one or other of the final stagesAstrology, 76:the emphasis passing rapidly away from the lower centers into the higher triad and with the highestAstrology, 76:to work through the throat and the heart centers, with the goal of completely awakening the ajnaAstrology, 76:the ajna center. Those who are using all these centers, but in whom the heart center is fullyAstrology, 76:oblongata) is beginning to function. When these centers are all awakening, their simplestAstrology, 76:all astrological deduction as well as the centers in the human body. This you know, but the fourAstrology, 77:the science of laya-yoga or the science of the centers. Both this ancient yoga and the still moreAstrology, 77:Up till the present time, the teaching about the centers has been inherited from Atlantean timesAstrology, 77:of the planets - sacred and non-sacred - to the centers and to certain prominent "cycles ofAstrology, 78:Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Centers and Triangles of Force 1. Centers andAstrology, 78:Astrology - Centers and Triangles of Force 1. Centers and Triangles of Force There are, as you wellAstrology, 78:polarization) are closely related to the seven centers. The five centers up the spine are relatedAstrology, 78:closely related to the seven centers. The five centers up the spine are related to the fiveAstrology, 78:itself and the Moon) are connected with two centers which in the highly evolved man are not ofAstrology, 79:organs (between the sacral and the throat centers) and leads eventually to that creative activityAstrology, 79:planets - sacred and non-sacred - and also which centers these two groups of rays govern. Thus weAstrology, 79:of rays govern. Thus we shall relate: The seven centers in man's etheric body. The seven centers ofAstrology, 79:seven centers in man's etheric body. The seven centers of the fourth Creative Hierarchy of whichAstrology, 79:races are the expression. The seven planetary centers. The seven and the five planets which are theAstrology, 79:The seven and the five planets which are the centers of energy in the solar system, responsive toAstrology, 79:twelve zodiacal constellations. These planetary centers will be studied from two angles: From theAstrology, 80:Uranus (the Moon). to The head, ajna and heart centers. to The throat, the solar plexus and theAstrology, 87:The Science of Triangles. The Science of the Centers. The Science of Destiny. This latter scienceAstrology, 87:arrived at by a study of the individual human centers. When all this has been ascertained andAstrology, 88:The throat. The head, i.e., the four lesser centers and their synthesis, the ajna center. SpiritualAstrology, 88:The heart. The throat. The seven head centers. Spiritual man to the fifth Initiation. The heart.Astrology, 88:the fifth Initiation. The heart. The seven head centers. The two many-petalled lotuses. All theseAstrology, 89:a fiery display that seems to put all the other centers into insignificance; from the heard of thisAstrology, 92:He can now function through all the three world centers - Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa.Astrology, 97:release the soul into three great planetary centers: The death by drowning or by water in PiscesAstrology, 157:them opens a door into one of the three divine centers of expression which are the symbols in theAstrology, 157:body of the planetary Logos of the three higher centers in man: the head, the heart and the throat.Astrology, 191:relationship between the sacral and the throat centers. These powers (the higher powers) are as yetAstrology, 198:the nature and the purpose of the three divine centers - Shamballa, the Hierarchy, and Humanity -Astrology, 235:connection with the energy flowing through the centers - in this case the sacral center. Finally,Astrology, 297:cells and sustain the form nature, affecting the centers below the diaphragm. Upon the Fixed Cross,Astrology, 297:and affect the heart, the throat and the ajna centers. Upon the Cardinal Cross, it is the central,Astrology, 301:forces. When this takes place the three major centers in the body are The Head The Heart The baseAstrology, 304:the Great White Lodge works through the seven centers. Aries begins the process and is theAstrology, 353:the shift of force and of intensity to the [353] centers above the diaphragm. The power of theAstrology, 398:and obstruction between the throat and sacral centers; to show that right direction has beenAstrology, 407:briefly, to the relation of the signs to the centers; we gave most of our time, however, to anAstrology, 407:- planetary triplicities. The Triangles and the Centers - planetary and human. I have analyzed hereAstrology, 418:of man through the interrelation of the seven centers to which I have referred elsewhere in myAstrology, 418:referred elsewhere in my various books. These centers, when awakened and alive, are swept finallyAstrology, 424:again via certain major planetary [424] centers. In this way that great Synthesis (which isAstrology, 425:upon the condition or "aliveness" of the centers or their quiescence. This is true of a manAstrology, 425:a man galvanized into activity through his seven centers, of a planetary Logos functioning throughAstrology, 425:Logos functioning through seven planetary centers, of a solar Logos functioning through stillAstrology, 425:a solar Logos functioning through still greater centers of vibratory reaction, or still greaterAstrology, 426:are to the human being. They are related to five centers. All these appearances, expressions ofAstrology, 427:and planets into the three major planetary centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. It isAstrology, 427:Hierarchy and Humanity. It is with these three centers I would seek to deal and to them and theirAstrology, 434:Sensitivity to that which emanates from the "centers left behind" or to those streams of vitalAstrology, 434:evocative of knowledge. They relate to the three centers above referred to and in their widerAstrology, 434:wider connotation relate to the three planetary centers: Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa; furtherAstrology, 434:further back still lies a relation to the cosmic centers of the Great Bear, Sirius and [435] theAstrology, 435:[435] the Pleiades. In between these planetary centers to which I have referred and their distantAstrology, 435:distant cosmic archetypes lie three systemic centers which at this time and under cyclic law areAstrology, 441:six streams of force into our three planetary centers at this time, vitalizing and stimulating theAstrology, 450:bring about changes in his life focus and in his centers just as they have wrought correspondingAstrology, 450:corresponding changes in the three planetary centers. In view of this certain basic ideas can here
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