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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Discipleship1, 41:spine. Group 6 The head, heart and solar plexus centers. This is necessarily the same as in GroupDiscipleship1, 41:in Group 2. Group 7 The head, throat and sacral centers. Group 8 The head, heart, solar plexus andDiscipleship1, 41:Group 8 The head, heart, solar plexus and throat centers. This group of disciples will be the firstDiscipleship1, 41:group of disciples will be the first to use four centers in their work as they are in a curiousDiscipleship1, 42:[42] Group 9 The head, heart, throat and sacral centers. Group 10 The head, heart, sacral centersDiscipleship1, 42:sacral centers. Group 10 The head, heart, sacral centers and the center at the base of the spine. Discipleship1, 47:possible when you learn to work through the centers above the diaphragm and to transmute solarDiscipleship1, 65:these determine the reactions of the lower centers, particularly of the solar plexus center. TheDiscipleship1, 70:status of the patient and the condition of his centers, his alignment and his point in evolution.Discipleship1, 71:points of energy which can constitute magnetic centers or rallying points for the new religion, theDiscipleship1, 90:directed with intention to one or other of the centers. This focused thought produces inevitableDiscipleship1, 90:in any desired direction - that is, to certain centers in a certain order. This process of energyDiscipleship1, 93:concerning energy and the development of the centers (laya-yoga, as it is technically called) .Discipleship1, 108:which will blend and fuse the energies of the centers above the diaphragm. No thought of theDiscipleship1, 108:centers above the diaphragm. No thought of the centers below the diaphragm need enter your mind. InDiscipleship1, 110:analysis of the condition of your psychic centers - from the solar plexus upwards. You are passingDiscipleship1, 111:of the ajna, throat, heart and solar plexus centers by the spiritual man, [112] seated in the head.Discipleship1, 114:a reflex action upon the ajna center. Any of the centers which have allied closely with themDiscipleship1, 114:carefully protected in the process than are the centers with a major physiological organ closelyDiscipleship1, 114:the same time, the energy pouring through those centers can be deflected into certain largeDiscipleship1, 114:- such as the heart and the stomach. These centers, therefore, when being developed or stimulated,Discipleship1, 157:but visualizing the inflow of energy to the centers in the etheric body and the vitalization, aboveDiscipleship1, 157:above all, of the heart and the throat centers. This should be carried forward in a rapid andDiscipleship1, 209:which may be concentrated through the seven centers. It is these centers which indicate to us whoDiscipleship1, 209:through the seven centers. It is these centers which indicate to us who watch the point inDiscipleship1, 212:your soul from below the diaphragm to the higher centers (which is the problem of all disciples inDiscipleship1, 212:center and the solar plexus center are the two centers which are the most developed in you; nextDiscipleship1, 216:midway station between the higher and the lower centers - to the head and heart. This will beDiscipleship1, 227:of the light in certain localities or centers or areas. Then imagine this web of light with itsDiscipleship1, 227:Then imagine this web of light with its radiant centers of force as pulsating to the rhythm of theDiscipleship1, 228:web of light, stimulating each of the many, many centers into greater radiance. 3. Then sound theDiscipleship1, 250:but you and the others are still the dramatic centers of your own lives and you are too much theDiscipleship1, 264:be remembered by all disciples. The seven energy centers are to be found about three inches behindDiscipleship1, 267:to you: In the linking of the heart and the ajna centers will come increased ability to do thisDiscipleship1, 302:of this exercise is to integrate the three centers above the diaphragm, and so make the personalityDiscipleship1, 343:abdominal breath, for it vitalizes primarily the centers below the diaphragm and with you -Discipleship1, 349:year period. Why are the hands the distributive centers for healing and what do they symbolize?Discipleship1, 354:give further instruction on the purpose of the centers in the hands in relation to the healing art.Discipleship1, 356:you to take up now a sevenfold work upon the centers because some synthetic work will be helpful toDiscipleship1, 410:permit yourself to dwell upon the fact of the centers or their locality. Simply drop your mentalDiscipleship1, 414:the inflow of soul force. This feeds the various centers with life and energy, and these - in theirDiscipleship1, 414:of spiritual energy, it gets "banked up" in the centers (if I may use such an inadequateDiscipleship1, 434:are so constituted that they become servers and centers of light publicly before their fellow men.Discipleship1, 685:It is a process of continuing integration into centers of force, i.e., into a Master's group, intoDiscipleship1, 711:and the utilization of emphasis upon certain centers. Again, I would ask you to ponder on thisDiscipleship1, 724:a great effort is being made to bring the two centers - Humanity and the Hierarchy - into a muchDiscipleship1, 748:evoke hierarchical response and thus put two centers - that of Humanity and the Hierarchy - enDiscipleship1, 761:these six steps towards the center. The centers, as used by the disciple in his unfolding progress,Discipleship1, 761:not my intention to take up this subject of the centers in this series of instructions. I shall beDiscipleship1, 761:point that the Master never uses a disciple's centers as distributing agencies for force. In theDiscipleship1, 761:agencies for force. In the last analysis, the centers are (when functioning correctly) reservoirsDiscipleship1, 761:limited. After the third initiation, the lower centers have no control whatsoever over the outerDiscipleship1, 762:when the disciple is in the Ashram itself, the centers are viewed as simply channels for energy.Discipleship1, 762:work. This necessarily involves the three higher centers (head, heart and throat). It is with theDiscipleship1, 763:[763] The antahkarana. The three higher centers. This is the broad and general process, reachingDiscipleship1, 763:the physical plane and the receptivity of his centers to the activity engendered by the soul, underDiscipleship1, 766:subsequent relation of both to the seven centers, microcosmically understood, and the sevenDiscipleship1, 784:which had resulted in the forming of nineteen centers for service in as many countries hadDiscipleship2, XIII:and degree of unfoldment of all the force centers in the chela which in certain cases he stated inDiscipleship2, XIII:life of selfless service to one's fellow man the centers will unfold naturally and safely withoutDiscipleship2, 17:The interior interrelation of the seven centers in the body will be the objective of theDiscipleship2, 18:plexus. [18] The subsequent relation of the centers in any one individual to the remainder of theDiscipleship2, 18:remainder of the group members, regarding the centers as radiating transmitters of energy to theDiscipleship2, 18:as radiating transmitters of energy to the centers of the other group members. This will result inDiscipleship2, 18:This will result in the forming of seven great centers of energy which will constitute the groupDiscipleship2, 18:of energy which will constitute the group centers, fed and enlightened by the energy transmitted byDiscipleship2, 18:of souls. The first meditation affects the three centers in the individual disciple and also, andDiscipleship2, 18:I shall frequently use in connection with the centers - evoke response from the love-petals of theDiscipleship2, 21:bring to our attention the entire subject of the centers and this we will approach from the angleDiscipleship2, 21:of energy by the initiate-disciple, via the centers, via the group centers - and when of very highDiscipleship2, 21:via the centers, via the group centers - and when of very high development and initiate degree -Discipleship2, 21:and initiate degree - via the planetary centers. I have not yet given you much on this theme butDiscipleship2, 61:pull or the magnetic potency of these blending centers; the pull will be upon Shamballa, which isDiscipleship2, 69:The pure life of the soul will galvanize the centers above the diaphragm into activity, and yourDiscipleship2, 70:When these changes are focused through the lower centers and the lower bodies, the general resultDiscipleship2, 71:through the heart, [71] the throat and the ajna centers; when the highest head center and theDiscipleship2, 114:dominant importance and a clearing house for the centers below the diaphragm to those above it. OneDiscipleship2, 114:head center. I would here remind you that the centers above the diaphragm have only one vital pointDiscipleship2, 114:have only one vital point of energy, whilst the centers below the solar plexus also have only one,Discipleship2, 118:center, endeavor consciously to see the three centers (head, heart and solar plexus) linkedDiscipleship2, 120:magnetic, gathering all the energies of all the centers below the diaphragm (except the one at theDiscipleship2, 121:and the thousand-petalled lotus. When these two centers are correctly related to each other, thenDiscipleship2, 122:is not included in these relationships between centers above the diaphragm as it is to them whatDiscipleship2, 122:set in motion by the interplay of the other centers but particularly is the throat center energizedDiscipleship2, 129:of the spine. Then raise it slowly, via the five centers and the two head centers (ajna and highestDiscipleship2, 129:it slowly, via the five centers and the two head centers (ajna and highest head center), tip intoDiscipleship2, 132:definite results: The interrelation of the seven centers, and therefore an uninterrupted flow ofDiscipleship2, 132:of this group in my Ashram, via the seven centers. The group thought-form will have in it sevenDiscipleship2, 134:first two meditations given, you dealt with the centers of the etheric body, and were thereforeDiscipleship2, 138:to bring the etheric body with its various force centers into such a condition that it could becomeDiscipleship2, 152:to focus certain types of force in certain centers - at will and with understanding - and toDiscipleship2, 152:of monadic energy. The alignment of all the centers in the etheric body [153] of the disciple. ThisDiscipleship2, 153:disciple. This results in the ability of these centers to register and transfer energies whichDiscipleship2, 169:studied the Invocation - that the three major centers in our planet are linked up: Shamballa,Discipleship2, 180:(within the physical man, or rather, his etheric centers) of the building of the antahkarana. BearDiscipleship2, 181:begin with the energies working through his own centers before he can proceed to direct ashramicDiscipleship2, 181:and every secondary Ashram, and these heart centers pour their energy through the central center inDiscipleship2, 182:use the heart and to work with and through heart centers wherever they are found in manifestation.Discipleship2, 183:flexible and fluid interplay between all the centers involved. Discipleship2, 198:leads to a conscious alignment of the disciple's centers and also of the three planetary Centers;
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