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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Discipleship2, 198:centers and also of the three planetary Centers; it is invocative, demanding, fusing, receptive andDiscipleship2, 200:that, intermediate between the great planetary centers, a group of those who can meditateDiscipleship2, 200:found; they are chosen out of each of the larger centers and from among those who are alreadyDiscipleship2, 203:work is in conscious rapport with both planetary centers (that of Humanity and that of theDiscipleship2, 222:the linking groups between the various planetary centers; a reference to the chart (page 214)Discipleship2, 249:this bringing about changes in the seven wheels (centers) so that the "dynamic point at the centerDiscipleship2, 255:or the yoga of energy, working through force centers. Discipleship2, 292:result of an invocative interplay between inner centers of power and the groping creature in theDiscipleship2, 293:of directed force; it can be seen as streams and centers of force, all forming a pattern ofDiscipleship2, 296:(and this must be begun in our educational centers) will concern the dual use of the mind, theDiscipleship2, 351:simultaneously all the three major planetary centers - a thing hitherto unknown. Up to 1875,Discipleship2, 352:about: A closer linking of the three divine centers (Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity) so thatDiscipleship2, 353:and disciples of all degrees in all three divine centers. Like everything else that happens uponDiscipleship2, 370:have here given you in connection with the seven centers (if brought into relation with all that IDiscipleship2, 371:for the energy generated in the planetary centers) with the sumtotal of the means of expression.Discipleship2, 371:the sumtotal of the means of expression. These centers are brought into expression - as far as theDiscipleship2, 371:exits for planetary energy are the planetary centers, for they are not; I say that they are theDiscipleship2, 371:service of humanity at this particular time. The centers of the planetary Logos are necessarilyDiscipleship2, 373:thought are then occultly energized and become centers of energy or reservoirs of energy, with theDiscipleship2, 396:for the esoteric teaching anent planetary centers and the planes as states of consciousness. TheDiscipleship2, 396:of these power stations and of those radiant centers of light which - founded by the divine CreatorDiscipleship2, 419:energies working out through the two centers at this time pre-eminently active; i.e., the centerDiscipleship2, 419:God is demonstrated, the Hierarchy. In these two centers a great activity is on the move and aDiscipleship2, 433:with the subhuman kingdoms, initiates use the centers below the diaphragm more than initiatesDiscipleship2, 434:of their livingness - can be precipitating centers of energy under the divine Plan and inDiscipleship2, 462:in the long run the linking up of the three centers above the diaphragm - the heart, the head andDiscipleship2, 467:stimulation - even the stimulation of the other centers being noted in relation to the effect uponDiscipleship2, 468:It will be: The conscious unity of the lower centers by means of a great awakening of the solarDiscipleship2, 478:relation" is established: heart, head and ajna centers. The waiting, dedicated, devoted personalityDiscipleship2, 510:my brother. These are troubled times, and steady centers of light in every land are sorely needed.Discipleship2, 515:careful watching of process, results in the centers and consequent activity. Let me be ambitiousDiscipleship2, 520:from various solar and extra-solar Entities or centers of emphatic and energetic life; i.e., fromDiscipleship2, 520:be passing, from the Great Bear and other cosmic centers. Sirius, so important a factor in theDiscipleship2, 575:in your case explain your great interest in the centers, in their significance, vitalization andDiscipleship2, 575:- the inflow of energy from the soul in to the centers. Awakening - the response of the centers toDiscipleship2, 575:to the centers. Awakening - the response of the centers to this inflow. You will note the sequence,Discipleship2, 575:of white magic. Usually among the ignorant, the centers are first studied objectively, psychicDiscipleship2, 575:in order really to produce feeling in the centers and so make the man conscious of their localityDiscipleship2, 575:order is wrong. Man should become aware of the centers as a final stage and this because hisDiscipleship2, 575:soul and not with the form aspect, of which the centers are a part. Be careful in all instructionDiscipleship2, 576:which are concerned with certain of the centers and their relation. This I will increasingly do.Discipleship2, 576:and can be so adapted and reference to the centers later inserted; but - at this stage - onlyDiscipleship2, 576:in connection with teaching to be given on the centers and their development. It must always beDiscipleship2, 576:always be borne in mind that evidence of the centers is to be found in the nervous and glandularDiscipleship2, 577:to bring into increasing activity the two head centers. It is a simple exercise but should only beDiscipleship2, 604:only to you) that work in connection with the centers is incidental to true spiritual developmentDiscipleship2, 604:should be purely mechanical and automatic. The centers are physical, being aspects of the ethericDiscipleship2, 604:training, will not over-emphasize the system of centers through which the expressive energy mustDiscipleship2, 605:(which express themselves through these five centers and the ajna center, making six centers inDiscipleship2, 605:five centers and the ajna center, making six centers in all) and breathe them back again - by anDiscipleship2, 605:back again - by an act of the will - into the centers to which they belong. Do not do thisDiscipleship2, 607:body, to stem a too direct stimulation of the centers in the etheric body, and a consequentDiscipleship2, 609:have their own Ashrams, but not all are teaching centers; this is a point to be remembered, as wellDiscipleship2, 660:sutratma and the antahkarana - thus linking the centers in the body with the soul. Then carry theDiscipleship2, 712:need for impersonality. The three Arcane School centers, New York (the major center), London and inDiscipleship2, 740:of the Ashram stimulates the head and heart centers and draws up the astral forces from the solarDiscipleship2, 752:discipleship (as you are) should be radiating centers of light on a relatively large scale. WithEducation, 6:particularly of the etheric body and the force centers. To build or construct a bridge between theEducation, 33:petals of the egoic lotus and the head and heart centers, thus producing a synthesis betweenEducation, 36:brain. The mind and its relation to the seven centers of force in the etheric body, and theirEducation, One of:the Hierarchy of Love. [One of the three major centers through which Deity manifests: Shamballa,Education, 66:and the etheric web to be found between the centers up the individual spinal column is itsEducation, 66:in reality, concerns the true Science of the Centers to which I have frequently referred. They areEducation, 67:Esotericism is not, however, concerned with the centers as such, and esotericism is not an effortEducation, 67:is not an effort scientifically to awaken the centers, as many students think. Esotericism reallyEducation, 79:of universal educational processes and many centers of learning in every country, we have not yetEducation, 134:When the fact of the etheric body with its force centers is scientifically established, the aboveEducation, 148:is the basis of [148] the science of the force centers. The incoming and the outgoing energiesExternalisation, 9:powers come into play when the head and heart centers, as well as the throat center, are broughtExternalisation, 9:found a vast diversity of grades, and that the centers are not uniformly developed in humanity. TheExternalisation, 14:instruction also given as to the use of the centers in the etheric body and in the development ofExternalisation, 18:of the spiritual man; it will awaken also the centers of force in the etheric body and stimulateExternalisation, 18:devotion and service; concentration upon the centers in the force body (with a view to theirExternalisation, 18:a life of loving service, the awakening of the centers and the raising of the sleeping fire ofExternalisation, 40:creative work is the sacral and the solar plexus centers. When the energies, finding expressionExternalisation, 40:energies, finding expression through these two centers, have been transmuted and carried to theExternalisation, 48:within the head, and no indication of the higher centers. These individuals, along with the moreExternalisation, 72:itself, producing its world effects. These three centers are closely interrelated and must beExternalisation, 72:God's Plan, and as constituting the three major centers - Head, Heart, Throat - in the body of theExternalisation, 73:have our being. Students can relate these three centers to the three solar systems, referred to inExternalisation, 73:is only through human beings, that these three centers ever come into true functioning activity;Externalisation, 73:- to the forces playing from the two higher centers on to the human. This we discussed earlier (TheExternalisation, 85:his type of mind is quite different; his centers, their activity and their internal organizationExternalisation, 85:World Picture Nations, for instance, have seven centers, as have all forms of existence from theExternalisation, 85:and it is an interesting study to discover these centers and note the type of energy which flowsExternalisation, 85:Empire. Some day I may indicate to you the centers through which the forces of manifestation haveExternalisation, 86:to progress; this is gauged by the light in the centers and the heightening and the obscuration ofExternalisation, 86:ancient Atlantean laya-yoga, or the yoga of the centers. According, therefore, to the condition ofExternalisation, 86:in reality, the expression of the three major centers of the planetary Logos. The first or willExternalisation, 91:of energy and have related them to the five centers. Let me extend the idea somewhat by pointingExternalisation, 91:out that these five energies are related to the centers or the lotuses to which I referred in AExternalisation, 95:humanity; to bring into a close rapport the two centers whose energy must eventually be fused andExternalisation, 103:with each other with such firmness that potent centers of force and of creative energy - workingExternalisation, 107:here if we considered the three great planetary centers and their relationships in tabular form andExternalisation, 110:to give you in my books anent the three world centers - Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. ThisExternalisation, 111:be brought about by the at-one-ing of the two centers - the human center and the Hierarchy. One ofExternalisation, 132:Thus the influence of the three great world centers about which I have earlier written can be seenExternalisation, 150:conscious rapport between the two planetary centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity. This is called theExternalisation, 153:the correspondence between the three planetary centers to the spiritual triad of Monad, Soul andExternalisation, 154:of spiritual energies between the three centers from point to point so that there will be a triple
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