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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Externalisation, 154:circulation of energy between the three world centers which motivates this mantric sentence. AExternalisation, 155:Invocation is thus rightly used and the world centers are consequently consciously interrelated,Externalisation, 156:of the impact of force from extra-solar centers or reservoirs of spiritual force. Only the group ofExternalisation, 159:and fusing the human and the hierarchical centers. When this has taken place, the Hierarchy canExternalisation, 159:lack of established relation between the three centers: Humanity, Hierarchy and [160] Shamballa.Externalisation, 160:can be rightly said, the three great planetary centers can be related in a similar manner. The LordExternalisation, 161:of correct interplay between the three planetary centers and an illumined, loving understanding ofExternalisation, 164:Planetary center - Humanity Thus all the great centers are linked and all the planes areExternalisation, 165:will produce in the two other planetary centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity. I refer to effectsExternalisation, 169:It is the united effort of the two great centers which is of such paramount importance and uponExternalisation, 250:power into which the energy of the three divine centers can pour and upon which the Forces of LightExternalisation, 270:and intense attentive hearts to reach the two centers where wait Those Who can aid at this time?Externalisation, 270:is the question. It will happen when the three centers - humanity, the spiritual Hierarchy of theExternalisation, 274:the correct relation of three great spiritual centers of the planet, a thing which has neverExternalisation, 275:it is a blend of the energies of the three centers referred to above, it is primarily the energy ofExternalisation, 279:vision. Again we have the energy of the three centers with which we are becoming familiar, and canExternalisation, 338:bring a mighty appeal to bear upon the hidden Centers of the "Saving Force." It is this unitedExternalisation, 340:limitation when it delays right action, when it centers attention upon the petty differences andExternalisation, 361:and as the contact between these two great Centers and Humanity has been more firmly established.Externalisation, 393:increasingly nearer to the spiritual centers of love and life and has been stimulated to makeExternalisation, 401:between mankind and the great spiritual Centers which operate behind the scenes, between groups ofExternalisation, 407:There are, therefore, three great spiritual centers on the planet: Shamballa, the spiritualExternalisation, 407:Biblical testimony to this highest of all centers, Shamballa. At moments of crisis in the earthlyExternalisation, 408:[408] moment a great fusion of the two spiritual centers - the Hierarchy and Shamballa, the KingdomExternalisation, 419:of material nature, with the two spiritual centers - the Hierarchy and Humanity - working togetherExternalisation, 422:three months with the three great spiritual centers, the three expressions of the divine Trinity.Externalisation, 439:war and to destroy the cities and all our centers of civilization and culture. The first phase orExternalisation, 494:and the effort to blend and fuse the two divine centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity, into oneExternalisation, 505:to touch with the hidden spiritual fire the head centers of all intuitive statesmen. Three greatExternalisation, 513:organism and the Church organism as initiating centers. These three groups converge as their innerExternalisation, 522:will note that this involves the three planetary centers. [523] Hierarchical preparation at theExternalisation, 525:aligning antahkarana between the three planetary centers. It is to this alignment I refer in thisExternalisation, 526:[526] instruction - the alignment of the three centers upon this planet and the adjustments thatExternalisation, 526:adjustments and alignments between the planetary centers, and these have been compulsory in theirExternalisation, 527:of the seven ray energies to the seven planetary centers and - via these seven centers - to thoseExternalisation, 527:seven planetary centers and - via these seven centers - to those in the fourth kingdom in natureExternalisation, 527:the aeons) and then, via these, to the seven centers in individual man. Such is the synthesis. TheExternalisation, 527:man. Such is the synthesis. The seven major centers or Ashrams within the Hierarchy are eachExternalisation, 527:by Masters of Chohan rank; the seven subsidiary centers or Ashrams are presided over by Masters andExternalisation, 527:occult relation between the three planetary centers. Just as the third planetary center, Humanity,Externalisation, 529:being set up between the three major planetary centers, requiring new adjustments. Externalisation, 529:and movement between the three planetary centers. Chohans are today passing out of the HierarchyExternalisation, 535:planetary rainbow bridge uniting the three major centers has existed. The task ahead of all theseExternalisation, 535:existed. The task ahead of all these three major centers, working in alignment through adjustment,Externalisation, 535:planetary inter-communication between the three centers and the four minor centers, so that "theExternalisation, 535:between the three centers and the four minor centers, so that "the weight of the Will of God, theExternalisation, 539:in the Ashrams by the setting up of magnetic centers which, through their directed activity, willExternalisation, 539:this, you must remember that these are not centers or concentrations of forces, but groups ofExternalisation, 540:direct interplay of the three major planetary centers - Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity.Externalisation, 560:work and the activity proceeding in all three centers - Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity - areExternalisation, 561:of which the head, heart and solar plexus centers in the individual man's etheric body are symbols;Externalisation, 561:and towards Humanity; to Him, the other two centers are evocative. Today, human beings as a wholeExternalisation, 562:planetary Logos, working through the three major centers within His body of manifestation. ThisExternalisation, 563:ferment and great activity in the three major centers. In the last analysis (and this is the factorExternalisation, 567:no longer be required. The three [567] major centers will then become the two, and the HierarchyExternalisation, 567:for the first time, the three major planetary centers - Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity - are inExternalisation, 582:representatives between the two major planetary centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity. According toExternalisation, 594:to Earth." Thus in the three great spiritual centers - the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, andExternalisation, 610:time in human history, all the three spiritual centers or groups through which God works areExternalisation, 625:but entire cities, transportation systems and centers responsible for the reorganization of humanExternalisation, 674:of the future hierarchical manifestation - centers of energy direction will be found wherever theExternalisation, 675:well-being of mankind. At each one of these five centers one of the Masters will be found present,Externalisation, 675:coming world cycle. The organizing of these five centers will be done slowly and gradually. AExternalisation, 675:concept lying behind the teaching anent the five centers on Earth and the part which they will playExternalisation, 676:Initial opposition to the founding of these centers of clear thinking men and women, working freelyExternalisation, 678:of nearing and inevitable defeat. Already the centers in London and in New York are showing signsExternalisation, 683:scholastic ideas and personnel between the rare centers of learning. It was easy in those days toExternalisation, 688:to impression from the two other planetary centers (Shamballa and Humanity), but They are acutelyExternalisation, 692:cycle which is now close at hand, these magnetic centers will be largely tapped or utilized by theExternalisation, 698:be greatly increased; then the five spiritual centers will begin to take definite form, and willExternalisation, 698:women, and of the Masters presiding at the five centers and in Their affiliated groups, will beFire, xiii:of magnetic currents, and of the force centers found in men's bodies and their relationship to theFire, xiii:men's bodies and their relationship to the force centers and currents of the solar system. Fifthly,Fire, xviii:and astral planes 1. In the Sheaths 2. In the Centers Division F. The Law of Economy SECTION TWO -Fire, 5:occultly synonymous) demonstrate through seven centers of force, - three major centers and fourFire, 5:through seven centers of force, - three major centers and four minor. These seven centers of logoicFire, 5:three major centers and four minor. These seven centers of logoic Force are themselves soFire, 58:sheaths there exist the counterparts of the centers as found in the physical body. These centersFire, 58:the centers as found in the physical body. These centers concern matter and its evolution. OneFire, 61:applies itself to the stimulation of the nervous centers, and which creates electrical response toFire, 65:principles, or Who are in Themselves the seven centers in the body of the cosmic Lord of Fire,Fire, 66:affiliated groups of pupils, form the essence or centers in the body of one of the Heavenly Men,Fire, 98:are absorbed by the etheric body, via certain centers which are found principally in the upper partFire, 98:the necessity for the exposure of these two centers to the rays of the sun, will be appreciated,Fire, 98:physical vitality and adaptability. These three centers, Between the shoulder blades, Above theFire, 98:of this vitalized cord, and apart from the seven centers [99] within the web (which correspond toFire, 99:within the web (which correspond to the sacred centers, and of which the spleen is frequentlyFire, 99:nature, and likewise has its three receptive centers for cosmic prana. The mysterious band in theFire, 99:is in a poor condition of health. These three centers are in the form that all centers take, ofFire, 99:These three centers are in the form that all centers take, of saucer-like depressions, resemblingFire, 99:influence the currents that come their way. The centers should be pictured as whirling vorticesFire, 100:fluid circulates through and between these three centers three times, before it finally passes outFire, 100:that the vitalization of the body, via the three centers, proceeds unhindered. The subject hasFire, 101:receives prana from cosmic sources via three centers, and redistributes it to all parts of itsFire, 101:and redistributes it via the three receiving centers to all parts of its sphere of influence. ThisFire, 105:do with the reception by man, via the necessary centers, of the pranic fluids. We must always bearFire, 106:conditions of living. The three fundamental centers whereby reception is brought about must beFire, 106:in Lemurian days) man's three pranic centers are not in good working order. The center between theFire, 106:atrophying and shrinkage of the receptive centers. This is seen in an exaggerated form in theFire, 107:found where conditions of life are such that the centers (through too direct and prolonged
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