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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Healing, 155:in the head in the relation between the two centers and their two dense physical reflections. TheHealing, 157:the Hierarchy. In this way two great planetary centers - the Hierarchy and Humanity - are broughtHealing, 160:the medium of the personality, these three centers and their three externalizations will work inHealing, 162:to reverse itself. The reversal of the "lotus centers" is always brought about as the result of aHealing, 162:lesser forces. To this constant movement of the centers and to the constant inflow of energies weHealing, 162:its various bodies; it is the inability of the centers to respond or to unfold which in many casesHealing, 162:it is the unbalanced unfoldment of the centers, their arrested development and their lack ofHealing, 168:Psychological Causes of Disease The Seven Major Centers (continued) Let us now continue with ourHealing, 168:us now continue with our consideration of the centers. We have dealt with the four above theHealing, 168:with the four above the diaphragm - the three centers through which the Spiritual Triad mustHealing, 168:direct agent of the soul. We now have three more centers to consider, all of them to be found belowHealing, 169:This center is peculiarly related to two other centers: The heart and the ajna center, and theyHealing, 170:great human race was developing. These lower centers are not so specifically related to initiationsHealing, 170:specifically related to initiations as are the centers above the diaphragm, for they areHealing, 170:above the diaphragm, for they are personality centers and have [171] to be under the full controlHealing, 171:the diaphragm. This refers to the three major centers and the minor centers which were enumeratedHealing, 171:refers to the three major centers and the minor centers which were enumerated on page 72. TheHealing, 171:plexus is thus the most separate of all the centers (except the ajna center, in the case of the manHealing, 171:midway point, between the throat and the heart centers - above the diaphragm - and the sacral andHealing, 171:- above the diaphragm - and the sacral and basic centers - below the diaphragm. This is aHealing, 172:- remitting them to their receptive higher centers: The energies of the solar plexus center itselfHealing, 173:(solar plexus light) will die out, and those two centers will simply be recipients of spiritualHealing, 175:are three of primary importance: From the three centers below the diaphragm into the heart, throatHealing, 175:the diaphragm into the heart, throat and ajna centers. From the two centers above the diaphragm -Healing, 175:the heart, throat and ajna centers. From the two centers above the diaphragm - the heart and throatHealing, 175:above the diaphragm - the heart and throat centers - into the ajna center and the thousand-petalledHealing, 175:the transference of the energies of the five centers up the spine into the head centers will carryHealing, 175:of the five centers up the spine into the head centers will carry with it its own problems. TheHealing, 178:may follow which will relate this subject of the centers to the recognized facts of coordination,Healing, 179:aspect. Here [179] again you have the lower centers reflecting the throat, heart and head centersHealing, 179:centers reflecting the throat, heart and head centers and thus completing the higher and the lowerHealing, 180:This is not therefore the diagram of the centers of the ordinary or undeveloped person. It isHealing, 181:changing results and varying aspects of the centers; these, in their turn, are succeeded by otherHealing, 181:base of the spine, and supports all the other centers. It is relatively quiescent at this time, forHealing, 183:awakening in a gradual and orderly manner of the centers, according to ray types. The reversal ofHealing, 183:according to ray types. The reversal of the centers so that the consciousness of the indwelling manHealing, 183:The synthesis of the life energies of all the centers, and adequacy to the demands of the initiateHealing, 185:must be "raised," and when it is raised all the centers will then come into functioning activityHealing, 185:raised and carried up into heaven when all the centers are awakened and the channels up the spineHealing, 185:the result of the livingness of the individual centers which, [186] through the potency of theirHealing, 186:or webs are to be found between each pair of the centers up the spine and also in the head. TheyHealing, 187:responsive in their totality to the three major centers: To the solar plexus center, providing thusHealing, 187:will know what they can safely do. The three centers in the head are also related to this tripleHealing, 188:possible and of importance: Path of Evolution - centers below the diaphragm. Path of Discipleship -Healing, 188:below the diaphragm. Path of Discipleship - centers above the diaphragm. Path of Initiation -Healing, 188:above the diaphragm. Path of Initiation - centers in the head. These groups and triplicities areHealing, 188:of fusion: The solar plexus center, fusing the centers below the diaphragm. The ajna center, fusingHealing, 188:below the diaphragm. The ajna center, fusing centers both above and below the diaphragm. The baseHealing, 188:diaphragm. The base of the spine, fusing all six centers. The thousand-petalled lotus of the head,Healing, 190:of the personality, through the medium of the centers, and thereby galvanizes the physical bodyHealing, 190:into activity. These forces, routed through the centers, are those of the integrated personality asHealing, 194:with physical disease and its relation to the centers (regarding these as focal points for incomingHealing, 194:non-health of disciples. Each of the seven major centers governs or conditions - from the materialHealing, 194:it is found, including the multitude of lesser centers of energy and plexi of force which may beHealing, 194:and upon the radiatory influence of other centers. The appearance in the etheric body of aHealing, 196:of man's physical equipment - the seven major centers in the etheric body (the substantial bodyHealing, 196:the nerves, and their joint relationship to the centers and spinal column is recognized, we shallHealing, 197:groups are themselves conditioned (via the seven centers, as we have earlier seen) by the astral orHealing, 197:a direct channel of communication to the seven centers and from there to the threefold system ofHealing, 197:the condition or the state of development of the centers. The life, the quality and the energyHealing, 197:fact of the relationship of the glands to the centers, with the intermediate systems of nadis, andHealing, 197:substance which underlies dense matter. When the centers are awakened throughout the body, thereHealing, 198:responsive to the inner pattern of nadis and centers, and consciously integrated with the soul, andHealing, 198:Today as there is uneven development, with some centers unawakened, others over-stimulated, andHealing, 198:unawakened, others over-stimulated, and with the centers below the diaphragm over-active, you haveHealing, 198:of the radiation or the non-radiation of the centers, which work through the nadis; they can alsoHealing, 198:resist, owing to the lack of development of his centers. To sum all up: Disease, physicalHealing, 199:can be directly traced to the condition of the centers, as they determine the activity or theHealing, 199:and their effect upon the areas governed by the centers and in which disease appears. It will beHealing, 199:to you that as the energy pours through the centers, via the nadis and the nerves and potentlyHealing, 201:and of eye difficulties, until the nature of the centers and the type of incoming force and theirHealing, 201:the channel through which the energizing of the centers and the distribution of energy to theHealing, 202:vibratory activity, a premature awakening of the centers, leading to the over-activity of the atomsHealing, 202:the head, looking at both from the angle of the centers and the glands: [203] You will note thatHealing, 203:simply an effort to relate in pictorial form the centers, the glands which they condition, and theHealing, 203:source of life. In the perfected man, the two centers (the highest head center and the basicHealing, 203:spiritually energized personality). These two centers will then be in complete rapport, expressingHealing, 203:areas in the body which are governed by the head centers and the other centers, because withinHealing, 203:are governed by the head centers and the other centers, because within those areas are the variousHealing, 203:of these organs is largely dependent upon the centers, as they condition the glands and as theHealing, 204:and an unbalanced situation, where the centers are concerned, there will be no power to resist. TheHealing, 204:will start with definitely planned work with the centers, and the general trend of the healing artHealing, 204:The whole emphasis will be upon the energy centers, energy currents and the direction of energy toHealing, 204:be later learned of their relationship to the centers, and much experimental work will be done.Healing, 204:of the esotericist who admits the fact of the centers, the glands are, par excellence, the majorHealing, 204:The glands are the result of the activity of the centers; they are first, last, and all the timeHealing, 204:inner predisposing causes, and it is through the centers and their affiliated glands that the soulHealing, 204:he will eventually have to work through his own centers in relation to the patient whose ills he isHealing, 204:must remember, consequently, three factors: The centers, their related glands, and the group ofHealing, 205:of the body, governed by the [205] seven major centers and their affiliated glands, the appearanceHealing, 207:of Understimulation and Over-stimulation of the Centers We have been for some time studying theHealing, 207:Centers We have been for some time studying the centers and their relation to the dense physicalHealing, 207:noted the areas which are conditioned by these centers and the mediating work of the ductlessHealing, 207:understimulation or the over-stimulation of the centers. There are also, as you will recall, threeHealing, 207:at this time dealing. But the condition of the centers produces, basically, all the difficulties,Healing, 208:be directly traced to His full control of the centers, to their balanced state of energy receptionHealing, 208:in perfect condition. Coming midway between the centers and the corresponding endocrine glands, andHealing, 208:distributed by its means to the body, via the centers, is unevenly distributed; some centersHealing, 208:via the centers, is unevenly distributed; some centers receive an undue supply; others receive anHealing, 208:others receive an inadequate amount; some centers are still unawakened, and therefore are
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