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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CENTERS

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Healing, 337:of energy, working out through the appropriate centers in the body, and these, in their turn,Healing, 338:the subtler energies, working through certain centers, plus the related endocrine system, with itsHealing, 338:and relate the glandular system to the inner centers. Healing, 344:Through the spontaneous awakening of the centers and in their right geometrical progression. This IHealing, 353:health, all who stand in the world as magnetic centers must proceed, according to the light that isHealing, 354:group existence, particularly in our urban centers. If cells are living organisms (which they are),Healing, 381:research being carried on in our hospitals and centers of learning, and the rapid discoveries ofHealing, 382:forward) of the energies of those two planetary centers will bring about major changes andHealing, 395:body and involves both the heart and the head centers. The Art of Elimination. This refers to twoHealing, 443:in the West, and is almost lost except in a few centers of Knowers in the East. More of this canHealing, 447:planet as a whole, i.e., in all the planetary centers simultaneously, will cause a stirring, aHealing, 447:abstraction. The changes wrought in the centers when the death of the physical body is taking placeHealing, 447:It is the recognition of the condition of the centers which enables the [448] initiate to know -Healing, 448:quality that it draws to itself the life of the centers, bringing about the dissolution of the formHealing, 455:It is an energy body and is composed of force centers and nadis or force threads. These underlie orHealing, 458:be found also that pressure on certain nerve centers and on certain arteries will facilitate theHealing, 461:outer life cycle. Remember also that the five centers up the spine are not within the physicalHealing, 461:away from the physical spine. The three head centers are also outside the dense physical body. TheHealing, 461:also that this is equally true of the many minor centers as well as of the major centers, withHealing, 461:the many minor centers as well as of the major centers, with which we are so familiar. The last ofHealing, 461:which we are so familiar. The last of the minor centers to "fade out into nothingness," in order toHealing, 461:in the region of the lungs. It is on these two centers that the soul works if recalled into theHealing, 463:its hold upon [463] the physical body, via the centers, but is withstraining temporarily allHealing, 463:are the heart center, the spleen, and two minor centers connected with the breathing apparatus.Healing, 463:all takes place; then control over the two minor centers follows, and finally control over theHealing, 463:etheric body, but is not fully utilizing all the centers; it has simply a gently pulsating controlHealing, 463:disciples, the grip of the soul upon the etheric centers will be more powerful from the very startHealing, 464:This force works through a number of minor centers. The etheric vehicle, which has a powerfulHealing, 465:its own, expressed through the seven [465] major centers which react under astral, mental and soulHealing, 465:It works also through certain of the minor centers which are not dedicated to a response to thatHealing, 465:- the dense physical mechanism. The minor centers are therefore to be found existing in two groups:Healing, 465:the entire man was controlled via these minor centers, with only a very few of the major centersHealing, 465:minor centers, with only a very few of the major centers dimly indicated in the case of initiatesHealing, 465:advanced disciples of that time; secondly, those centers which are responsive to energies reachingHealing, 465:to energies reaching them via the major centers; these then come under the control of the astralHealing, 465:I made the following reference to the minor centers. It might be of interest to you, nevertheless,Healing, 465:to be told where the twenty-one minor centers are to be found. They can be located at the followingHealing, 465:to the thyroid gland. This, with the two breast centers, makes a triangle of force. There are two,Healing, 467:solar plexus, as well as via the two minor chest centers. All this time the consciousness of theHealing, 469:of its ring-pass-not, thus creating seven major centers which will control its expression and itsHealing, 470:in their turn, are absorbed by the major seven centers of energy. Then the "Word of Return" isHealing, 483:which condition man, working through the seven centers in his vital body, and of the astrologicalHealing, 492:in particular to the special one of the seven centers which will be the most active and aliveHealing, 495:substance of his vital body so that the seven centers take shape and can become the recipients ofHealing, 513:and conditioning the etheric body so that the centers, through which the personality rays areHealing, 526:of the head. The healer must have "linked the centers in the head." The true healer has establishedHealing, 526:recognizable radiation. Power over his own centers. The healer has to "concentrate the neededHealing, 529:ray of the patient. With any one of his own centers which is needed by him in order to act as aHealing, 530:of the nature of the etheric body, of the centers, and of the transmission and circulation ofHealing, 533:shows itself in every man when he has linked the centers in the head. When this magnetic field isHealing, 539:inflow from the soul to the seven vitalizing centers, you have the perfect health which theHealing, 540:present through the medium of the head and heart centers of the etheric body, thus anchoring bothHealing, 541:trouble is to be found. The relation of the centers above the diaphragm to those below, becauseHealing, 542:to that of the patient, via both their head centers and the heart of the patient, because there theHealing, 548:body), and with the controlling fact of the centers found in every area of the body, either freelyHealing, 548:a vortex of energies focused through numerous centers, both major and minor. The seven majorHealing, 548:centers, both major and minor. The seven major centers, controlling definite areas of the body viaHealing, 549:He will deal with the seven etheric centers, with the nadis through which they affect and stimulateHealing, 549:nervous system and the blood stream which the centers affect through radiation on to and throughHealing, 549:this distribution - the entire system of etheric centers. I would beg you to reflect upon all thisHealing, 554:has a gained facility in the use of all his centers at will, regarding them as distributing pointsHealing, 555:borne in mind. The healer, therefore, uses two centers, normally speaking: his own head center andHealing, 556:healer will have to link up head and heart centers by a definite act of the will. He will thenHealing, 556:equipment - personality, etheric body and its centers - are brought into such submission to theHealing, 557:and the comprehension of the Science of the Centers, or - literally - a modern form of Laya-Yoga.Healing, 560:body and those areas which are controlled by the centers above the diaphragm; however, theHealing, 560:brought about through the minor etheric centers (of which there are many), or by the centers belowHealing, 560:centers (of which there are many), or by the centers below the diaphragm, will not usually beHealing, 561:and intelligently with it and its controlling centers of force, anything I could say of procedureHealing, 573:via the sutratma and are anchored in three main centers, major centers, as you well know. FromHealing, 573:and are anchored in three main centers, major centers, as you well know. From these, according to aHealing, 573:- to their distributing points, the three higher centers, and this according to the type of energyHealing, 574:and returned to one or other of the three major centers, or (if one of these higher centers isHealing, 574:three major centers, or (if one of these higher centers is itself involved) the energy is gatheredHealing, 577:shows itself in every man when he has linked the centers in the head. When this magnetic field isHealing, 577:Attain a dispelling radiance through linking the centers in the head. [578] Establish a radiatoryHealing, 578:within the radius of influence of the three head centers, or within the triangle which is formed byHealing, 578:sacral center; neither the heart nor the head centers were used. Prana, to define it for yourHealing, 579:the splenic center and not from any of the seven centers. These drastic physical disciplines areHealing, 580:activity for the soul, working through the head centers and focusing itself in the magnetic fieldHealing, 580:a transmitter of soul energy to the three head centers, you then have an established radiance, orHealing, 580:patient and energize the needed center. All the centers in the body of the patient can be receptiveHealing, 581:would do well to remember that when the three centers in the head are linked up and the magneticHealing, 581:It is interesting to note that the two major centers in the head (corresponding to atma-buddhi, orHealing, 592:by the head, the throat and the heart centers. A number of what we might call "borderline" casesHealing, 592:are those to be found in the major and the minor centers, involving their relation to each otherHealing, 592:the physical body which are found around these centers. [593] These in reality constitute the majorHealing, 593:difficulties, due to the interplay between the centers, fall into three categories, and theseHealing, 593:be carefully noted: The interplay between: The centers above the diaphragm, i.e., the head, theHealing, 593:and very occasionally the ajna center. The centers below the diaphragm and their relation to eachHealing, 593:relation to each other. The relation of certain centers to each other, such as takes place underHealing, 593:the technical accuracy of my phrasing) of the centers above the diaphragm on those below theHealing, 593:the forces below the diaphragm are raised to the centers above the diaphragm. In this third type ofHealing, 594:In the early stages of the relation of the centers above the diaphragm to those below, the man isHealing, 594:consequently many forms of physical ills) as the centers respond to the stimulation. It is all aHealing, 595:energy sweeps into the etheric body and all the centers become "fighting areas," with one centerHealing, 595:diseases of the saints! A great science of the centers will some day emerge, and this will clarifyHealing, 595:of men would be turned to the fact of the centers and to the areas which they control, and not toHealing, 595:or devitalization of the substance of the centers, with consequent acute disease. The law foreverHealing, 595:within a center. The true science of the centers will only be permitted free circulation when - and
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